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  1. That's a solid number, I hoping for 30K. As someone who just bought MLS Live in great anticipation for this season, give it 20 years and that league will be a great one. Hopefully Orlando has the same enthusiasm for soccer like Portland, Seattle and Kansas City. Also, in the renderings I saw a flimsy gate on it's south-side entrance, someone tell me that's not how it will look in real life.
  2. What would the total capacity if they did indeed build out the future expansion areas?
  3. I gotta say, the development taking place in downtown makes me smile.
  4. So does that mean they've figured out where they are going to build this bad boy?
  5. Does the owner of the lot ever plan on developing it?
  6. I guess they are almost finished.
  7. Orlando is a city for international sports, such as basketball and soccer/futbol. I would love either football or baseball to be in this town, but it seems as if Jacksonville and Tampa aren't budging on their franchises.
  8. DeepEyez

    Amway Center

    I agree. In order for developers to feel comfortable developing in the area, the homeless shelter has to go...at least down the street on the other side of Orange Blossom Trail. It can't possibly hurt to relocate to an area in downtown with much larger space and away from the city core.
  9. DeepEyez

    Amway Center

    They are making way for another Devos Place, like the one they have in Grand Rapids. It should be very good for the City of Orlando.
  10. City, Magic working on $12.7 million deal for entertainment complex http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/os-orlando-magic-complex-20130819,0,3471256.story This seems to me like the Magic are looking to create another Devos Place, similar to the one they have in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  11. DeepEyez


    What is this area suppose to be again? I could of sworn I've seen multiple proposals for this site. Nevermind.
  12. That whole entire stretch around the Fashion Square Mall could use some imagineering. The redevelopment of Fashion Square is smart and compliments the development in and around Bumby.
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