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  1. Here's an awesome photo of this building's foundation from the roof of the AC Hotel. It was taken by Carroll Foster of Hot Eye Photography (http://www.hoteyephoto.com/, he does fantastic work)
  2. Looks like we may have some clarity on a new courthouse or city/county complex by late-spring. The County has commissioned a study on how much it would cost to build a new courthouse, which should be done in May. And the City is conducting a separate study of its own building needs, which it will report to the County next month. I'll be very interested to see the findings of these studies. Lots of important decisions to be made in the near future. But at least we're finally getting serious about getting this done.
  3. Honestly, all of Wakefield Automotive needs to go. They own most of the land there, and it's a huge impediment to expanding downtown to the west and improving that area of town (visually & economically). But I get the feeling that with their long history here, they'd be reluctant to move, and the City would be reluctant to pressure them. /off-topic
  4. @Spartan Gotcha. Emporis estimates range from very close to wildly inaccurate, because they use a standard floor-height estimate regardless of building use (doing the math, it looks to be ~12.76 feet per floor). And of course, different building uses have very different floor-heights. Schuyler being built as apartments in the 1950s means it has pretty short floor-heights. Same with Archibald Rutledge. I've also used Sketch-up & Google Earth to put models right next to a few of these buildings. Schuyler is definitely about 117 feet, Archibald Rutledge is about 120 feet (unless you count whatever the heck that is on top of the roof). 117 and 120 respectively are the heights of the models below. Also, here's an interior photo of an apartment in the Schuyler building showing the relatively low floor-height.
  5. The Schuyler Building is exactly 116 feet, 10 inches tall according to its NRHP listing form (page 4 of PDF). Shorter than you might expect for a 13-story building. I've searched extensively online & cannot find a definitive height for the Marriott. Eye-balling it, it only looks a bit shorter than the Montgomery Building, so maybe 120-125ish? I think it's relatively tall for 9-stories because of the convention space in the first 2 floors, plus the penthouse suite and hipped roof. No idea about Archibald Rutledge. ( @Spartan Not sure if this topic merits its own thread [no offense Sburg Guy]. Maybe move to Spartanburg Off-Topic? )
  6. William Cribb and Raj Patel plan to open a dinner-only restaurant called "The Kennedy" this summer at 221 E. Kennedy St., the former home of Renato's. It will feature seasonal dishes with fresh, local ingredients as well as wines, craft beers, and cocktails. The atmosphere will be modeled after The Speakeasy. They'll strip the existing building to the core and renovate it in an Art deco style. This sounds awesome. The Cribb's guys are really elevating the Spartanburg dining scene. H-J article UBJ article G-News article (Take your pick, haha)
  7. It's more than talk, tonight City Council officially awarded the contract for a full traffic signal including pedestrian signals and crosswalks. They will be installed in 3-4 months. This will be a HUGE improvement for safety and walkability in that part of downtown.
  8. Small update on the MB in the H-J (and on the MB website). A few renderings of what the storefronts will look like; basically identical to their original look. They're still waiting on final approval from the National Park Service before they can start. Should be soon. The projected completion date is August 2018.
  9. The rest of the basement walls and columns have been poured. Gives you a feel of the building's size.
  10. That's true. Walking by the building yesterday, I realized what would be perfect: make the central space an arcade. That would have the dual benefit of adding restaurant & retail spaces while also providing a direct pedestrian connection from the Magnolia deck to Morgan Square.
  11. Agree that 1MS is terrible from an urban design perspective, and that it could easily be retrofitted for ground-floor restaurant/retail. I strongly believe the grass area needs to be developed in the future to help re-enclose Morgan Square with a complete wall of buildings, the way it was historically. Not enough people use the Square now to need an expansion (other than maybe closing Dunbar permanently & incorporating it into the Square). Plus that grassy area fronting Church is pretty inhospitable with speeding traffic right next to it. Johnson Development projects (other than Library Commons) have all been single-use, as have all of our other office buildings, which isn't great. But I can kind of understand it, because in the past, we've had so many vacant storefronts that they couldn't really justify including retail space in office buildings. But now that many buildings are filling up, particularly around Morgan Square (and with the Urban Code now in place) we should get ground-floor retail in all projects going forward. On another note, about 7 buildings on Magnolia are for-sale right now. Hopefully they get bought/filled soon.
  12. Yeah. The City is waiting to do the other side until there's a concrete plan for the Snyder site. No reason to do it now. The City will be doing some streetscaping around the AC Hotel, though (once it's closer to being finished).
  13. A few random updates: The BB&T branch near the Marriott has closed and is for-sale. And BB&T's building on East Main is for-sale too. Anyone know what's up? You may have seen that the fountain in front of One Morgan Square on Church Street was dug up & removed. It's just grass there now. I guess maintenance was getting too difficult/costly? I'd love to see a new building or expansion of 1MS on that lot eventually (with retail).
  14. Brick cladding in the center-front is up on floors 3-4, and lots of work is being done on the roof. From the webcam: My photo: And an awesome photo from the AC Hotel FB page, taken by Carroll Foster (from the Schuyler Building, I believe)
  15. The first bit of curbing has been poured for the DMA streetscaping project.