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  1. I discovered that the AC Hotel's official Marriott website is now live (though obviously sparse). Brick cladding in the center is up on floors 3-8, several of the large first floor arched windows are in, and the roof looks prepped for tiles. Here's the webcam link again if anyone forgot it.
  2. Not much activity here for a few weeks, but now they're finally preparing to pour the ground floor.
  3. The top 4 floors have been stripped all the way to the steel frame (riveted!) in the back corner. It will look pretty wild when most of the building is down to the frame (minus the copper bays, bricked rear, and ceilings/floors). Here are a few photos I took this evening:
  4. The DMA streetscaping is almost finished. The street has been restriped, some landscaping is in, and most streetlights are in. There are 2 power poles that I think need to be moved down near the former Hub-Bub building before the final few feet are paved. I suspect Duke Energy is dragging their feet; they often do that. Anyway, it's looking good.
  5. Front facade being opened up again!
  6. The City recorded a podcast with the MB developer. I encourage you to listen, if you have the time. Here are some highlights: There is a lot of interest from potential restaurant tenants for the ground floor corner space and several LOIs from possible office tenants. Apartment rents should be middle of the market for downtown. (he describes Drayton as top of the market & Church St Lofts on the lower end) First week of April exterior work starts, which will close a lane of Church & St John. They'll work top-down; interior demo first, then exterior. Removing panels then putting up insulation. So it will probably look similar to the AC Hotel pre-brick-cladding until the new panels are put up. Speaking of new panels, they'll be replicated as they're taken down, and they'll have increased detail (over time the originals have worn & been painted) and will be bare/unpainted. Theater will get new roof, dehumidifier to keep space in good shape. They'll preposition electric, plumbing, HVAC hook-ups to make things easy to connect to when that renovation happens.
  7. Here's a GSA Business article about Northside progress. Most of it is a general overview, but there are a few further details on the mixed-use development coming to the North corner of Howard & College. Phase I is a $14 million project that calls for 90 units of mixed-income housing, which should start in November. Phase II will include the $13 million commercial component. Has anyone seen a site plan or rendering for this?
  8. To be fair, the Bijou building has been a bright spot for businesses on East Main. In addition to Hub City Scoops, Archived Clothing, and Downtown Deli & Donuts (all relatively new), A Nail Bar just opened and The Black Derby Barber Co. is opening soon (UBJ article). And I'm sure things will pick up more when the Bishop building renovation is complete.
  9. Speak of the devil. They're building a 100,000 sq ft addition with 68 beds. It will help the hospital vacate the original 1920s section (which will eventually be demolished). The article doesn't really make it clear where exactly the footprint of this addition will be (map/diagram would help), how many floors, whether it's all new-construction or some upfit of unfinished space in an existing building (which the photos suggest), etc. But anyway, it should be done by next February. Also, this project is NOT the 8-10 floor addition they are still planning to build sometime in the future.
  10. So, there's a Harper Corp (contractor) sign up where the medical office building is supposed to go, and maybe some site clearance. But not much activity yet. However, a tower crane was erected last week in the heart of the hospital campus. Anyone know what it's for? Here are 2 photos and a map of where the crane is (star):
  11. Two-for-one downtown construction photo.
  12. Here's a photo from Sunday. The concrete floor has been poured, and the concrete-block stairwells have begun to go up.
  13. Another quick photo update of DMA streetscaping. The section from Harris to Henry is basically done. They're now starting on the section from Main to Broad (next to H-J). Just a couple spots left to finish otherwise.
  14. Here's another article about the purchase & renovation. The developer says that the project should be completed by the end of the year! I'm impressed; that seems incredibly fast. Looking forward to seeing it happen!
  15. The former Magnolia Street Pub (and 2 adjacent buildings) have finally been listed for sale , over a decade after the music venue closed. The building is in surprisingly good condition. It certainly has a lot of potential; although I could see parking being a challenge. I hope it's purchased and reactivated soon. Edit: UBJ article with a few interior pics