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    I say never be complete. I say stop being perfect. I say let's evolve. Let the chips fall where they may.<br />Tyler Durdin FC

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  1. I have had wonage for over four months. Not once have I had a problem. I was very tentitive at first but now i enjoy saving what I do. I also like the little toys that come with the service. Phone call recording, caller ID pop up on my comptuer. Email log of who calls, just a bunch of little stuff.
  2. Kennedy Plaza... the fed. court house
  3. I got this today from city hall City of Pawtucket Public Hearing on the Pawtucket/Central Falls Commuter Rail Study Thursday, May 18, 2006, 7:00 PM Blackstone Valley Visitor Center, 175 Main Street, Pawtucket * The Cities of Pawtucket and Central Falls are studying the feasibility of restoring commuter rail service to our area. * Come show your support for commuter rail and share your thoughts with the study team. * For more info contact Susan Mara of the City of Pawtucket Planning Dept. @ 724-5200. Hope to see you on the 18th!
  4. I made contact with the people from the web site and asked about some of the issues. This is the Responce I got this mourning "I anticipate there will be more action this spring. For one thing, a team of consultants from VHB Engineering are reviewing the site(s) for their feasibility; then we may need to go back to Council to help assure future Federal support for this project. So thanks for your interest and stand by for updates." Rich Davis
  5. I got this from a friend of mine and thought it was intresting "According to Jim Chelile, District Rep, this project could not happen in the pawt./cf. area until there was an assessment done on 1) the structural integrity 2) the historic value of the old station and 3) the cost of stripping the area and starting from ground zero. ALL of the items I have just mentioned fall mostly on the backs of RI tax payers. Oh yeah and MBTA is highly suspect of the Idea in general according to the rep from Pawt the MBTA feels that they do not need to extend their rail from S. Attleboro to the short distance of CF." I went on to tell my friend about the work being put in from Mayor Doyle and Mike Cassidy. Does any one (Herb) no anything further about this issue inside of the Pawtucket city council. Is this an issue that is getting the attention that it deserves? Does Pawtucket see this as an economic engine or another tax burden for the tax payers. (The reason I ask is B/C the tone of Jim Chelile seems to be passive when this project is talked about)
  6. In case anyone care to know, I have finally got a desent site up for folks to look at. My Webpage While this page is not nerely as finished as i would have hoped for up until this point, i have some time coming up and updates and construction will continue on a regular basis. The site is not intended to rival or call out any one else. i would hope that one day it could be helf as informative of artinruins.... but for now the site will remain mostly a portal were you can find information and links to everything providence. I didnt put any pictures ont this site, yet, but i choose not to unless i have legal rights to do so.... but.... i will gladly link anyone to it. I just want every person to have an oppurtunity to see what we as members UP get. Im sure not every one likes posting and digging up old post as much as I do. So i just tryed to put all the information together.... Please feel free to pass along any suggestion of comments Mij
  7. I no property has been getting grabbed by one of the school that will be going down off eddy. My father works on eddy at RE Sturdy, and all of the naiboring buildings have been offered/bought out by RIH & Meeting strret school. B/C his companey is so much bigger then the other around his, no offer has been made on that property. With that said the feeling is that it's only a metter of time.
  8. It was however superimposed into the Ghostbuster seris. If you remember the first one with the state puff marshmellow man.
  9. Herbs, A friend of mine recently bought his first house in your city. I was telling him about the articles and everything Ive heard about pawtucket and actually got him to go to a city council meeting. he was very impressed with everything and now he is advocating that other members of his family make a similar investment. Also I was wondering about the condition of the water ways along the old mill site's. In most northern new england locations the old mill towns now prosper as tourist attractions for there whit water rafting. Is the water at a state were people could raft, or at least use it for out door activities.
  10. Also keep in mind, some parts of "Hope-Rochambeau-Camp" have been declared historical. The difference in tax status might also be looked into.
  11. The city has been hoping for this revival for some time now... with the re-relocation of DMV, why isnt the old apex building the clear front runner, considering the smooth transition, and making the DMV a more plesent atmosphere...? Is it in the hands of the city or is it more of a state venture. Sorry one last thing.... if the dmv were to leave the city would it hurt the progress that the local government has been pushing forward?
  12. That is great news... Another questoin i have has to do with the Hope site. Are there other buildings within that general area that will also be turned into condo style apartments, thus creating a village style section for the would be tenents...
  13. I was wondering the status of the old train station... Will it become another restaurant? Will it be restored back into a train station to help draw in the Bostonians? How important is this development for the continuing efforts of Pawtucket?
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