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  1. New tallest! No height restrictions!
  2. The people who ride in wagons pulled by tractors deserve to be waterboarded.
  3. Just screw it all. Drop all of the regulations and advice. People in this country are too defiant and too dumb to take precautions. Let's just go ahead and go all out and thin the herd as much as possible. Because that's the price you pay fer FREEDUM!
  4. Ha, I'm flying into John Wayne (it's SNA, btw) on Saturday. But I'm flying out of LGB when I leave.
  5. I am saddened and ashamed to see the violence and vandalism from yesterday evening. I was truly hoping that we would be better than that...but in hindsight, I'm not surprised that's how things went down. I do have some thoughts about the matter -- but I'm still putting things together, so I'll just bullet point them. As has been stated, it appears that the organized protest itself seemed to be peaceful and had directed meaning. I think that the protest and the riot need to be considered as separate events. I don't think the riots were spontaneous. Some of the people attending the protest had bad intentions from the start. I've also seen a lot of video of the protesters getting upset at people who start to instigate the riot. I also know from a number of friends who attended the protest that once it started to turn violent, the peaceful people got the hell out of dodge, leaving the rioters and plenty of curious gawkers and amateur cell phone reporters and crowd participants (those wanting to be part of the action, but not looking to get arrested). A trend I've seen in a number of cities is the amount of white youth actively participating in the rioting -- and in some cases, initiating it. Various people have their theories -- is it Antifa? Were they bussed in? Are they white supremacists infiltrating the group to make black people look bad? Everyone seems to have their theories. To me it looked like a bunch of young angsty punks that were looking for an excuse to let out their pent up anger because daddy didn't hug them enough as a kid. Metro Police were slow to react. I think they didn't expect the amount of violence or the amount of people. The downtown precinct did not have adequate protection, nor did the City Hall/Courthouse. It's a real shame that the Courthouse was defaced with graffiti, and that several offices were set on fire. Thankfully it wasn't enough to harm the structure. Speaking of the Courthouse, one of the sad ironies that played out was watching a group of young people smash a plaque dedicated to the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s, when 4,000 students PEACEFULLY marched to City Hall to protest segregated lunch counters downtown. Obviously rioters aren't going to stop and read what they are destroying, but I wonder how they would feel if they knew that they just vandalized the legacy of Diane Nash and John Lewis. The looting and vandalism on Lower Broadway was....weird. From Sky5, it looked like it wasn't a large group of people...but just enough to feel emboldened to knock out some windows and just tear some crap up and steal a few things. Nothing got cleared out. Nothing got burned down. There was definitely some damage, but nothing looked devastated or destroyed. I think this is where Nashville largely escaped what other cities got. We have a lot of graffiti and some broken glass to clean up. Thankfully not a bunch of charred buildings or widespread destruction. Despite the slow response, I do want to give a special shout out to the MNPD. I know some people will say the slow response lead to a lot of destruction. And I understand that perspective. However, after watching numerous videos from around the country, I have to commend their discipline. If you haven't been watching in other places, go look at videos from places like Minneapolis (of course), New York, DC, and Louisville. There are countless videos of cops showing insane amounts of aggression towards protesters AND the media. Especially in New York and Minneapolis. I'm not talking about typical crowd dispersal tactics like MNPD used like tear gas and flash bangs. I'm talking about police lashing out at protesters -- punching them, swinging batons, using vehicles to aggressively move crowds, sprinting after people, firing pepper spray or paint at reporters, firing paint at citizens sitting on their own front porches, etc. In this tense environment, we can't have our police show that there is an immediate and justified reason why they are not on *our* side. I thought that MNPD showed a lot of composure last night. It showed that they are trained, and they knew what they were doing. They were not out of control. They were not raging on individuals and letting their emotions get to them. Perhaps there were some isolated incidents here or there, but from the video I consumed last night, they largely acted like professionals, and were prepared to take a hit and not lose their cool. I personally believe that this is the right way to handle things, and that a vulgar display of power, like seen in a number of other cities, will only cause more resentment and lead to more and larger protests as the confidence erodes in people's minds that the police are there to serve the public, and not the other way around. Of course, the longer this goes on nationwide, the more I fear that we won't be able keep the peace. We need to see a peaceful end to this, and soon.
  6. I would think residential units have more impact on services than commercial buildings, no?
  7. There's not much reason to compare Birmingham and Nashville. I think it's easy to say at this point that Nashville is beyond Birmingham in almost all metrics. But that's not to say that there aren't things that I really enjoy about visiting Birmingham. When things start getting back to normal, I might take a daytrip down there to see the Barber Motorsports Museum (unique and world class) and get an excuse to eat at Niki's West.
  8. I'm scheduled to fly to California in early June. I'll let you know how that works out.
  9. No time to wallow, Pete. You have plenty of photoshop work to do.
  10. One thing that I heard that I found interesting is that the earlier models assumed that only 50% of Americans would actually practice social distancing, but it turns out 90%+ are actually making a good effort. So I guess they just assumed that most Americans would take it even less seriously than they did, and plotted more along the lines of a worst case scenario.
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