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  1. Went by Drayton last week. Home construction is now well underway, though the houses seem smaller and less dense than the original plan/rendering. The elementary school is also really coming along. It has an impressive presence on Skylyn, as it's relatively close to the street.
  2. Brick is going up on the rear where the construction elevator was. Brackets/corbels are being put up right under the roof line. Also, the stone base along with the first bit of cast stone above it are going in on the ground floor (see webcam screenshot below).
  3. Here are the two sculptures by Dale Chihuly in the new Richardson Arts Center on Wofford's campus: Goldenrod and Crimson Persian Chandelier and Cerise and Amber Persian Ceiling, respectively. The art museum in the building is open to the public several days a week (info here: https://www.wofford.edu/rsrca/). I highly recommend visiting and seeing the Chihulys for yourself. They are beautiful.
  4. I did some Googling and found an updated 3D rendering. (I included the original rendering below it for comparison.) Changing from brick to EIFS on the upper 2 floors definitely takes the appearance down a notch. Seems alright otherwise.
  5. Tower crane is coming down today. http://www.goupstate.com/news/20170718/tower-crane-coming-down-at-ac-hotel-spartanburg Edit: Also, an example of what the entrance canopy will look like was added behind the material model.
  6. Good progress update article in the H-J this morning. Interior framing on the apartments is underway, as well as floor cutting for a new interior stairwell. The fire escape on the back is also being removed. The new exterior panels will go up flat ones first, then the decorative ones. The windows will go in last. Planned completion is October 2018. There are plenty of cool photos included in the article. Here's some of the interior framing for the apartment units:
  7. Yes, it's owned by Main & Morgan LLC, which is Johnson Development (they owned the AC Hotel site under that LLC originally too). There's actually a thread about the H-J site. Office would be ideal there, maybe a consolidation of ACA employees? Though I think the site is large enough for office & residential, potentially. On topic, here's another progress pic:
  8. From Friday. With 2 floors still to go, I'm thinking this building will have a more significant presence than I expected. The transformation of the West Main & Daniel Morgan intersection is pretty amazing. From a downtown-ends-here feeling a few years ago, to a truly vibrant urban node once things are completed next year.
  9. Photo update from Friday:
  10. From Friday:
  11. Progress photo I took Friday evening:
  12. Hub City Bees recently took some sweet aerial photos (and video) of the AC Hotel. Here's a sample. Check out their Facebook page for the rest.
  13. Work on the Berry Field side of Cleveland Park has apparently begun. The old concrete bleachers have been demolished. Some other site work is also happening. As you'll recall, the plan is to create a multi-use field and walking paths, with a pedestrian connection under Asheville Highway (next to the creek) to the main part of Cleveland Park. Good to see. This update should energize that side of the park, which has been essentially abandoned for quite some time. Photo below from Demtek's FB page. Speak of the devil, the H-J put out an article about this today. Work should be completed in 6 months. Unfortunately, the path under Asheville Hwy will be a later phase.
  14. According to Glassdoor, BMW generally pays between $14 and $29 per hour, for example. Okay, but not great.
  15. Here's an awesome aerial progress photo that was posted by Aug Smith on Instagram today: