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  1. The City is apparently having a "virtual" DRB meeting on April 7 (it will be interesting to see how they handle the required public comment obligation). The Village at Creekside (mentioned above) will be up for preliminary/conceptual approval. However, there's also another townhome project by Montgomery Development that will be on most of the block between Raindrop and Milan Streets (see parcels below). It will be interesting to see what the plan is here.
  2. Here's an update on the Courthouse phasing from Monday's County Council meeting, including a tweaked design for Courthouse (click "Capital Penny Phase I Update", then click the "Supporting Document" to view). IMO, it looks a bit more awkward now. Proportions seem off a bit, and I hate the 2 weird columns on the upper center area. Hopefully it changes for the better before it's approved. Old design for comparison: Clearer picture of the parking deck. A previous Courthouse update suggested a May start for actual deck construction (following utility relocation and foundation prep). Updated final site plan. The slight off-axis rotation of the Courthouse bothers my OCD, but it's not a dealbreaker. More phasing info from January's meeting:
  3. Siding going up on 142 Social: 122 Magnolia renovation is looking good (navy blue building w/red storefront): Brick cladding just starting (left, behind fence) on the RHC Center for Philanthropy on Kennedy St: Here's why EIFS sucks, kids. They're having to replace ALL of it on the Library Commons:
  4. Tru Hotel on Franklin Ave near Hwy 29 and I-26 is opening on March 19, according to their website.
  5. Just a small bit of news, but Hub City Writers Project is leasing the old lawyers office at the corner of Daniel Morgan and Ezell (next to the former Brickhouse) for their publishing operation. They've been using a small space in the back of the Bookshop to this point. In case you're unaware, several books they've published have received national acclaim, and their profile has grown rapidly in the publishing world, so they needed the extra space. You can contribute toward their building up-fit expenses here.
  6. The City is conducting a survey on walkability / pedestrian safety in downtown. I encourage you to complete it, if you haven't already. Downtown Walkability Survey
  7. Curbing is in for the Silverhill single-family pocket neighborhood. Not sure if you can see in pic 2, but there is an open-ended connection with the forthcoming Liberty Street Apartments, as the site plan showed. Good to see that's there. Third pic is utility work on Liberty Street (for the apartments perhaps?)
  8. St. Paul Catholic Church and 320 East Main
  9. The City is planning a massive airport sign on a retaining wall along Hwy 295. It will be good to raise awareness of the airport's existence. Still wish they'd connect Airflow Drive through to 295 via Venture Blvd for easier access.
  10. There's a rezoning request for 3 parcels at the corner of East Main and N Fairview happening at the March 19 Planning Commission meeting. The developer wants to go from LOD to R-6: PDD (planned development district) to put a condo development there. The developer is The Croft Company from Greenville. They have developed 121 Rhett, 400 N. Main, and the Fieldhouse condos in downtown Greenville, so they seem to do good work. Hope we get something similar (though likely smaller) here. We have a lack of condos, so this should fill a good niche. However, it will be a shame to lose those 3 old Victorian houses (though 2 are in bad shape). Examples of Croft Co. developments in GVL:
  11. There was also an informational update on the Village at Creekside at last night's DRB meeting. They should be asking for conceptual approval at next month's meeting. Site plan is the same as the updated one posted previously; they aren't going to be able to acquire the final corner parcel. Half the "brownstones" will be 3-story, half will be 2-story, and they'll be brick-faced. The site has quite a slope, so townhomes facing the interior park will be 2-floors or 3-floors, depending on the side. These will be for-sale, mostly market-rate (a few will be 100-120% AMI "affordable", I believe). Looks great. Can't wait to see this move forward.
  12. First you go up an outside staircase (on left, 1st pic below) to a landing on the second floor, then there are 2 interior staircases (pic 2). Yeah, moving in and out seems like it would be a struggle. It's basically a 5-floor walk-up, much like NYC. Definitely still work to be done on the design.
  13. This came before the DRB this evening. It's 5-stories (65ft to roof), retail on the bottom, 2 ground floor ADA units, 20 apartments above (5 per floor), no elevator, fills the whole lot, no dedicated parking. I'm really impressed by the density on that small of a lot. Feels very "big city". The design is . . . lacking. TBH, GPN seems like a really mediocre architect, but Royce always uses him. Anyway, ignore the clock, Royce said that's not happening. The pointed corner tower doesn't seem right in an urban context (DRB said as much). Ostensibly, it's to reference the residential (Hampton Heights) nearby as a "transition". Also there are way too many different materials (as usual), the DRB asked them to simplify. The DRB didn't give conceptual approval yet, as there were also questions about windows (enough in places? and shape), ceiling heights (as low as 8ft in places), and sidewalk width on Harris Place. The DRB did really like the concept, so hopefully those issues can be worked out. I think we got a better building at 198 West Main from this process, so I'm sure we will here too.
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