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  1. I think there are threads where we could discuss the impact of state and local politics, and the impacts that they have on current and future development.... ...but this really isn't one of them. Let's move on for the moment, and save the political talk to news or speculation about other projects.
  2. Only during low water levels. During high water levels, the river owns them.
  3. No, it looks like the Liberty Bowl. Not that I'm a huge fan of what they built, but it was preferable to a 30+ year old design (when proposed).
  4. It doesn't mean a lot -- but we've moved up a couple of tiers in the last several years. So....some level of world recognition.
  5. I don't think Cooper and Co. realize just how much they are messing with people's livelihoods. Kids that could be playing high school football are anxiously sitting on the sidelines, some wondering if it will cost them a college scholarship. Things are trending in the right direction. If he doesn't start easing up a bit on some of these restrictions, he's going to quickly turn into a one term mayor.
  6. I absolutely oppose the language in the referendum, because I think it's a Trojan horse. However, I also think that the mayor and council members are completely blind to how this year is affecting the finances to many individuals and small businesses. Demanding a 34% increase in a year when you are limiting bars and restaurants on capacity, and in which many people have either lost jobs or have reduced income is just insane. Let's not forget about the tornado. Why are citizens expected to tighten their belts, but the government should be fully funded? I think a modest increase of 10-12%, along with some temporary budget cuts, would have been ideal. Then, as the economy stabilizes, you can increase more when times are better. A 34% increase during an economic downturn is economic suicide. I have a feeling it's going to lead to more businesses closing than covid has done so far, or they may just move across county lines. But hey, maybe Mayor Cooper and the Not My Nashville crowd will get their wish and extinguish our growth.
  7. I don't get why there can't be competing hospitals in certain areas -- especially given that people have insurance that only works in certain facilities or groups. I think it would be best to have much more coverage, not less.
  8. New tallest! No height restrictions!
  9. The people who ride in wagons pulled by tractors deserve to be waterboarded.
  10. Just screw it all. Drop all of the regulations and advice. People in this country are too defiant and too dumb to take precautions. Let's just go ahead and go all out and thin the herd as much as possible. Because that's the price you pay fer FREEDUM!
  11. Ha, I'm flying into John Wayne (it's SNA, btw) on Saturday. But I'm flying out of LGB when I leave.
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