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  1. This is the mentality we need! I'm glad that these CEO's are finally coming together for this cause. We just need to realize that there's NO way we can stay competitive with a small town mentality. That way of thinking needs to die in this city. We have to truly believe that we are capable of doing ANYTHING. Greensboro needs to go for HUGE projects(like Major companies, Pro-sports team, more entertainment, etc.). If we don't get these kinds of things, then we'll NEVER be able to catch up the Triangle and Charlotte. We really a major company(or companies) to take off here (like a GM or Bank of America, for example) in my opinion.
  2. This is an outrage. These "leaders" have been hindering the politics of Greensboro and then have the nerve to pull something like this. The fact that there was public outcry gives me even more hope that these bozos will be out of office in November. I hope that the people of Greensboro will stick to their words and VOTE, for the future of this city....
  3. This is great. I did some research on RF Micro and it already employs a good number of people and it continues to grow. According to this article, its shares are growing Also, do you know the seating capacity of the new buildings?
  4. Indeed. But on the brightside, Greensboro is becoming more and more liberal. We dont have MLB/MLS right now, but in the future it will be a definite possibility. Greensboro is a very wealthy city and with the right mind frame we will be able to land something eventually. The main reason why we don't have those things is because our government is very strict. But I pretty much understand why we probably wont get MLB because by the time we get in a position to even have a chance, it will more than likely go to Charlotte. The population of that city is still growing at a astounding rate so even if its market is over-saturated right now, it wont be when Greensboro becomes mostly liberal(at this rate anyway).
  5. We did spend a grip of money on the stadiums already. The New Bridge Bank Park seats under 8,000 while most MLB Stadiums seat 35-50,000+ people. So we would have to build a new stadium to support something like that. That could cost at least $300 million today.
  6. Promoting Greensboro as "Tournament town" would help us alot. But I'm just wondering why we can't support ONE major league franchise. The triad area has 1.5 million people. Their are smaller markets with one or two major league teams. Does it have anything to do with the enthusiasm of the city?
  7. That means I'm gonna have to change my user name, LOL
  8. Any building will help Greensboro's skyline so I'm happy about the jail project. Hopefully we'll get something much larger in the future.
  9. Charlotte is a very nice city. I'm from Greensboro but I definitely wouldn't mind living in Charlotte.
  10. I really hope the swim center mess gets cleared up. This could work wonders for the local economy if utilized properly.
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