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  1. westsider28

    Glendale Developments

    The dedication ceremony for the restored Glendale Bridge was held this morning. Big crowd there. The bridge looks fantastic and should be a great asset for Glendale!
  2. westsider28

    Mary Black Rail Trail

    So I emailed someone at SCDOT to get some info on the status of the Rail Trail downtown extension. They mentioned travel lane widths as an issue they were working through (I'm sure they want wider car lanes...ugh). The current (tentative) timeline is Spring-2019 for ROW acquisition (isn't it all within existing street ROW? What do they need to acquire?), and Spring-2020 for construction start. Pretty disappointing / depressing. This is taking soooooo long.
  3. westsider28

    Renaissance Park Projects & Developments

    The architect is Torti Gallas + Partners, who have done a lot of work in the DC area. You can check out their projects here. Looks like pretty good stuff, generally. Of course, developer budget is a big factor impacting the architecture. They did make it a point to design this project differently than the typical apartments going up everywhere, so that is a positive. I believe the plan is to have stoops / direct street access for some of the ground-floor apartments.
  4. westsider28

    Renaissance Park Projects & Developments

    I think it looks a bit on the suburban side (like neighborhood-ish) with the hipped roofs. Since this building will be diagonally across from a 5-floor office building, I think it should look more "urban" (like downtown-ish). Also, you can't tell from the black-and-white rendering, but the whole thing is siding, not brick (which would be greatly preferable). DRB will have more to say before final approval, I'm sure. They already suggested bigger windows at the corner (which is a common area), to make it look more like a retail space. But this building is the best looking one in the complex, IMO. I'll see if I can get pictures of the other buildings.
  5. westsider28

    Downtown Projects & Developments

    Here's some more info from their website, including floor plans (you can see the retail spaces): https://livespartanburg.com/142-social/ @Spartan I agree, the setback seems a bit too deep to me. And the existing parapet is quite high, which is challenging. I wish it looked more like a cohesive building, especially since this addition (unlike Aug Smith) doesn't really need to differentiate from a historic base. @Spartanburg Dude I like rooftop venues well enough, but I honestly prefer sidewalk outdoor seating because it makes the streets more lively and inviting (rather than people being tucked away up high). In this case, the wooden construction, floor-plan, and budget for the apartment addition likely prohibits such a venue (and more height), unfortunately. I'm happy that they included amount of street retail spaces that they did.
  6. westsider28

    Downtown Projects & Developments

    H-J article on the 142 Social development on Magnolia Street. Two additional floors are planned (set-back similar to Aug Smith), 18 apartments, ground floor retail on Magnolia (and Spring!) and basement parking. Architecture is rather uninspiring (though this was conceptual approval; DRB may have something to say before final approval), but it's an improvement on the building's current state. (As an aside: What is with the current obsession with grey? It seems to be the trend in urban design right now, and I'm not a fan. Give me color!)
  7. westsider28

    Northside Developments

    Nothing new, but here's a nice overview from WSPA of projects underway in the Northside, including some video footage of a few.
  8. westsider28

    AC Hotel on West Main

    The AC Hotel was lit up blue last Thursday night for the beginning of Panthers Training Camp. Looked pretty cool (also a bit purple IRL, but close enough).
  9. westsider28

    Downtown Projects & Developments

    @Spartanburg Dude The project is going before the DRB at their next meeting (Aug. 7), so we should know what it's planned to look like then. Edit: Looks like it will be called "142 Social" (clever). It's by Spartanburg Downtown Apartments, a group which I believe includes Andrew Babb.
  10. westsider28

    The Montgomery Building

    Most of the scaffolding is down now (though painting of the front bay windows hasn't yet been completed). Looks like major ground floor / storefront work is beginning.
  11. westsider28

    United Community Plaza (S Pine & E Main Mixed Use)

    Yeah, I agree that the developers seemed to have pulled a fast one with respect to the floor-count. The interior spaces will be kind of odd with the extremely high ceilings. It seems like it would be relatively easy to add a second floor in the (distant) future, however. Anyway, progress photo:
  12. westsider28

    Drayton Mill Renovation

    More tenants announced for Drayton Mills Marketplace: The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, Hypersign, and Holliday Brewing. I'm really excited about the brewery. I think that's something Drayton has needed to attract more people on a regular basis. The owners are also from the west coast, so they will likely be brewing some unique beers for our area.
  13. westsider28

    Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport

    The post he quoted was from 7 years ago. Not sure why it was brought back up.
  14. westsider28

    Spartanburg Off-Topic

    Okay, geez. Any reason you are so adamant about that? In my (admittedly limited) interactions with Chris, he seems modest but quite competent. Maybe he's too passive for a leadership role? (not that Memmott is particularly demonstrative) I don't know. Regardless, I too hope the City finds someone who can continue our current momentum.
  15. westsider28

    Spartanburg Off-Topic

    Pretty huge news: City Manager Ed Memmott has just announced that he will be retiring. His leadership has played a massive role in facilitating all the growth and success of downtown that we've seen over the past decade. I'm sad to see him go. I hope the City can find a worthy replacement. (IMO, they should strongly consider promoting Asst City Manager Chris Story.)