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  1. The paper boxes uptown look so bad and need to be removed. Many are mostly empty or vandalized. And then there are the retro style bus stop/shelters. They look like something from an abandoned amusement park. Also, Ivey's Hotel management (or perhaps building management) not making a good impression on the 5th Street side of the hotel.
  2. The lights at 400 South Tryon have been off since last fall - all through the winter they did not come on. Maybe more than just about bird migration. Just like the Catalyst where the lights on the top of the building have been off for years now. Or when then the time changes and the building management takes days to change the timers. Could be poor management or maybe not a priority or budget issues - who knows. I guess lightning can be hell on building lighting as well.
  3. NCPA March 24, 2021 Mississippi officials are investigating the companies that oversee the state’s Medicaid managed care pharmacy benefits. The investigations are focused on whether one company in particular, Centene, has overcharged taxpayers through its management of pharmacy benefits. Centene was recently sued by Ohio for similar potential wrongdoings. Mississippi lawmakers are also calling for legislative changes that would allow greater oversight and independent audits of the state’s Medicaid managed care pharmacy benefits. NCPA
  4. Hope it is ok to put this here. Prime time game tomorrow evening and many buildings uptown are not lit at "dark-time". It always amazes me every year when we "fall back" how many management companies are not prepared (just wait and see this Sunday and Monday night). But to not be prepared for prime time. Truist (maybe not yet ready) but so many others out such as 400 S. Tryon, Wells Fargo 3, Juke Box (as always) Catalyst (oh yeah, then have been dark since the DNC in 2016). Let the building managers know to be ready for live prime time shots tomorrow.
  5. There are plans in place to widen the bridge and road from what I have heard and seen in some papers.
  7. I saw the sign this morning. Does look better and larger in person.
  8. The land for the casino complex has already been cleared. Lots of earth-moving equipment on site now. The casino name has been announced as TWO KINGS CASINO RESORT to honor King Hagler (past Chief of the tribe in the late 1700's) and the Kings Mountain region. I assume the Cherokee tribe is mostly concerned about the potential for lost revenue. We have a town of CATAWBA, a CATAWBA county and a CATAWBA river in NC so somehow their heritage was recognized here before or after state lines were drawn. It appears they may have shared lands, but possibly later decided to d
  9. Looks like Centene is under federal investigation for double billing Ohio state medicaid for CVS Health. Searching via Google shows a troubled past for this company paying millions of fines in different states. And we (NC taxpayers) give ~$400 million in incentives to Centene.
  10. Great - will be nice to see this rise hopefully! Thanks for the info.
  11. Anyone know the status of this project? The Moxy? Stalled or pending construction start?
  12. ...as well as residents of third ward - I go in the 7/11 quite often - it is convenient and I do not need my car!
  13. I wish someone would enforce the "no trucks in left 2 lanes" rule on I-85. I travel this often and the number of trucks using the left 2 lanes seems to be increasing. I assume they share that with each other that is no enforcement regardless of the signs through Mecklenburg County. Perhaps we could get signage like on I-40 in Wake and Durham counties that are attached to the bridges over the left lane(s). Also, we are less than a month away from the time change. It will be interesting to see how many lights are not working on the freeways during
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