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  1. He's Dave effing Ramsey, people here in GR have such a man crush on the guy that he gets treated very well when he's here. There are times when Dave Ramsey has come up in conversation and I thought I was hearing about the person's prom date or something.
  2. Amtrak was a conglomeration of private railroads who were in such dire straits, they make the GM situation look benign. I don't think you can privatize passenger rail anymore in this country, doing so would just bury the train deeper into obscurity even now with fuel uncertainty at an all time high. What is needed is investment in high speed trains. Right now we still chug along at half the speed of European and Japanese passenger rail. Building an infrastructure for 200 mph+ trains would drastically impact their ridership. Heck if I could get on a train in downtown GR that got me to chicago in a third of the time it took by car, and paying similar to the cost of fuel to do it, Trains would skyrocket in popularity.
  3. That deserves an Oh SNAP! I suppose this is expected of them it seems. Perhaps when we start mining landfills for precious metals the copper will finally get used.
  4. Michigan is looking more and more like it'll have it's own little Kansas City/St. Louis thing going on in a few years if those commentators are right.
  5. That was a pretty nice building in the "diamond" of Louis, Ionia, and Fulton.
  6. Were the racial divisions added when the map was made, or did someone go in and write them on the map? While I understand it's an old map, having those distinctions on there is really awkward now.
  7. Thanks! for some reason my head was drawing a blank. That really stinks.
  8. Anyone know whats going on at the corner of Oakes and Market? Last week it was a giant hole surrounded by a fence, now it's filled with sand, surrounded by a giant fence
  9. My family will be smoking a turkey, and serving it with all the usual sides; twice baked mashed potatoes, sausage filled stuffing, home made turkey gravy made with the drippings, (Apple smoked turkey gravy? omgs, so good!), and all kinds of good stuff. Typical just outside the suburbs style cooking
  10. Its the left for dead construction workers in the Pyongyang (sic) tower that make it creepy (j/k)
  11. Even Creepier: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Dprk_py..._rugen_05_s.jpg
  12. I thought a small carrier did flights to Windsor, ON? Although this is awesome news, and I await the day non stops to Montreal come!
  13. Saw a poll on this the other day at WOOD about willingness to use mass transit, and these were the results: Are you willing to use mass transit and conserve more to lower your energy usage and cost? Yes, I am: 21.3% No, I'm not: 37.2% I'm willing, just haven't done it: 21.3% Not yet, anyway: 20.2% So basically it boils down to Yes: 42.6% No: 57.4% There's a lot of work to be done yet.
  14. Its bad on the inside, I mean really bad. GR Dad is right about the black mold, and the sad state that the inside is in.
  15. What is the KCRC doing with "Republicans for Obama" bumper stickers anyway, sounds like it was an "inside job" (Meaning its probably a group of Republicans angry with the stickers in the KCRC offices) on another topic: This one is probably right up Veloise's alley, but does anyone know of a good bicycle shop on the NW side?
  16. I'd be more concerned about the comments of "Geoff" then the foreclosure stats., and I didn't see anything about a 80-90% abandon rate in GR, only on Broadway Ave. (which probably IS correct.)
  17. Grand Opening at the new store was yesterday.
  18. http://www.mlive.com/business/index.ssf/20...after_spor.html Anyone else find the actions of the US Sportsman's Alliance to be completely out of line with this case? Meijer was going to do a good deed, by sponsoring the Humane society, and the USSA raises enough of a fit to quash the whole thing. Makes me sick.
  19. When it's 5 minutes spent in an idling car, then yes. The most innefficient things in the world are Drive thru lanes.
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