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  1. They will announce today that they are coming to Pinnacle.
  2. The For Lease sign is down in front of the old law office across from Little Bread Company and a demo dumpster is in place. Anyone know what will be located there?
  3. I noticed the For Lease sign is down in front of the old Fuddruckers. Some work trucks were also there. It looked like they were cleaning out the inside of the building. Anyone know what is going in?
  4. I have heard the purchasers have no plans for the land at this time.
  5. I heard Buck Nekkid was going to close for a few weeks while they looked for new capital. If none is found, I heard they will not reopen.
  6. A new Italian restaurant is going in to the old Bizzy's location. It is owned by the group that owns Theo's.
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