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  1. The Montgomery Building

    Went by this evening and saw that, too. Exciting! Here's a fantastic and extensive article about this project and it's impact on the momentum of downtown. The developer says they're about 1/3 of the way done. I also noticed a change from what we've heard in the past: now floors two and three will be office space (previously just 2nd floor), so floors 4-10 will be apartments (resulting in a decrease in units from 72 to 63). I wonder if this is related to the increase in apartments planned downtown, particularly the 200-unit project nearby. (more competition reduces feasibility of more units?) Or is the office market that strong? Anyway, interesting tweak.
  2. AC Hotel on West Main

    Here a few photos from last night. It looks like there will be color-changing LED lights on the top floor. Pretty cool. Still looks like a good bit of work to be done in the lobby.
  3. AC Hotel on West Main

    Update article on the AC Hotel. Nothing much new. Parking lot still needs to be paved. Interior is still being finished. And employees have to have 9 days of training on site before it opens. So I'd say that December 1 is likely (since they've been taking reservations from then forward, so it basically HAS to be open). Also, here's an amazing night drone aerial of the hotel by Flickr user "NRE in SC".
  4. Spartanburg City Council

    The Mayor's race is going to a runoff (on Nov. 21). Junie White didn't quite get 50% of the vote (White - 2,853; Horne - 2,196; Whitner - 778). White will likely win the runoff. Erica Brown (yay!) and Jerome Rice both held their Council seats.
  5. Pretty comfortably, too: 16,901 for; 10,159 against, w/97% reporting. Good to see. Sales tax increase will begin May 1, 2018 and end April 30, 2024. Next comes the site plans and building designs, I presume. Will be interesting to follow the process.
  6. AC Hotel on West Main

    Getting pretty close. Landscaping is the main thing happening now. Also, both West Main and Daniel Morgan were just repaved near the hotel. Rear parking lot still needs paving (as of Sunday). I like the granite curbing between the sidewalk and the pool-area landscaping. Also, exterior up-lighting has been added. Some photos from Sunday:
  7. Aug Smith on Main (Bishop Furniture building renovation)

    Windows are in on floors 2 and 3 along Liberty Street. Apartments are now leasing, as well.
  8. Downtown Projects & Developments

    College Town and Hub-Bub have teamed-up to put artistic vinyl coverings representing Spartanburg colleges on downtown utility boxes. Another nice little thing to make downtown more interesting to people walking around. I personally like this non-college-affiliated one near the library the best, though:
  9. Northside Developments

    Here's a fantastic drone photo from Hub City Bees' Instagram that shows the pedestrian bridge frame (looks like it still needs decking) in place over Butterfly Creek. Great skyline shot, too.
  10. Renaissance Park Projects & Developments

    Via City's social media, Liberty and Saint John traffic signal is flashing now, should be fully functional next week.
  11. AC Hotel on West Main

    The cast stone railing is almost complete, as is the awning over the front entrance. Bricks are going in on the sidewalks. Exterior lighting is also being added. Cropped pic from webcam this evening:
  12. The Spartanburg Chamber of Commerce President, the county Democratic Chair, the county Republican Chair, and the county Tea Party Chair (!) had a joint press conference this morning in support of the 1-cent sales tax for a new courthouse and city/county admin building. I'm kind of surprised that representatives of such different viewpoints all support it. Hopefully this show of unity will sway uncertain voters. Edit: UBJ article
  13. Downtown Projects & Developments

    Goodbye, 142 S Spring Street. Circa-1920 2-story commercial building demolished for parking. Kind of a shame. Circa-1910 garage is next. Edit: H-J article
  14. I know that Royce Camp owns several small parcels at the corner of Spring St and Harris Pl under the name "Midtown Properties LLC". I suspect that would be the next site for a project of his. (Just a guess; no inside info)
  15. AC Hotel on West Main