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  1. Please both of you keep up the conversation of these zoning types, I likes learning the differences in how they are applied.
  2. Andrew Roby is redoing the old Biltmore Dairy building. They have there offices in the back building and going to lease the subdivided front building.
  3. Drove by Legacy yesterday the glass being installed on Church Street side looked more green than blue also on approximately the 4th floor has a round ceiling soffit or tray that encompasses the whole floor.
  4. There are plans to widen the seating areas. They have to add more gates so they can close some of the old gate down to widen the seating area. If you look at B & C from above some sections of the gates have been widen in the past. The gates are at over capacity, so they cannot shut any down and do the work like they did in the past.
  5. The lot between the Hilton and the old AT&T building was supposed to be for the second hotel room tower for the Hilton. The master plan for for 1 First Union ( now 1 Wells fargo ) included that plus more meeting room space, they already expanded over the rail tracks that was not part of the original complex.
  6. Also I think they tried something new by putting drainage under the track as part of the storm water system.
  7. Independence was a mess when it was rebuilt, they dug a trench for the new road. KK faced Independence and there was a driveway off of Hawthorne and one of Independence to access it. I always thought it was odd there was a single family home directly behind KK, you know those people hated the early morning noise. At that time KK was open 24 hrs a day and it was the pickup location for non-profit & school doughnut sales.
  8. You are thinking of the Central Avenue bridge, Hawthorne never had a bridge.
  9. Most not all of the cross streets connected to Independence Blvd.right turn only. There were traffic lights at Hawthorne, Pecan & The Plaza.
  10. The plans are stamped by the city March 2017, I'd say they are current.
  11. I don't live in that neighborhood and there's not enough public transportation to get to Monford easily. I have planned to go to dinner over there quite a few times and could not find a place to park and went somewhere else to eat.
  12. There is less parking with the new larger building than with the old building, this will just make parking worse.
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