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  1. Its dead. Harris is trying to sell this parcel as well as other parcels he owns on South Blvd.
  2. its a biker bar almost identical to mac's.
  3. I cant get over how badly the crane in the handle looks.
  4. i made a mistake, it is 5/3 moving downtown, not siemens.
  5. I heard a rumor that Gov Perdue is going to be in charlotte @ 11AM thursday for a press conference and that this was related to an expansion @ Siemens (above & beyond what they are doing now - 60k sq. ft.). Cardinal has everyone i have talked to stumped.
  6. yes, the aloft opened in November. There is new construction of a 6-story 150,000 sq. ft. office building and 1200 car parking deck being constructed now on N. community house rd.
  7. for the condo portion, just 3 levels.
  8. This is very small, only a $500,000 project that will be complete in 8 months.
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