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  1. And don't forget the Cascade Saloon has been handed over to Preservation Greensboro Inc., which is great news and will get the ball rolling on renovating it. Additionally, another (probable) renovation is taking place at the corner of Lewis and S Elm. http://www.bizjournals.com/triad/blog/2014/08/nancy-hoffmann-planning-a-second-downtown.html
  2. I'm surprised the city has not uploaded the preliminary site plan for the Greenway at the Stadium Park apartments onto their public GIS website. Also of note, maybe minimal in nature, but the office building at 301 N Elm St (NW corner of Elm and Bellemeade St) recently replaced its glass spandrels with an aluminum material (I think) that has greatly enhanced the building's look from what it had been previously. It was essentially a glass box with that UV protective film/goo that often resembled dirt and grim. I'll try and do a before and after next week if I'm downtown.
  3. I'm going to miss the 300 Bellemeade building (the old home of Architectural Salvage). I believe it was originally used for a car dealership (showroom) in the early to mid 1900s. You could walk up the steep, original, indoor car ramp up to the second level. It had a nice perspective of Commerce Ave. As for Carroll, I just hope the hotel truly has an urban design and scale. The last string of development in downtown Greensboro has been anything but urban save for Southside. IMO
  4. I agree with you with everything you said. From what I remember, a lot of the teeth that the manual was going to have was filed down throughout the process. Check out http://littleurbanity.blogspot.com/ and scroll to Scoring the Proposed Downtown Manual (2010). It's a very interesting read and David Wharton's blog is always a good read.
  5. I like it. What program do you use to create it?
  6. Nice, I will be checking that out! Does any one have news on the renovations at Elm and Lewis?
  7. Thank you for the pictures. Often overlooked, the flat iron remains one of my favorite buildings downtown.
  8. Glad to see NewBridge growing. TIMCO might be adding another hanger at PTI that could add 400 jobs. Link
  9. That really is awesome! How long do you suppose it would take for residential units to be hooked up to this smart grid, or is this tech just for large power consuming buildings/districts? Just curious.
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