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  1. Not yet, but it isn't supposed to be completed until April 2018. For Royce Camp's Wall Street building, retail tenants began being announced about 2 months before the building was complete. So I'd expect a similar timeline here.
  2. AC Hotel on West Main

    The front facade is now mostly complete. Looks really good!
  3. Roof screening is being added. This building really is surprisingly large.
  4. Aug Smith on Main (Bishop Furniture building renovation)

    Just announced via Instagram, Greenville-based Spill The Beans coffee shop will be occupying a ground floor space in the Aug Smith building next Spring. I think we're ready for multiple coffee shops downtown, and I think they are far enough apart to have unique sets of clientele. And most importantly, this is a tenant that should really help bring more activity to that part of East Main. Great news, IMO. Edit: UBJ article on Spill The Beans, and progress photo from today:
  5. Renaissance Park Projects & Developments

    Nice overview article in the H-J on the history and future of Renaissance Park. Gibbs talks about development possibilities there, including "one day in the not-so-distant future maybe another smaller hotel with 150 rooms." Seems like a pretty strong hint. I'm excited about the future of this part of downtown. Lots of potential.
  6. AC Hotel on West Main

    Looking up at the AC Hotel this past weekend.
  7. The Commons at Pine (UCB-anchored mixed-use)

    Revised plans for this project were approved by the DRB. I wasn't at the meeting this time, so I don't know exactly what all the changes were (like revised parking details mentioned). But the main thing is that the front design was simplified, and the street-facing sides are totally brick now, which is good. (compare the old Pine Street elevation above to the updated rendering below)
  8. Aug Smith on Main (Bishop Furniture building renovation)

    Progress update from this weekend:
  9. Greater Spartanburg Projects & Developments

    Anderson's Mill will finally be restored! The Tyger River Foundation has been working on this (fundraising, etc) since 2010. The project will start in early 2018, and the whole thing will take about 2 years to complete. The mill was originally built in 1762 and was where Spartanburg County was formed in 1785. This will be a great tourist attraction.
  10. Downtown Projects & Developments

    134 & 136 Magnolia Street have been sold to Atlanta investor Daniel Park. He doesn’t yet have anything specific planned for the buildings and intends to find people interested in leasing the spaces. I suspect those buildings would need significant renovations before you could put something like a restaurant in there, though. Also, Assistant City Manager Chris Story mentions the former Social Security office as "likely to see new life sometime soon." Not sure if that's a hint-hint, there's-something-happening or simply a prediction based on the recent trend.
  11. Downtown Projects & Developments

    And here's the official confirmation. Alex Orehowski has purchased the former blood bank building at 186 East Main. He owns The Bargain Mill on Union Street. He plans to do residential above and commercial below. Honestly, he doesn't give me a ton of confidence he can pull this off. The article mentions he needs additional capital, and he says he'd be willing to resell the building. He'll apparently make his decision on how to move forward by February. Side note: in the article, the owner of Price's mentions the importance of this block to downtown. Well, then do something with your upper floors! There's huge potential for residential in Prices' upper floors, yet they sit empty. Put your money where your mouth is instead of looking to others to do all the work. /rant
  12. Northside Developments

    I went over here several days ago to check the Butterfly Creek park/trail progress. This will be such a great asset for the community. There's going to be a huge positive change in the Northside over the next 5 years. It will be exciting to witness.
  13. Drayton Mill Renovation

    Another tenant for Drayton Mills Marketplace was announced today. Palmetto Proactive Healthcare will occupy a 1,700 sq ft space next to the company store that was once the mill’s employee health office. This is a direct primary care family medicine practice that currently has a location at 1703 John B. White Sr. Boulevard. They plan to open the new location in January 2018. Also, I found out via Facebook that Drayton Mills Elementary has a live construction camera. It's interactive, too, which is really cool. Sample screenshot:
  14. Downtown Projects & Developments

    I was looking at NAI Earle Furman's website and saw that 186 East Main (former blood bank) is under contract. This building has been an eyesore for a while, but there is a historic brick facade beneath the stucco. There may be potential to add a few floors to the building (like Aug Smith), but I guess we'll have to wait and see what the plans are. Really hoping for a restaurant on the ground floor.
  15. AC Hotel on West Main

    Ground-floor cladding continues to progress.