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  1. westsider28

    Mary Black Rail Trail

    Looks like the Toole Design project page for the Rail Trail extension has been updated. They're really grasping a technicality on the notability of the project, "The City of Spartanburg will become the first community in SC to install a separated bicycle facility, with buffers and physical separation, on a roadway controlled by SCDOT." Haha, I guess that's something. Anyway, the rendering looks pretty solid. I hope we'll get a look at the full design at some point before construction.
  2. westsider28

    Sparkle City Eateries

    Yes, they're going in the old Talbot's location.
  3. westsider28

    Greater Spartanburg Projects & Developments

    The Lofts at Inman Mill are nearly complete. Leasing is underway, move-ins start March 1, and grand opening is March 13. Their official website is https://www.inmanmillslofts.com/ (lots of great photos there). Apartments.com shows 1BR units starting at $850 to 3BR units topping out at $1,365. The apartments are phase 1, with later phases (possible retail/restaurant) dependent on the success of the first phase. It looks really nice. I hope the apartments fill quickly and that this project gives Inman a boost.
  4. westsider28

    The Grain District

    Yeah, that's a pretty logical conclusion. Guess we'll find out for sure in the coming weeks.
  5. westsider28

    The Grain District

    Johnson Development? I guess that wouldn't be too surprising, but it would be disappointing. They would certainly be willing to sit on it.
  6. westsider28

    The Grain District

    The Herald-Journal is reporting that the 7-acre Snyder Electric (old Spartan Grain) property is under contract ahead of a final sale. Snyder is retiring and selling off his company's inventory. I really hope this property is being bought by a bold/capable owner willing to develop it (versus someone looking to sit on it or flip it). Fingers crossed.
  7. westsider28

    Downtown Projects & Developments

    This house has the benefit of being right next to (in) the most involved and influential neighborhood in Spartanburg, which gives it a much better chance of being saved. Glad to hear things are looking positive for its preservation. Hope that indeed happens.
  8. westsider28

    Renaissance Park Projects & Developments

    In a City podcast with Jennifer Evins, it was mentioned that they are working closely with the apartment developers to have some connectivity between the SFH neighborhood and the apartment complex. That suggests it's still happening, but I haven't heard anything else about it lately.
  9. westsider28

    Downtown Projects & Developments

    Yes, I was there. The DRB agenda said "Champion Investment Corporation" is the owner, who I believe have owned the building for decades (unfortunately, GIS isn't showing correct sales dates at the moment).
  10. westsider28

    Downtown Projects & Developments

    142 Social was approved; same design as previously shown. Meh, it's okay. For the Kosch & Gray building, they're planning to remove the ugly facade, remove the paint (going for bare brick), and un-brick the windows. Kosch & Gray will close (the owner's retiring) so the retail spot will be available, and there will be one 2BR apartment on each upper floor (2 total units). Interestingly, they're proposing the apartments be recessed several feet within the existing building shell, creating balconies on Main (the existing "windows" will be open to the "balconies" within). I hope that makes sense. I'd prefer them to be true windows (frames and glass) and nix the balconies, but this plan is still an improvement over current conditions.
  11. westsider28

    Cambria Hotel (Old HBJ Lot)

    So apparently, this was just a design update and final approval will hopefully be in the next few months. The process is taking longer than they expected, but the DRB is rightfully being thorough. The architects changed the color of the rear and side stairwells from orange to grey, reserving the orange for more of an accent role. Not much changed otherwise. Honestly, the biggest issue is SCDOT's asinine restrictions on street trees (not really a developer issue).
  12. westsider28

    Smith's Drug Store Redevelopment

    So you're attacking someone who has presumably been involved in the many successful projects we've gotten in the past several years? This project has always seemed borderline to me. This is a first-time developer grappling with a large-scale project, who likely lacks the experience (and/or $$$) to pull it off. I agree with several previous posters that we're at a point now where we don't need to be desperate for any project. We can wait for the right one(s) and otherwise let the market play out, without incentives.
  13. westsider28

    The Grain District

    Noticed today that many crape myrtles were planted along the West Main sidewalk on the 2 Bill Barnet-owned properties on each side of S Walker Street. Should provide some nice greenery (and flowers) in the interim until the streetscaping project happens.
  14. westsider28

    The Grain District

    You may or may not have heard, but there is a considerable effort underway to beautify / enhance the streetscape of West Main entering downtown. Many stakeholders including the One Spartanburg initiative at the Chamber are involved. I don't know the timeline for sure, and I think it could still be as much as 5+ years out, but planning is happening in earnest. A study is underway that focuses mainly on streetscaping from St John to the RR tracks, as far as I know. The idea is for lots of street trees, fewer/narrower travel lanes, possible parallel parking, possible protected bike lanes, and wide sidewalks. Obviously funding must be found, but this would make a huge positive impact on this important gateway into downtown. [There is an older (2017ish) study I found on the City website which had a much broader scope (PDF here). It suggested extending DT-5 zoning all the way out to the Dollar General (which is ambitious, but I like it). It also suggested creating a Business Improvement District to encourage investment in blighted properties along the corridor. It even suggested "West Hub" as a name/brand for the district. Not sure if these ideas are still in play.]
  15. westsider28

    Wish List 2019

    Great points. I've heard that as well about the past effort. I understand that there are limited resources, so we have to pick our battles. I'd still like to at least get the conversation going, even if it takes several years to implement. This is a wishlist item after all, so it's inherently asperational. But it's fun to conceptualize and discuss, which is why we all post here!