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  1. The new rendering for the Public center. Eat it up boys
  2. I think they are the same
  3. I am more concern with height and design than the number of floors. Remember that office floors are about 10-12 feet or more plus about 2 feet between floors so the tower will be about 540 feet and add a possible air duct and other thing that are needed at the top and this tower will become Raleigh's tallest around 600'. That sounds good to me
  4. You beat me great job This is going be awesome baby that with a capital T
  5. This project is going to happen. They have the muscle and money to get it done. Craig Davis will get it done. By the way I love it 100%. It brings a type of nature stone and glass buildings that the city needs. No more pretty brick. I went to State but I am tired of the brick. We are in the 21st century let build like it also!!!!
  6. just check the craig davis website. check out the new renderings
  7. For me Crabtree is the best. It has the most character of a true mall. It is fully integrated and very walk able. It also feels like a very nice place just to socialize. I love the new Belk men's store. I am a guy who doesn't like to visit more than one store at a time. I like the fact it has a deck. Rain is no consequence there. The dining is good and will soon be great. I believe they have made some mistakes but just like South Park in charlotte they are seeing the error of their ways and I believe a grand upgrade in stores is in the very near future.
  8. I beleive the store that will go next to Macy will be this just a hunch!!!!
  9. This is pretty cool. The N&O also has a story about expansion but it does not include the new sotre near Macy. Also the quote next to artist rendering is incorrect I hope it is an H&M beacuse my wife would do flips
  10. I hardly ever reply to these forums but I have to here. I have been shopping at belks pretty much since 98. I love it and i am a young male. They are very tidy and helpful for the most part. I am excited that they have expanded and will bring more lines to the area.
  11. I knew one of the signed leases would be from M&S. I bet the others are Mortons and Maggionos. What will this do to the restuarant at the soliel center?
  12. Great move by the council this area is for development not tree huggin. Most of the property is above the flood zone and the impact to the flooding will be minimum. I agree with some of the other developments not in the best interest of the area but this plot of land is great for the development.
  13. Is anyone on this forum an evironmental engineer? This project can work with good planning and oversight. stop trying to stop development in areas where the city has designated for development. Crabtree will flood regardless of this development and that this hill is no buffer for flooding. the trees that line the creek are. Also Explain to me how a hill with or without a development does not contribute to flooding. U want to slow down flooding? Stop the weather!!!!! Freaking crazy... Oh and the response to run off. There are several different techinques in building that can redu
  14. In my opinion, Best Buy got a big Score and Crabtree Valley Mall just conceded to TTC and Southpoint. Shameful!!!!!!!
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