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  1. Greater Spartanburg Projects & Developments

    Bummer. What exactly does R-6 allow? Multi-family? Any limit on number of units?
  2. Spartanburg Photo of the Day

    This photo is from the City's FB page. Thought it was appropriate since today is the 237th anniversary of The Battle of Cowpens. And because of the snow, of course!
  3. Sparkle City Eateries

    Greenville's "The Flat" is expanding to Spartanburg and will occupy the old Miyako's location. They serve sandwiches, burgers, wings, and sliders as well as craft beer, whiskeys, and cocktails. It should open by mid-2018. Good to see this space fill so quickly!
  4. Aug Smith on Main (Bishop Furniture building renovation)

    The City's social media had some nice photos of the progress today. Apparently, the first apartment units should be available for occupancy in early February.
  5. Greater Spartanburg Projects & Developments

    There was a notice in the paper today about the January 18 Planning Commission meeting, where the owners of 2 parcels at the corner of Vanderbilt and Baltimore (wooded triangle here) want to re-zone from R-6 (residential) and LOD (office) to DT-4 for a mixed-use, mixed-income project. This is particularly interesting, because this would potentially be an outlier as the first area to be zoned DT-4 that's non-contiguous with the rest of the Urban Code boundaries (downtown vicinity and Northside). And DT-4 subjects them to urban form requirements and presumably DRB review. But it's also exciting that a project that would fit those requirements may be developed in this location.
  6. Northside Developments

    DRB approved the concept and siting for the building, but want more details and to resolve some design concerns before final approval. I went to the meeting. They thought the building was a bit of a mishmash of designs (particularly the Howard St side) and thought it should be more coherent/simple. They were a bit confused/put-off by the hipped roof (not necessary on an urban building), but also that it was only hipped on one part of the building and flat on the other, so that needs to be resolved. They also wanted more detail / better design of the Howard/College corner, which is obviously important from an urban standpoint. They liked the stoops and the juliet balconies, and were okay with the "linear park" screening of the parking lot. Sidenote: The City really wants on-street parallel parking on Howard Street, but SCDOT (predictably) is resistant. I hope the City can convince them to allow it (or take over ownership like they did with part of Daniel Morgan Ave downtown). It's incredibly important to changing the character of the street into a more pedestrian-friendly, "Main Street" feel. Oh, and I stopped by Butterfly Creek Park, which looks extremely close to being finished (probably in the next few weeks). Workers were basically putting in final landscaping. Pics:
  7. Northside Developments

    So it looks like the first big housing development in the Northside will actually be a 90-unit, mostly affordable (~80 of the units) apartment building at the west corner of Howard and College, next to Butterfly Creek. This is not the mixed-use project revealed a few months ago (across Howard St). So I guess that will happen later. Anyway, this building would be ~96,000 sq ft and contain a mix of 1-, 2-, and 3-BR apartments from 695 to 1064 sq ft. It would be 3 floors at street level and 4 floors on the creek side (due to grade change). Parking (120 spaces) would be between the building and Harvest Park, screened with a wall/fence and landscaping. This project goes before the DRB on Tuesday. It could start construction as early as Spring.
  8. Bricks are going up on the rear of the building (albeit very slowly). As shown in the renderings, they are basically black. I like that it will add a new brick color to the vicinity.
  9. Sparkle City Eateries

    I'd heard rumors that Wild Ace Pizza won't be renewing their lease next year, and this Loopnet listing seems to confirm that. It says that their current lease ends March 1. That's kind of a bummer, but I'm sure the space will be leased quickly, as it's one of the best spots on Morgan Square (large building, highly visible, lots of outdoor seating, etc). It will be interesting to see what ends up going in there.
  10. Spartanburg Photo of the Day

    Merry Christmas!
  11. The Montgomery Building

    The first section of flat panels is complete on the left-front from floor 5 to floor 9. Looking good.
  12. Sparkle City Eateries

    FR8 Yard opened tonight, and it was PACKED! I only drove by, but it was shoulder-to-shoulder full of people. A few of my friends went and gave it rave reviews. Definitely gotta try it. The warm weather definitely brought people out. Downtown as a whole was rocking. Ice skating rink slam-packed, RJ Rockers much livelier than a usual Tuesday, bar at AC Hotel packed, people sitting outside at Wild Ace, and so on. Great to see so much energy downtown!
  13. Westgate Watcher

    The Residence Inn is supposed to open in February. Shockingly, the Hilton Garden Inn (6 floors) is actually under construction! They're framing the 2nd floor now. So there will soon be 3 hotels right next to each other at Summit Pointe. I sure wish the land around Spartan 16 would be developed into a semi-walkable lifestyle center. (sidewalks at least!) All those visitors need something they can walk to besides CityRange. Residence Inn Hilton Garden Inn
  14. AC Hotel on West Main

    The AC Hotel opens today! Guests can check in at 3 pm and the AC Lounge opens to the public at 5 pm. Such a fantastic addition to downtown. I can't wait to see the impact it has on foot traffic, particularly during big events (college graduations, Panthers training camp, etc). However, Level 10 (top floor restaurant) is not done yet. It's supposed to be open by late January. Here are some recent photos I've taken:
  15. Greenways in Sparkle City

    Digging up this old thread to report that City voted to award a contract (River Birch Trail bids.pdf) to grade and pave a 10-foot wide path (RIVER BIRCH TRAIL.pdf) where the River Birch trail is behind Spartan High (across Sydnor from the main Cottonwood Trails). This is planned to eventually connect to East Main (see map below). There are also plans to connect the Drayton Mills Trail under the RR tracks, across Heywood, to East Main as well. So we're making good progress toward a key trail connection.