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  1. More brick and some painting of the paneling happening:
  2. Converse Street crossing at The Hangar. This cycletrack has really narrowed Converse, including the intersection with Main, which should help slow vehicles and make pedestrian crossing safer and easier (as well as its primary benefit to cyclists).
  3. Whatever this is, it looks mostly done. Access to the boiler room under the MB, I guess? I hope actual hotel construction begins soon. Might still need some utility relocation (paging Duke Energy).
  4. More façade going up on the south side and front of the building:
  5. Progress on the park behind TK Gregg: First set of brownstones at Village at Creekside: And the view down Howard Street:
  6. Interior work has begun on the two Magnolia Street buildings between the Children's Museum and 142 Social. Not sure if there are any concrete plans for a tenant yet or if the owner is just prepping them to lease out.
  7. Seems like each of these parcels is getting a house; 7 of 8 are framed. Pretty good density for SFHs. The long lots on Woodward have detached garages at the rear (Rudisal). The Rudisal homes have very tight driveways and tiny garages/storage. The smallest lot is a 2-story home with integrated garage.
  8. Buildings going up at the Comet apartments site at Pinewood (behind Food Lion). 120 units, I believe. Typical suburban-style complex, unfortunately.
  9. So apparently, there's a plan by a developer to renovate the Carolina Theater into . . . an e-sports arena. There's a public survey you can take about the idea here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PCNV5NB?fbclid=IwAR38Jqu2NVMVC6_jlSkd6-_0xbCJRddF3cq31gOglEM5ksFpEIbSdX2mc1g I'm not thrilled about this idea. I understand the growing popularity of e-sports (I've watched some online myself), but I don't think Spartanburg or this venue is right for it. The big leagues tend to stick to big cities, and those are the only ones with a significant (paying) fan base. Also, we desperately need a mid-sized live-music venue, and the Carolina Theater would be perfect for that. I don't understand how e-sports would be a safer bet financially than a music/event venue...
  10. The County approved funding for several trail projects this evening. Here's all the info (PDF). $20k to finish the fencing for the RR underpass at Drayton, $300k toward the Beaumont connector (see plan below), and $1.5M to complete surveying of the RAISE route, 30% engineering drawings, title searches, and easement creation & execution. In PAL's latest e-mail, they also mentioned, "In the next few weeks, we will be paving the next phase of the River Birch Trail." Exciting trails progress!
  11. What has happened to this plan? There has been no mention of it for months. Nothing on the CC or PC agendas. We cannot let this fall through the cracks! This is a hugely important document to the future of the City. It must be passed ASAP, so we can move on to the important task of rewriting the zoning code, before we get a rush of poorly-designed development. It is so important to creating the safe, walkable, and green (climate-wise and tree-wise) City that we need moving forward!
  12. Fantastic photos @gman430 I'm VERY disappointed that the DRB granted preliminary approval for P2 against the recommendation of the City's consultant (see issues below): The plan includes closing a portion of a public street, with should almost NEVER be done in an urban context. It reduces connectivity and access. I don't know why they couldn't just replicate Phase 1 on the block between Weldon and Milan (see my idea below), since Google shows it's the same width as the P1 block (but the developer seems to think they can't do that). I also don't know why so much driveway space is necessary in P2 (or P1, honestly). Most urban townhomes in other cities are MUCH more tightly packed, which would allow them to easily fit 2 rows in one block. Here's an example in Charlotte (compared to here): Here's an alternate site plan I created that has the same number of units, while preserving public streets and preserving large existing trees and having more usable open space (vs their terrible plan): I'm so frustrated. I feel like the good urban design that we've maintained the past several years is slipping away, as we fall back into lazy, suburban Sunbelt bad habits...
  13. Thanks for the photos. Unfortunately, this looks quite suburban in form, with parking likely between the building and Forest. I'm very disappointed about that. I'm also disappointed that there was NO public input into this project. It is just outside the Urban Code boundaries that require DRB input and urban form, but it is so close to downtown that it really should be in the UC boundaries. After a lot of high-quality projects in the City over the last several years, this and the NS townhomes P2 have me worried about future projects, as the quality seems to be slipping. Also, what's the status of the Comp Plan? That needs to be passed yesterday. Otherwise, we're about to see a development boom with very few guardrails / design standards. I'm concerned for the City's future...
  14. Found some nice aerial photos of The Charles from their FB page and Apartment Finder:
  15. This project received final approval at last night's DRB meeting. It still needs to get approval for historic and abandoned building tax credits, but construction could begin late this year. Completion would be about 18 months after construction starts.
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