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  1. Balconies being installed on 142 Social. Photos from this weekend:
  2. Here it is: The Daniel Morgan Trail System, aka "The Dan". Lots of good links there. And you can also donate to the trails effort, if you're so inclined. Also, here's an H-J story about the announcement. As far as soon-to-happen trails, the Rail Trail downtown extension was mentioned (which we already know about). Also, the Vanderbilt Road trail heading west should start in October. I think it will be isolated initially, but will eventually connect to the greater system. Also, the Drayton Trail connection under the RR tracks toward the Cottonwood Trail should happen next year. Lots to look forward to! Here's a system map with updated segment construction dates (more timing info here as well):
  3. Saw on an updated CRE listing for space in the MB that the recently leased space is labeled "Art Gallery". That, together with 1Spartanburg's report that it's USC Upstate, leads me to believe that the Upstate Gallery on Main (currently at 172 E Main) will likely be moving here. If so, they'll need a new name...
  4. The City has put the Rail Trail downtown extension out for bids (finally)! You can see the full plans here (PDF). Bids are due October 10, then one would be selected/awarded at a subsequent Council meeting. So construction should be underway by the end of the year, hopefully. As for the design, I think it's great overall. It will be the first of its kind in SC, and should set the standard for protected cycling infrastructure in the state. Hopefully we can get some national attention once it's complete. Here are some notable plan sections: That said, I'm disappointed that it looks like SCDOT nixed any special treatment at the Henry Street crossing, and it appears to be a normal crosswalk. Furthermore, the right-turn-only from Union onto Henry is a potential death-trap for trail users. Anyway, this will definitely be a big positive overall. I can't wait for it to finally get started, after all these years!
  5. Shortened from Daniel Morgan. It's supposed to be a clever/endearing colloquialism along the lines of "The George" and "The Tom" (YMCA), I imagine.
  6. Cleveland fountain at N Church and Asheville Hwy
  7. TK Gregg progress (from Sunday) Mixed-use project has brick going up on the Wofford housing portion
  8. Avant Street townhomes coming along. First cluster has its siding. Photos from Sunday.
  9. Well, here's confirmation of Wild Wing staying in current location. No real details as to why. Both sides seem to be tight-lipped about it.
  10. I couldn't find a broader trail thread, so I'll put this here. You may have seen some teasers recently for "The Dan". There's even a website (also a teaser, for now). All will be revealed Thursday, Sept. 5, 5-6 pm, at FR8yard. Spoiler alert: it's branding for a comprehensive trails/greenways network. I found the picture below and this Spartanburg Downtown webpage a long time ago (hence the out-of-date dates). And I know that a branding effort has been planned for well over 5 years. Hopefully we get some more hard details at the reveal. Supposedly, tons of money has been raised behind the scenes. (maybe $12M like the site says?) The hold-up always seems to be SCDOT, RRs, easements, etc. Anyway, looking forward to Sept. 5 and hopefully seeing more movement on trails in the near future!
  11. Interesting. Anyone heard the reason? Hope we can get something to fill the C&S Bank building.
  12. Downtown view from Branch Street next to Event Rentals
  13. Progress continues on the interior up-fit for Sidewall Pizza. New floor tiles just installed. (pic via Montgomery Building FB page) I wonder when the tenant for the other retail spot that's been leased will be announced. Anyone hear anything recently?
  14. There's an update on TK Gregg Center progress in the Herald-Journal. They're about 50-60 percent through construction, with completion targeted for April or May 2020. Here are some photos from the City FB page (1. digging the indoor pools; 2. gym; 3. exterior close-up)
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