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  1. Aug Smith on Main (Bishop Furniture building renovation)

    Spill the Beans is now open in the Aug Smith building! They're technically in soft-opening mode, with the grand opening TBD. But they'll be open for Spring Fling. I'm definitely going to stop in soon. I'm expecting/hoping that it will really start to liven up this part of East Main, especially since they plan to be open quite late.
  2. Brickwork is essentially done on 3 sides. Just needs brick on the side facing the Cantrell Building, the metal panels and storefront windows, and the exterior will be done. From a few days ago:
  3. The Montgomery Building

    During next month's Artwalk (May 17) there will be a silent auction of photos to raise money for the restoration of the Carolina Theater. It's just a start and mostly to raise awareness; I presume that fundraising efforts will ramp up following this event. The Facebook page mentions that the full restoration is estimated at $5.5 million. I hope the whole community comes together to support this project. @hub-city You're correct; the bay windows and storefronts are being painted a nice, rich forest green. Not sure it comes through properly in these photos, but here you go: Also, more decorative panels:
  4. Downtown Projects & Developments

    Well yes, a walkable Wendy's can be done (this one in Columbia is okay). DT-5 requires it to be a minimum of 2-stories, though. Also, access to the site is horrendous with the traffic on Pine Street there, so that has to be taken into consideration (i.e. right-in, right-out only, probably). However, looking at the Urban Code, it looks like they can't have a drive-thru because section 3.2.2a says, "In the DT-5 or DT-6 district, a restaurant or business with drive-thru service may not be closer than 500 feet from another business with drive-thru service." This site is less than 500 feet from Arby's and Firehouse Subs, both of which have drive-thrus. So, we'll have to see what they're proposing.
  5. Downtown Projects & Developments

    There are a couple of interesting informal review items on the DRB agenda for the May 1 meeting. First is for 150 South Pine (old Economy Inn site), however after Googling the applicant--FFC Limited Partnership--it appears they represent Wendy's. So if that's what they're proposing for the site (in DT-5 no less), I hope the DRB shoots them down swiftly. The second is regarding "new construction of Smith's Drug Store" at 142 East Main. I wonder if this is an addition to the current building or demo/replacement? I'll try to make it to the meeting to find out.
  6. Downtown Projects & Developments

    They've wasted no time starting renovations on The Leader building. Paneling has been removed, exposing the original facade. Here's a current photo compared to one from the '40s (you can still faintly see the painted signage): Also, check out the tile mosaics on the floor inside:
  7. The Montgomery Building

    More decorative panels have been added to the third bay on the front (looks like they're holding off on the large "M" emblem on the 2nd bay until a bit later). Also, the north side copper bay windows have had their emblems polished, and they're being painted the same color as the copper retail space frames (see 3rd photo below; and compare to my photo from March 20). It's a shame they're not leaving the copper exposed, but I suppose it would tarnish anyway. And painting it is likely more protective over the long term. Progress is continuing swiftly!
  8. Highland Developments

    I figured we should have a thread dedicated to the Highland neighborhood, since there will likely be a lot of change happening here soon. The City has put out an RFQ for planning, architectural, and urban design services for the development of a transformation plan for the Highland neighborhood, so that will be moving forward over the next few months and years. I also noticed today that the remainder of the old Cammie Claggett buildings have been fenced off, so demolition should be starting shortly. Of course, the new Highland Crossing affordable apartments replaced one block of the old public housing units about 2 years ago. Nothing has yet been planned to replace the remaining units. But that's where the plan referenced above will come into play. Finally, Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church is expanding their facility and looking to engage in more community outreach. This is obviously a very challenged neighborhood, but I hope that improvements and positive investments in the area can help turn things around over time.
  9. The Future of Spartanburg's Downtown Memorial Airport

    Here's an H-J article about the airport's upcoming 90th anniversary, the runway construction, and the Airport Park. Several nice photos of park features. Can't wait to check it out this weekend.
  10. The Montgomery Building

    Decorative panels have now been added at the top of the first bay on the front of the building near the corner. Beautiful!
  11. Drayton Mill Renovation

    Quick photo update: progress on the Drayton--Beaumont pedestrian bridge and DMES.
  12. New County Courthouse & City/County Government Center

    The original plan was to stay in the current courthouse while the new one was built. (I'm pretty certain the new courthouse will be built on the parking lot.) It was only when the mold got really bad / lawsuit filed that they considered moving. I think this is probably the right decision. It will cost less this way, and the new courthouse won't be delayed.
  13. The Montgomery Building

    More decorative panels up at the top of the NW corner! This is going to look amazing when finished.
  14. Northside Developments

    The mixed-use project at Howard and College came back before the DRB on Thursday. The architects were able to bring the building up to the corner and make the design a bit more cohesive. The DRB members liked this design MUCH better and gave it conceptual approval. The project will still need to come back later for final approval, but this allows the developers to move forward.
  15. Downtown Projects & Developments

    An 8-lane boutique bowling alley / restaurant / event venue is planned for the former Leader building on Morgan Square. The development team is led by Howard Dozier, co-owner of Greenville’s Stone Pin Company. The restaurant would be 5,000 sq ft; the event center 9,000 sq ft; and the bowling alley 12,000 sq ft in the 26,000 sq ft building. There would also be a 1,500 sq ft mezzanine for small, private events. The building owners are asking for a development agreement with the City, whereby the City would give them a special tax assessment for the renovated historic building, do streetscaping on Broad, and provide a loan. The loan is the only thing a bit questionable to me (other actions are routine). But I love this concept and think it would be a great addition to downtown, while finally filling that prominent building.