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  1. Wofford has opened their new bookstore in The Hub. Here's an article about it, which mentions that Moe's BBQ is now planning to open in January and "a coffee and ice cream shop" (Knowledge Perk) will open in the spring.
  2. A new brewery is coming to Chesnee! Outside Influence Brewing will be at 213 S. Alabama Ave. in the heart of downtown. They're hoping to open next spring. Here's their Instagram page. UBJ has put out a pretty comprehensive article about the growth of the City of Woodruff. It mentions the coming BMW battery assembly plant and 4,000 new homes in the pipeline. The city's population could increase from 4,300 to as much as 18,000 over the next several years. It mentions the new high school, which will have a capacity for 2,000 students (more than double the current high school's 800 students). Interestingly, the City has implemented development impact fees to keep up with the growth. It amounts to about $4,000 for each new home. If all 4,000 homes planned in the next five years are built, the fees could generate up to $16 million for the city. The new revenue will go toward increasing staffing for the police department and development of a new sports and recreation complex on 32 acres of land the city acquired near what will become the BMW battery assembly plant.
  3. Wasn't sure where to put this, but Blue Moon Bodega is now open! It's a soft-opening this week, with limited hours. They're still putting the finishing touches on their deli line, wine cellar, and outdoor patio. Hope it's well-supported. Now we need a safe pedestrian crossing of Daniel Morgan there for residents of The Charles who will likely frequent the business.
  4. The correct date for the public kick-off event is December 13, 4:30 - 6:00 pm at the Chapman Cultural Center. It will be an informational meeting with the City, Design Team, Steering Committee members and keynote speaker Mitchell Silver (former NYC Parks Commissioner and former Raleigh director of City Planning). There will be a community workshop event in February (exact date TBD). There's also a new webpage with relevant info about the process: https://www.cityofspartanburg.org/morgan-square Here's the study area:
  5. Nah, storage facilities are worthless. And it would lock in that land use for years/decades. Why are we seeing worse land-use now than in the 70s? Your example is another step backwards from a business that contributed to community vitality, entertainment, and amenities to one that doesn't. An abandoned building at least has the possibility of something better. I don't subscribe to the "we must get rid of eyesores at any cost" mentality. That's how we've lost so much history. Not saying this particular building is historic, but the site deserves so much more than being a repository for people's crap.
  6. What a waste. This would be great as retail (like it once was) so people in the area wouldn't have to go all the way to East Main.
  7. Significant work happening on the Beaumont connector trail, including switchbacks and retaining walls. Quite a hill. Much of the Lower Drayton Trail around The Lively apartments has been repaved:
  8. Not much change lately (though quite a few people are already using it). Perhaps a few more pavement markings. Still awaiting a utility pole relocation and some pedestrian signals, I believe.
  9. No new progress on the River Birch Trail extension. Bridges still awaiting installation (and it looks like the footers haven't been built yet). Trail behind East Main businesses hasn't yet been paved either. Hope we get some movement here soon.
  10. Façade nearly complete, ground in front leveled. The entrance atrium construction should be the next significant exterior element (as interior work proceeds in earnest):
  11. Police HQ progress (steel going up): Aerial screencap from County video update:
  12. P&C article H-J article Some more details about the plans. Developers hope to start site work in April or May. Phase 1 would involve infrastructure improvements and renovating the existing building(s). They mention 20k SF of office space, restaurants, retail, gym, and storage. They also mention a "dance hall, lounge or bar" which sounds like it could be a music venue. Phase 2 (which could be a few years away) would be a multi-family development with up to 60 one-bedroom units. The plans show 40 units, but I hope they go with 60. We need as many residential units as possible, and they have plenty of parking planned. City Council members are supportive of the project, so that bodes well for its rezoning approval. Looking at the map, the project barely goes into the back parcel, because there's apparently a small creek back there. Most of that parcel will remain wooded. I wish they would add a bit more connectivity (at least paths, if not roads), but it looks like the plan doesn't necessarily prevent that from happening in the future, at least.
  13. Tiger Park is the name of the park behind TK Gregg (named for the mascot of Cleveland Academy of Leadership). It's a semi-public park, in that it's used by the school during the school day, and open to the public all other times (after school, weekends, holidays, etc). Sully's Steamers opened this weekend at The Hub. Their hours are 7am-3pm on Monday-Friday and 8:30am-3pm on Saturday and Sunday.
  14. Updated timeline from last night's Planning Commission meeting: consultants should have the new plan (with previously missing items now included) to City staff in December, public engagement in January, Planning Commission approval in February, and CC approval and adoption in March. Fingers crossed there won't be any more significant delays. The most important stuff comes after Comp Plan adoption: implementation (i.e. zoning update).
  15. Saw something on the construction bid wire that suggested this hotel could finally start construction as soon as next week. Fingers crossed.
  16. Massive industrial development planned on Hwy 221 between Floyd Road, Police Club Road, and the RR tracks. Spartan Enterprise Park is ~300 acres with plans for up to 5 buildings and +/-3M square feet. More/better road connectivity is desperately needed over here, ASAP.
  17. ^Not sure if this deal fell through or if they're just testing the market first, but the Wakefield properties north of St John have been listed for sale. It's going for $365,000 per acre. The listing says +/-8 acres, but GIS says it's only ~4.7 acres. It's a challenging site for access reasons and a creek running through the site, but the location is fantastic. I hope we can manage to get a solid development here.
  18. Some Northside tidbits: the park behind TK Gregg will have an official opening ceremony this Saturday, Nov. 19. Apparently the name of the park will be revealed at that time (not sure why its secret...). The latest leasing listing for Aden Bonded now says Q2 2024 delivery, which is a decent delay from the original Q4 2023 projection. They've had no new leases since July, so maybe that's the problem. I'd love to see Chapman Cultural Center or Artists Collective lease space for artist studios. Could be a cool, Asheville-like vibe there. Like an improved Mayfair Art Studios (which I guess is good for artists, but it's not great for public browsing, outside of events. Plus it's not walkable and has a locked gate at times.) On the other hand, I noticed that the lease listing for The Hub only has 1 vacancy remaining (Suite B). Suite A, the north-most (endcap) space, has been leased. Looking at the PDF flyer, the tenant is Knowledge Perk, a coffee shop out of Rock Hill. Seems like a good fit. A bit surprised it's another food/bev place, as those tend to use more parking. The last spot has got to be retail/office, IMO, or they'll overburden their small parking lot.
  19. I think your first point is still possible by mostly following existing roads (Plainview to CC, maybe Police Club to 221/85). I agree with your other points, though. Very frustrating to see us make the same mistakes over and over, when the solutions/mitigations are well known.
  20. At Monday's meeting, City Council will consider awarding a design contract to MKSK for enhancements to Morgan Square. The City received 10 submittals to the RFQ and interviewed 3 candidates to decide on this one. Design and engineering services will cost around $260,000; which will be paid for with downtown district and economic development funding, and potentially a grant. MKSK does excellent work, so I think it's a great choice. Looking forward to the subsequent public input process. P&C article Edit: Apparently there will be an initial public info/input meeting the evening of Dec. 14 at the Chapman Cultural Center, assuming the contract is approved.
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