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  1. Phase 1 of the Northside townhomes received final approval at last night's DRB meeting. There will be 44 units (all 1,771 sq ft; 3BR, 3.5ba) across seven 3-story buildings, most have garages accessed by alley, and 25% are affordable. The linked H-J article says ~$1,057/mo for the affordable units, and $1,800/mo for the market-rate units. The townhomes facing Howard Street will be nearly all brick and echo the design of the current mixed-use building next door (since Howard is a more major street). The remaining townhomes will be have more siding and be more "residential" in character. I think these look amazing. John Montgomery says they could begin in 30-45 days, so he's wasting no time. Site plan: Howard Street townhomes: Non-Howard townhomes:
  2. The Danmor received conceptual approval, with conditions, at the DRB meeting last night (H-J article, scroll down). It has changed to all-residential, and there is now an elevator planned in the rear. There are still some details to be worked out with the window boxes, juliet balconies, and stoops (stairs to on-street ground floor unit entries). I wish there were more on-street entrances, but I think there's some difficulty making that work with the grade change and how it relates to the height of the upper floors. Still a solid filler project with good density (30 units, all 1BR), and no parking remains unique.
  3. Retaining wall at Tapestry at Bon Haven. Site prep continues. Site clearance for The Ellington has begun. Star Mill windows are in and parking lot prep is beginning. Stormwater infrastructure work underway at Creekside site. Retaining walls / foundation for 500 Northside Station is finally underway. Howard Street has been repaved in front of The Lofts building. And bonus photos of the beautiful DuPre house.
  4. Three houses going up in Silverhill Site work continues for The Charles apartments
  5. Last weekend, I noticed that they had material samples outside the construction office on East Daniel Morgan (not sure if they're still there). Anyway, the panels on the right appeared to be the pure white concrete that was talked about. I'd say it was more like limestone, kind of a smooth chalky feel vs the rougher feel of typical concrete. I don't really mind either. I guess we'll just see how it ends up. I also found a high-resolution rendering of the courthouse on the County website:
  6. Magnolia Street view near courthouse
  7. I watched Monday's County Council meeting online, and there was an update on the courthouse project. First off, the brick color of the parking deck has changed from red to brown, because that looks better with the courthouse design (the same brick will be used for the deck and the courthouse plaza). The deck will start in August and should be done this time next year. There were also new courthouse renderings with a more finished plaza design. They also mentioned that Tindall is providing the cast stone (concrete) for the courthouse facade, and they have apparently developed a unique concrete that has a look and feel that's very similar to marble. Below are screenshots of the courthouse renderings. Seeing the building in the context of the plaza makes it look quite impressive. Should start next summer and open at the end of 2023 / start of 2024.
  8. HJ article about Sophia's moving into the former Le Spice space. It will be a less fancy, more approachable Italian restaurant. They plan both sit-down, waiter service in the back, as well as lunch counter ordering and take-out in the front (for downtown workers, for example). They plan to open in August. Sounds good. Look forward to trying it.
  9. Apparently a grocer has been found to replace the Save-a-Lot on the Southside, but the coronavirus has delayed the loan approval process. Assuming the loan is approved, the grocery store could open at the beginning of next year. Great to hear!
  10. We've talked about this in the Annexation thread, but it fits here too, especially with new info I just learned watching the Planning Commission meeting this evening. First of all, the annexation and zoning request was approved by the Planning Commission, so it now goes to City Council for approval (Aug. 10 meeting for 1st reading w/public hearing, then Aug. 24 for potential 2nd reading). The plan is for 320 apartments, developed by Orange Capital (I believe this is their website). Below is a screenshot of a preliminary site plan from the meeting. This is a lot of units (more than Drayton Mill, actually), which will help boost City population (and tax base). Hope City Council approves the annexation/zoning and this project moves forward!
  11. Plane flying over the Denny's Building last week
  12. A bit disappointing, IMO. Waste of the best patio space in town. Plus it's not as consistently active as a restaurant would be. I think the Pine/Union corridor has a lot of potential for renovations for restaurants, etc over the next few years. Today I drove by and saw that the old Sake Grill on Church St (across from the Marriott) finally has a tenant. The sign says Kingston Homestyle Kitchen, and it will serve Jamaican/Caribbean food. Apparently this business is currently a food truck. Sounds like a solid new option for downtown!
  13. I e-mailed the County Administrator to get a status update on the Courthouse project. They've been doing a lot of prep work behind the scenes (design work, selecting precast materials for the deck and courthouse, interiors work, construction of 2 courtroom mock-ups, removal of underground tanks, removal of trees, some utility relocation work, storm water permitting, etc). A lot has to happen in quick succession and everything is interconnected. Turner Construction is the company doing the work, by the way. Work should start on the parking deck foundation and the temporary judges' parking lot (front left of current CH, corner of Magnolia and St John) at the beginning of August. That should take about 3 months. Then the new central energy plant will be built on the current judges' parking lot (corner of Library and N Daniel Morgan) concurrently with vertical parking deck construction. The deck and CEP should both wrap up together late next spring, early summer (weather depending). Demo of Annex I and construction of the courthouse immediately follows. He also mentioned that there should be a new, updated website for the project coming by the end of this month. Here's a visual representation of the phasing:
  14. This is back, with another RFQ up on the City's website. Pretty much the same as before, with a bit more detail here: "The City’s goal is 20% of all units affordable to families at or below 80% of the Area Median Income for all housing types. For residential developments, the City is seeking approximately 10 units per acre or higher. The City will partner with a developer to seek a mixed-income and mixed-use commercial and residential development on the site. The City of Spartanburg will enter into a public private partnership with the successful developer with the qualifications to implement the vision of the City of Spartanburg for the site." I think there's more momentum in this area now than in 2018, so hopefully the City can find a developer this time.
  15. I saw some work being done there last week, so it certainly seems possible.
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