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  1. South Carolina the ‘it’ state at international airshow “South Carolina continues to be the buzz because of Boeing,” Haley said this morning during a conference call from England with S.C. news media. Haley noted that 180 aerospace-related businesses in South Carolina employ 20,000 people. Just last year, the industry invested more than $100 million in the state and created about 900 new jobs, she said. “And, we’re just getting started,” Haley said, noting that S.C. officials have had about 50 meetings with various aerospace firms at the airshow. The airshow allows state officials to work on li
  2. Mercedes-Benz van plant lures Michigan-based automotive manufacturer to N. Charleston A Michigan company that specializes in delivery vehicles is expanding to the Charleston region, where it will join a growing roster of automotive manufacturers. Morgan Olson, a maker of walk-in cargo bodies and other components for vans and trucks, said Monday it is finalizing plans to open a factory that will employ up to 120 workers by the end of next year. Moderator edit: Please adhere to the rules and refrain from posting entire articles. A brief summary and a link to the news source is appr
  3. Aircraft Manufacturer Airbus to build first U.S. final assembly plant in Mobile, Ala. Set to accelerate the growth of Charleston's aerospace cluster of suppliers From the Post & Courier article by Brendan Kearney..... The Charleston area probably has a pretty good feeling for what's at play here and what it could mean. Boeing's decision to put together and deliver 787 Dreamliners in North Charleston is transforming the economy here, with more than 6,000 people working at the company's local factories, and according to Boeing, perhaps four times that many, at area suppliers and
  4. The Charleston area led the state in population gains last year, and grew faster than most U.S. cities, according to the Census Bureau. Among the nation’s 715 towns and cities with at least 50,000 residents, North Charleston, Mount Pleasant and Charleston were all growth leaders. Michael Scarafile, president of Carolina One Real Estate, said population growth is usually a positive sign for the housing market. “As we see growth in population, both from people moving here for jobs like Boeing and because we have a great place to live, that creates more demand.” Tim Keane, director of Charlesto
  5. The State Ports Authority plans to spend more on capital projects during the next 12 months than ever before, in a plan of upgrades, repairs and new initiatives aimed at spurring robust growth at the Port of Charleston. The nearly $147 million spending plan includes big-ticket systems and machinery upgrades, hopes for upgraded office space and a large slug of money for an as-yet secret infrastructure project. “This is great news for our region,” said Mary Graham, senior vice president at the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce. “The port is the economic driver of our state,” she said. “W
  6. SC Legislature pledges full funding for Charleston harbor deepening The state funding set-aside would pay for the all the deepening work only if federal dollars do not come through. Under the current formula, the federal government would be expected to pay $120 million of the estimated $300 million cost. The state House and Senate previously had set aside $180 million for dredging, representing the state’s share. The budget including the $300 million measure next goes to Gov. Nikki Haley, http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20120629/PC05/120629125/1165/legislature-pledges-full
  7. CARTA extends services to Summerville By Nick Johnson [email protected] Published June 28, 2012 The Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority, or CARTA, announced it will extend its services to Summerville for the first time. The new route, known as the Dorchester Road Express Route 3, will run from Summerville to downtown Charleston. “We have received numerous requests over the years to extend service to Summerville,” said CARTA Executive Director Christine Wilkinson. “We know there is a need to service neighboring communities and we are pleased that we are able to con
  8. Trident Technical College breaks ground on state of the art nursing and science building Staff Report Published June 27, 2012 With the help of local government, Trident Technical College broke ground Monday on a $30 million nursing and science building on the college’s main campus in North Charleston. Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties are supporting construction of the 90,000-square-foot building, with each county providing a proportional share of the funding — Charleston County, $18 million; Berkeley County, $7.5 million; and Dorchester County, $4.5 million. “We are ve
  9. Does anyone have further details regarding the announcement that was made on Tuesday about the Ingleside development? Can't find any news articles about the announcement.
  10. Economic development in Charleston is showing signs of picking up "As reported in recent weeks, Charleston County has two decent-size fish on the line with hopes of landing them soon. While they haven't been identified publicly yet because of confidentiality agreements, Project Aries and Project Quality are looking to invest a combined $76 million and create more than 180 jobs. Dorchester County Council last month approved an incentive package for a previously announced $200 million expansion of the Showa Denko Carbon plant in Ridgeville that's expected to create about 90 jobs. In Berkel
  11. Downtown hotel to become Charleston’s first residence club http://www.charlestonbusiness.com/news/44055-downtown-hotel-to-become-residence-club
  12. Introducing ‘Silicon Harbor’: Charleston, SC, Home Of TwitPic And Amazon's CreateSpace Despite being the 75th largest metro area in the U.S., Charleston is ranked in the top 10 fastest growing cities for software and Internet technology. Here's why. http://www.fastcompany.com/1839445/charleston-silicon-harbor
  13. Anthropologie opening store on King Street City of Charleston Planning Director Tim Keane said the city was pleased with the caliber of the new tenant. “I think Anthropologie is the type and quality of retailer to be on King Street,” Keane said. “We continue to believe the predominant and vast majority of our retailers are local, and they are, but we have 25 percent that are national, and they are maintaining a high level of quality. We are really pleased about it.” http://www.postandcourier.com/article/20120601/PC05/120609904/1010/anthropologie-opening-store-on-king-street
  14. Charleston Metro Area Ranked #1 in U.S. for Growth of Manufacturing Jobs The Charleston-North Charleston-Summerville metro area ranked first nationally in manufacturing jobs growth from 2010 through 2011, according to a report by the Brookings Institution. Manufacturing jobs grew by 14.4% in the Lowcountry; nationally, manufacturing jobs grew by 2.7% for the same period. The metro area also outpaced the national average for the number of employees per plant. Local plants employ about 80.5 people per plant versus the national average of 39.9, according to 2009 figures. Lowcountry manufacturin
  15. USC Alumni Center to be Built at Lincoln, Senate Streets Across from Convention Center From the plans... "Imagine a place where you are always welcome to visit, hold a meeting in a stylish conference room, or attend special events, receptions, and parties in a beautiful ballroom. Where you can take classes without quizzes in the Lifelong Learning Center, spend quiet time in the gardens, or manage your work and career while in town using state-of-the-art technology in the Business Center. Imagine a home for alumni in the heart of Innovista, the University’s vibrant research campus whe
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