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  1. I think just about all of those designs look good, but yea, the glass ones especially. I like the way the more modern glass looks in contrast with all of the older brick buildings around VA. Are there ever any college sporting events there? I've never really heard of any but then again i've never paid much attention. Being a MSU hoops/hockey fan, I think it would be cool to be able to see them play a pre-season game there or maybe something, a weekend tourney of MI tems (western, ferris, um). I know the b-ball team played once at Ford Field and the Joe gets a lot of college hockey act
  2. Brick Road for me but I guess if there are people coming to the area to go to the Pizza Hut then maybe that means more pedestrians that might spend more time in the area shopping or whatever. I think a mexican place would be great. I don't know if you guys have ever been to a big ten burrito (one in A2 and one in EL) but one of those would be really cool. Some guy (from UM I think) that started it up. $5 burritos out the door. Just looked up the website for BTB if you want to take a look. I'm a huge mexican fan and when I was at State I ate at BTB all the time. I should send them an e
  3. I live right by the Meanwhile and I think Wealthy St. is one of those places that really is trying to make that complete transition into a nicer, more pedestrian St. What types of business/idevelopments do you think would really help improve the area (or just would be cool to have?) And please be realistic... I think it would be nice to have: - a good deli/butcher with some quality veggies and maybe some wine. Nothing too fancy, but a little specialty type store -a dog friendly brewpub type place with an attached fenced in area (that print shop place would be perfect) -a good vintage cl
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