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  1. Always thought that this would make a great Hume Fogg Middle School.
  2. Any location other than East bank will not work in my opinion.
  3. While everyone is dreaming about a new stadium I still like the idea of a guitar shaped stadium where the sound hole of the guitar could slide back providing the open air concept when needed. The neck of the guitar would extend across the river allowing for enclosed moving sidewalks to facilitate people movement to Broadway where they would enter/ exit through the tuning pegs. The extra backspace of the guitar could allow for enclosed training field(s) and Titan offices. It could also house the new Nashville Stars stadium and allow for separate dual stadiums paid for by both ownerships under one building. The strings of the guitar could be neon lighted and the stadium would become a landmark icon for Nashville. For those still laughing at this idea, it allows for event space for concerts; homes for two pro teams, and allows for the planned restaurants and shops being imagined by the planned redevelopment of the area. Heck, throw in a giant Ferris wheel and or a roller coaster and let the fun and games begin. This concept would be funded by the billionaires in large part and supplemented by Metro only to the extent they originally planned for the Titan stadium refurbishment. Now let the replies and comments begin. Everyone has an opinion!
  4. Thanks for this list! It is hard to imagine how our city has changed and will change again in the next year or three!
  5. Ron, I would also like to say Thank You for all the hard work you did to put this together. I have never meet you or been to one of the monthly meetings. I do however visit this site multiple times during the day. The amount of work that you and the other major contributors do to keep us informed is not taken lightly by me and most all the people that live for the latest updates and better yet the latest find of a new project. I am personally waiting for that announcement of a new tallest and would love to see Signature tower back on the list and under construction. Come on Tony, we need this! Thanks again!
  6. I am aware of beginning discussions from a reliable source with NW-Mutual, that the developer is seeking State approval to build a connctor road through the current State parking lots fronting James Robertson Parkway allowing for an ingress/egress into Jo Johnston Avenue. In exchange the developer would buid a parking garage in the currently undeveloped tract of land bound by the Railroad tracks and 10th Avenue North from Jo Johnston to Gay Street. This would be for State usage to compensate for the lost parking spaces created by the connector road. This is only in preliminary discussion but would be a major access to the development from JRP. Since more paprking spaces would be gained than lost by the State, they should be favorable to this request.
  7. First time posting to Urban Planet, but I have been viewing for years now. Let's go ahaead and get the name right on this development. It is Capitol View and not Capital View. Do not want to come across as a grammar freak on my first post but since this will likely continue to be one of the most viewed topics on the Planet, thought we ought to call it right. After typing this however, Capital View might be appropiate for this topic. .
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