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  1. After the original attempt at a meeting was hacked/zoom-bombed by some disgusting individuals, the virtual open house has been rescheduled for Tuesday, September 28 at 6:00 pm (with increased security). There will then be a series of in-person meetings Oct. 7-9 to get feedback on specific aspects of the draft plan.
  2. Another update from tonight's County Council meeting: drilling and pouring underground foundation anchors/piles/footers has begun (see webcam screenshot from a few days ago below). They'll work in three phases (corresponding to the 3 different basement elevations) north to south, drilling and filling several hundred holes; with slab pour to follow as they move to the next phase. There will be lane closures on DMA starting Oct. 9-10. Sounds like the building will be steel-frame (again, going vertical just after the new year). Emergency operations center (Fairforest Road) is in per
  3. Here's an update about the Fretwell development. Not too much new: Little River's new location is planned to open Spring-2022, and they mention possible future residential. The more exciting news is this VCC filed by Fretwell developers for several (4) additional parcels at the corner of Marion and Union (see below). They don't own them yet, but the VCC states under "proposed redevelopment": Fretwell will acquire the Property and intends to develop the parcels and surrounding area with retail, restaurant, and entertainment spaces. I've said before that Rail Trail adjacent development is
  4. Retaining wall is now up for the split-level section: (also, @Spartan can you change the thread title to The Fitzgerald?)
  5. Here's a nice drone video of The Charles from late-August: https://youtu.be/J_uAwlH_U9M
  6. In this excellent article about the Montgomery Building's renovation and its contribution to the increased activity in downtown as a whole, it's mentioned that Modern Real Estate Consultants are going into the final retail spot on the ground floor. Not hugely exciting, but good to have the retail spaces full with a diversity of tenants. Also a bit of a tease where the owner says he "looks forward to opening the building’s old theater in the years ahead." I hope there are some actual plans for that taking shape behind the scenes.
  7. The Draft Plan will be revealed on Tuesday, September 14 at 6:00 pm via a Zoom "open house" meeting (sign up at https://www.planspartanburg.com/). It will then be available for public review and comment. Also somewhat related, OneSpartanburg is creating their Vision Plan 2.0 and have a public survey available to see what public priorities are. I encourage you to complete it (10-20 min).
  8. A few random downtown updates: Rustic Llama boutique is open at 146 East Main (former Three Sisters boutique), Talan Antiques & Interiors opening soon at 167 East Main (former East Main Arts), work is finally continuing on the apartments above Hub City Scoops. The old Montgomery Ward building was purchased by "111 Main Street LLC" which is Andrew Babb, who also owns the building shell to the west (with the One Spartanburg mural). Babb seems to be willing to sit on properties for while before developing, but hopefully something will happen here sooner rather than later. Also, Ri
  9. Renaissance Park developments from Saturday. The Charles: New Silverhill home: New Silverhill duplexes:
  10. A walk around the Northside on Saturday morning
  11. First section of the foundation has been poured for The Fitzgerald. This is at the "split-level" portion of the building which is 3-stories along Kennedy Street and 4-stories on the site's interior.
  12. ReGenesis Health Care has opened a permanent clinic at the Northside Health Center building (220 College St). It has only been used as a COVID vaccine center until now. Good to see a healthcare provider/facility conveniently accessible to Northside residents. Also, here's an aerial photo of the completed Bon Haven Apartments from SeamonWhiteside's FB page: Oh, and JHP Architecture has Northside Station up on their website now (with some nice photos).
  13. A lot has changed since then. It's time to revisit.
  14. Just an update: looks like an opening "early next year" for the Piggly Wiggly is more likely. I think this store will be very successful.
  15. As far as relatively simple, contained, and straight-forward improvements go, I'd like to see new exits on I-26 at Clark Road in Boiling Springs (to relieve pressure on Hwy-9) and I-26 at Old Georgia Road near Roebuck (to relieve pressure on East Blackstock and Anderson Mill).
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