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  1. Just throwing in some numbers to get a rough idea about the potential scale of this project... Nearby 805 Lea is 29 stories with 375 units. At the same proportions, 500 units would take you up to 38-39 stories. Peabody Plaza is 9 stories and 230,000 sq ft (25,555 sq ft per floor) and Bridgestone is, IIRC, 17 stories of actual office with 514,000 sq ft (30,235 per floor)... So that would put the office building at maybe 33-39 floors, not considering any kind of parking pedestal. It could conceivably be two 40ish story towers, depending on how they plan to use the lot. If they buy more land and squat it out a bit, they'll still be tall, but maybe more in the lower 30s range.
  2. I think we're 29th right now. Same position, just closing the gap on Portland (PDX).
  3. If November and December grow by the same rate as October, then the projected 2019 total would be 18.34 million total passengers.
  4. I don't disagree with the principle of what you are saying. I was on mobile when I made the post, so it was quite brief and straight to the point. For me, the bridge never made sense to begin with. If you actually do the measurements, it really wasn't going to save much time except for those people that would literally be at the base of either end of it. The initial design was cool, yes. And I am in favor of spending a little more for good design. Not everything needs to be vanilla. But this project was in the Gulch, an area that has seen some pretty heavy public investment (note: I'm not a Gulch-hater, either -- I think the results are fantastic, even though there is little reason for me to spend time there). Downtown, Midtown, The Gulch, Germantown, etc. are on fire. I think a lot of Nashvillians appreciate what has happened there, and see the benefit of the public monies that have been invested -- but ultimately think that some of these investments need to be spread a little more around the county. So yes, given the budget situation, we need to be more selective about which projects we greenlight. There are a lot of deserving ones.
  5. Your posts are always eloquent and well worth the read.
  6. The Gulch bridge was really an unnecessary project. Given the budget situation, nixing it seems like a no-brainer.
  7. My dad refers to Lubbock as "The Asshole of the Universe." I haven't been, but that's certainly not a ringing endorsement. Albuquerque isn't much to look at from a building perspective, but at least the setting is pretty nice.
  8. I have noticed this as well. I take morning walks at Lee Victory Park in Smyrna, right across from the Smyrna Airport, and I have noticed a steady stream of air traffic headed right over the airport (Smyrna's long runway almost lines up with 13-31). It made sense on Wednesday, because there was a pretty steady wind out of the northwest...but it's been happening before that, obviously.
  9. Hackers should receive the death penalty.
  10. Guys, I would like to propose a change of venue for the monthly meets. I realize no place is perfect for everyone, but I've become increasingly frustrated with this particular location. It's not the restaurant, or their owners -- they seem like very nice folks. It's dealing with the parking situation in that area. Today I drove up from Smyrna (a little late -- should have arrived around 10:30) with the intent of attending the meet. Unfortunately, I was not able to find what I would call reliable parking in the area. The *free* street parking was all taken, and I didn't have any change for a meter. The paid lots were asking $10 for event parking. And, of course, Metro had their usual random no parking signs up in areas around the new jail. Whenever there is any event at either the Municipal Auditorium or Public Square, it completely messes up the parking situation over there. And after getting booted ($75) when Luna Llena was unexpectedly closed, I'm just not comfortable parking where it's not a sure thing. I also don't think it's unreasonable to want to park within a couple of blocks/a few minutes walk, especially when some of us have to leave early (which I would have had to do today). I realize that some of you may really like this place, but at this point, I'm over it. Don't consider this an ultimatum. If everyone else wants to continue at Luna Llena, so be it. But I am unlikely to attend any more meets there. I'll try to make the mini meets at other locations if I can. I rather liked the Americano Lounge, and I think that would be a great spot (although not walkable for our downtowners or John). I'm OK paying for parking, but I'd rather not do meters or anywhere that will be affected by event parking at that time of day. Or whenever there's a stupid marathon or 5k running through. Anybody have any ideas?
  11. I think the mayor of Nashville has less to do with the growth and economy of the city than the POTUS has to do with the growth and economy of the country. It's not that political leadership can't have a positive or negative impact on economy -- it's that the direction and control that political leadership has is probably a bit overblown. Nashville could elect a sports mascot as mayor and it probably wouldn't make a drastic difference in terms of our growth and development. I'm not going to get into politics, especially as far as whom I support -- but I will say this: Nashville is supposedly the "IT" city. What do we need to incentivize at this point? What do we need to attract? We're getting interest from top companies. Do they want to be *here*, or are they looking for corporate handouts? I would think that at this point we can call the bluff on the latter pretty easily. I'm not opposed to giving a few breaks and deals here and there. If it makes economic sense. But we need to make sure those deals don't cost us...or that they are of limited benefit to the city. Nashville keeps thinking that it's the girl that always gets dumped on prom. Don't be desperate. Also, I don't think the mayor of Nashville has that much power to pump the brakes. We're not a strong mayor government.
  12. Found a great spot if we ever want to take the forum meet out west. The Filling Station in Downtown Orange.
  13. A couple of quick shots of Concourse D construction from C-16.
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