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  1. It's that 'stalgia that's coloring their views. They remember what it was like when they were kids or young adults. When they were naive. When they knew where to go or not go, and what to do or not do. Modern ("New") Nashville is different. What they're used to had changed. They no longer know where to go or what to do. It's no longer comfortable. It's new and strange, and it's hard for some of those (especially those who are set in their ways) to explore and try the new things. It's much easier to lament the loss of the familiar (even if it wasn't really that *good*).
  2. Amazing job, PostRural. I've tried to visualize those angles in my own mind, but there's so much going on that it's difficult to remember everything! Thank you for this!
  3. Estimated to have lost ≠actually lost. It's from the Census Bureau's yearly estimates, which were especially brutal to urban counties across the country. It is *possible* that Davidson County lost population -- but given everything we've seen happen here, I don't think it is very likely. I would not be surprised if the "loss" is revised in later estimates to be less, or even a small gain. But that is speculation on my part.
  4. Definitely not Vorhees. Could it be records storage building where the Moxy is now? The bridge to the right is the beginning of the Shelby Street Bridge. It's hard to tell from this perspective.
  5. Thank you for the bat signal, @dmillsphoto. First of all, the Census release is the yearly estimate. Keyword: estimate. We've seen how far off the numbers have been preceding the official count*. Second of all, this estimate was in the middle of Covid. The numbers are in flux for a lot of places. A lot of people were avoiding cities in favor of less dense areas for social distancing or to escape from areas with strict limitations or guidelines (btw, this is not an invitation to talk politics. If you quote this post and respond with your dumb political opinions, I will straight up murder you). I would expect to see a lot of places that showed huge losses to either follow with gains in the coming years, or to see "corrections" to the past estimates (as the Census Bureau often does). Did Davidson County lose that many people between 2020 and 2021? It's possible. But I find it highly unlikely. More likely that growth just slowed for several months. I have a hard time believing that Davidson would *lose* that much population, but Williamson and Rutherford's growth would basically be unfazed. It's hard for me to imagine that everywhere in the metro continued growing at its normal annual rate, but Davidson County suddenly reversed from 9k annual growth to -12k all of a sudden. I feel like that trend would have been reflected with other counties in the metro (especially if it were a COL thing or a change in the metro's popularity). I suspect in a couple of years, you'll see 2021 adjusted up at least a few thousand. *and even the official count faces scrutiny for likely undercounting some groups -- especially immigrants and minorities in cities.
  6. I've thought about that before. And I mean no ill will against the people of, say, Dickson, or any other area. But if someone with the means could buy a meaningful amount of property in one of these areas, and absolutely exploit some of the laws that come through the TN legislature aimed at Nashville....it would be....interesting.
  7. I've thought about that before. Not the underground part -- but the green roof/tailgating. I always thought the spread of the parking on the East Bank was a huge waste of space. I figure that they could take the largest stadium lot (the one between the stadium and I-24) and build 2 decks. One deck would double the parking capacity, allowing for some of the ancillary lots to be sold and developed. The top deck would be covered in a green roof with some concrete paths for tailgate vehicles to travel on. The top deck would not be available for general parking...just tailgating. It would have its own separate entrance and exit ramp, and the pathways would be one way, in order to maximize green space. Tailgating spaces would be larger, allowing for bigger parties, tents, chairs, grills, etc (probably around 4 standard parking spaces). The tailgate area would be open to everyone, of course, not just tailgaters. But they would have to take the stairs or elevator to get there. There would also be an area in the middle, closest to the stadium, reserved for a stage -- for surprise concerts or entertainment for the tailgate area. Finally, there would be a bridge to the stadium with a general admission entrance so that tailgaters and visitors will have quick access to the stadium, and not have to shut down their tailgates early.
  8. Team up with Nissan and build a factory below the stadium so it actually produces cars as you watch the game.
  9. What is that interior design style called? Flea Market Chic?
  10. Mark just parks his car in the middle of the road, like a gangster, and calmly takes his shots, daring any passers-by to say anything.
  11. Ah, back in the days where a 200' building in the core still gave us all boners.
  12. Despite nearly having a monopoly on print news in the surrounding counties, that's still debatable. Their sports coverage is garbage. They used to have a stable of quality writers -- but they have all moved on to greener pastures. Worse yet, they just use the News Sentinel's reporters to cover UT (John Adams is a poor excuse for a writer).
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