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  1. I believe the DRB only has jurisdiction within the Urban Code boundaries, which this property is well outside of. It wouldn't be a bad idea to expand the boundaries over time, maybe to the whole City eventually. (It's already been expanded into the Northside)
  2. Okay, I see. So kind of like the existing townhomes across Avant? I guess that's better. In that case, I'd be interested in seeing what the end that actually fronts Avant looks like, rather than this view from the parking lot / private street. Looking at GIS, I also noticed there is a public alley ROW between the two lots the developer owns and the gas station. Not sure if that's involved.
  3. Not the greatest looking things in the world. I wish the City would require the garages / all the parking in the back. Especially since the developers say they have "plenty of parking, actually more than we need." At the very least, make the sidewalk level and make the driveways bump up. All those curb cuts are awful for pedestrians.
  4. @Spartan It's a significant difference. $4 million additional capital cost + $350k annual recurring operating costs (which includes staffing, utilities and pool chemicals). That $350k would be ~20% of the entire parks & rec budget and would likely require a 3-mil tax increase to sustain. Here's an H-J article that covers the story. Greenville County has 1 public indoor pool at double our population. If we ever want one, it HAS to be a county-wide effort. Not on the backs of just City residents.
  5. Another tenant has been announced for Drayton Mills Marketplace. Burn Boot Camp (a franchise from Huntersville, N.C.) plans to open a 5,000-square-foot gym there. They primarily cater to women, but do offer some coed classes. They first considered the west side of town before deciding on Drayton, which is cool that they valued the property's historic and mixed-use qualities. Apparently interest in the Marketplace has increased lately (because they're getting closer to finishing renovations, I assume). I hope we continue to hear about more tenants in the next few months.
  6. Here's the H-J article about Oakview demolition getting underway. Demolition of all the buildings, tearing up parking lots, and grading is supposed to take about 2 months. Construction of the new TK Gregg Center could begin in the Fall. Exact timing depends on whether City Council decides to include an indoor pool or outdoor pool. We haven't really discussed that on here, but I'm firmly against an indoor pool. Primarily because of the huge annual operating cost, but also because it would be used mostly by County residents (like the Swim Center) while the financial burden is borne only by City residents. And it would take money away from parks and trails. Okay, that's enough.
  7. I'm pretty sure the SE corner is correct. An assemblage of parcels there (1.7 acres) has been listed for sale by Spencer-Hines for some time now. I'm excited to hear what may be planned. This corner desperately needs a good urban project.
  8. I'm just saying the restaurant is not a permanent structure, like an actual building. I have no idea how long this concept will be there, but I'm sure that eventually there will be a multi-story mixed-use building constructed on this lot. It was more of a comment referring to my initial concern about this plan before I knew what it was. Hope that made a bit of sense. Haha.
  9. More info here (UBJ article) most interestingly mentioning that the guys behind Willy Taco are involved with this. That is great to hear.
  10. Update on the "restaurant concept" at 125 East Main going before the DRB next week. I got some more info about it, and now that I fully understand the concept, I completely support it. It is essentially a "pop-up" restaurant made of shipping containers. It's outdoors and temporary. You may have seen / heard of these in other cities. They're very popular right now. According to the plans, there will be tons of picnic tables, a TV screen projected on the neighboring building wall, a stage for live music, fire pit, etc. It actually seems awesome. A more intriguing additional item on the agenda is "Preliminary Discussion with Developers of potential redevelopment of southeast corner of East Main Street and Pine Street". That could be huge.
  11. There have long been plans for a trail that goes from Glendale toward the Cottonwood Trail, but apparently the funding is now in place to move forward. It will be 2.5 miles, generally following Lawson's Fork Creek, and I think it will be natural-surface like Cottonwood. Construction will start in the spring. This is in addition to the forthcoming paved trail as part of the Country Club Road project in a few years. The final connection to Cottonwood is being held up by a few stubborn property owners, as I understand it. So we have to hope they're eventually willing to allow an easement.
  12. @roads-scholar Totally agree on East Main road diet. I think maybe the fact that less development would be spurred (because most lots are occupied w/long term users, i.e. churches) makes it less of a priority for the City? But it is desperately needed. (sorry for going a bit off-topic) Bringing the discussion back to the Grain District, I think the section of DMA from Main to St John may be dieted next year as the Royce Camp mixed-use building at the corner of Main & DMA is finishing up. I mean, the City already restriped it, but I presume we're talking about more substantial streetscaping (wider sidewalks, bulb-outs, trees, etc). I feel like that would fit the City's streetscaping MO. (ex. Wall Street redo with 201 Wall mixed-use building)
  13. Here's an H-J article about the streetscaping. I actually posted a pic in the Grain District thread back when the project was out for bids. But here's a more detailed version. Looks really good to me.
  14. Quick update: concrete has been poured for a section of the basement wall. (portion along Daniel Morgan to left of this pic still to come)
  15. Saw a notice in the paper this morning that the DRB will have a meeting on Wed, Jan. 18 at 5:30pm to review a "proposed restaurant concept" at 125 East Main Street. This is the empty lot next to the Kress building with Sparkle City Mini Putt at the back. DT-6 requires a minimum of 2 floors. I'd like to see renderings, because this strikes me as a vast under-use of the parcel if it is just a restaurant and not a mixed-use building with apartments or office space in upper floors. We need restaurants on East Main, but not so much as to waste the largest developable lot in the core of Main Street for only that.