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  1. Cornice is now being added to the top of the 9th floor.
  2. Elevator shaft is up in the rear. Gives a good idea of the height of the additional floors that will be added.
  3. More steel beams for the commercial spaces, and wood framing for the apartments in the rear.
  4. An interesting thing that no one has mentioned in any articles is that the recommendation for the Municipal Court and Police Department building is renovating the existing City Hall (Executive Summary, page 37 [PDF page 41]). There's an alternative for building new, but it would be about 3 times the cost of renovations. So it's likely the existing City Hall will remain, in addition to the new City / County Admin building. (Fire Department was not included in the study) I can't find any mention of whether or not all or part of the existing County Courthouse would be preserved/renovated, which I would like to see from a historic preservation standpoint. IMO, it's a more attractive example of modernist architecture than City Hall (though each have their own unique qualities).
  5. Awesome view from the 10th floor! (from The Montgomery Building Instagram page)
  6. Bond Street Wines is coming to the former Carolina Gallery building at 145 W. Main St. It will be a second location for the Charlotte-based wine retail shop. The store will feature about 250 different wines from all over the globe. They're partnering with Renato's to provide light fare and host wine dinners. The store should be open in 60-90 days. Good to see this spot finally get filled!
  7. Front is totally opened up now, including the ground floor. A square hole for the stairwell/elevator has been cut in floors 2 and 3.
  8. The construction elevator was dismantled today, which means that the interior elevators are now up and running. Brick is up on floors 3-9 on 3 sides. Webcam view from today:
  9. This one has been moving kind of slowly, but hopefully it will pick up now that the ground floor is poured and some steel beams are up for the first floor.
  10. Been meaning to post an update here for a while. Oakview is totally demolished (haven't heard anything about TK Gregg recently, though). Butterfly Creek daylighting is underway. "Artlets" were installed around the neighborhood. Habitat for Humanity has built several new homes on Vernon Street. And here's a Northside newsletter from the NDG (whose website is currently being updated) that has a lot of info about future developments in the neighborhood: Northside Voice-Issue 6-Digital.pdf First big thing in there is a site plan (below) for the Early Childhood Learning Center (corner of Howard & Franklin). Now it says the design is subject to change, which is good because I have a few issues with it. It appears the center's only entrance is from the parking lot, and it doesn't properly address the corner (both of which violate the Urban Code). I'm also a bit concerned about accommodating a future Fremont-Franklin road connection (as shown in the Northside Master Plan), but it seems like that may be possible. But anyway, the ECLC itself and its programming will be a fantastic asset for the community. It will offer full-day, full-year STEAM-based learning for 160-200 children aged 6 weeks to 5 years old. Construction is supposed to begin late-2017, opening in late-2018. Second big thing appears to be a rendering of the mixed-use development at the corner of Howard & College (north corner, caddy-corner to VCOM). There will be 90 units of mixed-income housing in Phase 1 and more housing with commercial space in Phase 2 (if I interpreted the newsletter correctly; it's a bit unclear the way it's written). It mentions a clinic, retail, and office space for the commercial component. Phase 1 would begin late-2017.
  11. Awesome aerial progress photo by Steve Fincher Photography
  12. @Spartan (and everyone), I e-mail Roger Nutt about the availability of the report, and he directed me here: http://www.spartanburgcounty.org/169/Administration There you can see all the reports at each stage of the process. Here's a direct link to the Final Report Executive Summary (PDF). I haven't read through it all yet. But these documents should contain most of the details and such that we would want to know about.
  13. The 114-year-old Converse Mill (on Hwy 29 several miles east of town) is being renovated into 173 loft apartments! The unique thing about this one is its scenic location on the Pacolet River. The project should start in 3 months and be finished late-2018 or early-2019. This is basically Spartanburg's last remaining textile mill to be renovated. It's a shame so many burned or were torn down.
  14. Bella Latte / Mozza Roasters opened their coffee shop last week, and today The Standard is officially open! They'll just be serving dinner at first, but they plan to open for lunch in the future. They have seating for almost 200 diners, a private dining room, and a 2,500-square-foot outdoor patio. It looks great. Definitely can't wait to go there and try their food. (Also mentioned was that the apartments are now almost fully occupied.)
  15. The City has 30 days to decide whether they want to be a part of a city/county admin building. The rapid timeline is so everything can be finalized in time to be on the November ballot. (if the City doesn't participate, I presume the County would need to rethink size/cost/location for an admin building). This will likely be discussed at the May 22 City Council meeting, if you want to attend and express your opinion on the matter. Several City Council members are publicly in favor of a joint facility. The County will put the Courthouse on the ballot, regardless of whether or not the City is involved with the admin building.