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  1. There will be a shared wall between the church's new building and VAI-2. The church has finalized plans for their building now so the VAI planners were probably waiting for that. From what I understand the shared wall is right on the property line. So with the church's plans set, VAI can probably move ahead whenever. My wife and I have been attending there and were present the day they were presenting the final plans.
  2. GRDad, I'm sure I'm not the only one on this forum that greatly appreciates all the photos you take!
  3. I have a friend that used to work for the Press and did a story on the tunnels many years ago. He's been down there and explored. He gained access through the Pantlind's basement. I remember a fire in the tunnels a few years back, electrical maybe? It would be an excellent adventure for those of use with a facination for tunnels, old basements and old buildings.
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