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  1. West End/Mid Town/Music Row/Vandy Projects

    More like the Warden.
  2. Nashville Bits and Pieces

    In other words, like most Tailgate beer.
  3. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    On photoshop, maybe.
  4. Nashville International Airport

    Why would we be 7 years from the final goal.....ever? We should be 7 years from our 7 year goal.
  5. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Alright, alright, let's stop with the fan bashing. As much as I like to poke fun at Vandy, this isn't the thread for it. BTT:
  6. Nashville International Airport

    August numbers are out: 2016 - 1,116,566 2017 - 1,229,808 (+113,242, +10.1%) 12 month running total: 13,797,801 (+1,317,909, +10.6%) We're passing St. Louis this year.
  7. 505 CST - 545 feet - 45 Floors

    Not good. Ugly. Now let's get this thread back on track.
  8. OK, as far as being bias toward you Davey,  you are correct. We are biased because we have a reason to be. You continue to do what you have always done without any remorse for going on ten years or so on and off between bans. 

    We did have a heavy handed moderator with Mosoon, aka Metroboi in the past and we have been more than ultra patient with you. 

    You have a lot to offer to the forum, but at some point we will not continue to have repeated disruptions. 

    You can choose three options. One is to self moderate and bite you tongue ormyou fingers, two you can leave, three we can ban.

    The disruption does nothing but encourages other members to respond tit for tat and get them in trouble too. 

    This is your choice.

    A large majority of messages I get on here have to do with you. Where does this end?

    Again the choice will ultimately be yours depending on how you respond in the future.

    I have not rread any of the other comments but if anyone else responded in an inappropriate maner, Mods, make sure they get an email.

    I am going backpacking, so what ever the other Mods decide is fine with me, as I have turned a lot of the moderating over to them.


  9. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    And maybe even make it level.
  10. Recreational Marijuana

    First of all, I think you're misinterpreting my tone here. I'm not angry. I'll give you a touch of snark because you haven't really given anything for me to work with...there is some rolling of the eyes with you. Smug? No. If I thought you were willing to have an honest conversation with this, I would give you a fair shake. I'm not saying I'm definitely *right* about this. But you have a rigid opinion, and based on past dealings with you, I think it's kind of amusing that you would portray me as angry, snarky, and smug. You may not recognize it as so, but you have a track record of that. As for the Fox News comment, if you do not watch Fox News, then I apologize. But that comment came because the story about Durango and the "homeless potheads" came from a Fox News story....so either some form of media you read or listen to picked up that story and ran with it. You just don't randomly single out Durango. And the amount of time you've held your beliefs is irrelevant. Is it a point of pride that you've held the same believes for more than 30 years? Because I change my beliefs any time my understanding of it changes. Holding the same exact belief for 3 decades tells me that you're closed-minded.
  11. Recreational Marijuana

    *looks at previous posts in this thread* Was that ever your aim?
  12. Recreational Marijuana

    1) Let me ask you, what would it take to sway your view? Arguments or data? Or are you set in your ways and closed-minded when it comes to a subject that you have already decided on? 2) Marijuana can be used responsibly, and in some cases, can be beneficial. And it's also less addictive than alcohol, and pretty much impossible to overdose on, unlike alcohol. Which is why I brought it up in the first place. Marijuana has documented medical benefits for those prone to seizures as well as those infected with HIV. For the recreational user, I challenge you to tell me why it is different than alcohol. Since you don't use either alcohol or marijuana, I imagine that would be quite the intuitive leap. 3) Why have laws? You mention people will kill, rape, and steal anyways. Are laws not part of community standards? And can community standards not evolve over time? At one time, it was a standard that blacks had to sit in the back of the bus, use separate water fountains and bathrooms, sit in different portions of theaters, etc. Community standards supported that. My view is that community standards are not always right or wrong. 4) You view this as the lowering of standards. I view it as finally recognizing that marijuana's illegality is the result of a propaganda campaign, and that the continued resistance is strongly supported by the pharmaceutical industry, which is heavily invested in not having a natural alternative to highly addictive opioid medications. Could you not argue this with any stupid law that is in place? Of course there has to be thought of where this stops. I do not support the legalization of cocaine or heroin, but at the same time, the effects of marijuana usage are not even in the same ballpark as cocaine or heroin. They are much more akin to alcohol. I can provide anecdotes as well. My college roommate was a pothead. He drank a lot (like most college kids), and then he got into pills. Pills are what wrecked him. He's OK now. He kicked the pill habit after not graduating college, and moving out of state. But it wasn't marijuana that got to him. He had a really addictive personality. I smoked marijuana periodically throughout college. I tried some other drugs here and there. I never got deeply addicted. (also, note, I haven't done anything other than alcohol in 9 years -- and would likely not smoke marijuana now, even if legal). I don't know if you would consider me to be a smart person. Frankly, I don't care. But I know the effects from experience, and you do not. I'm not making my argument on the observation of others, but rather of what I know myself. So, your personal experience be damned (sorry about your former friend, though), I know better. There are people that eat themselves to death. There are people that drink themselves to death, and there are people that drug themselves to death. Unless you are a fan of more regulation, I don't think you should be supporting the government trying to protect us from ourselves and our personal decisions. It's when those decisions affect the lives of others that the government should get involved. You don't have any clue what you're talking about. Like, not a shred. I smoked some of the highest quality headies in college, and the only psychological consequence was the stupid level of conversation from my friends. If you are a chronic user of any drug, you will see negative impacts. If you believe some quack like Dr. Phil, or something suggesting that potent pot will have some serious medical issue for a recreational user, then frankly, you have had more damaging psychological effects from believing bullsh*t than actually attempting critical thinking. P.S., you reek of hardcore social conservative. It's hard to believe that "Libertarian" is anything other than an attempt to not be labeled as a Republican. I'm a moderate Libertarian. I don't see that in you at all. http://www.westword.com/news/pot-panhandling-and-fox-news-a-colorado-town-fights-back-9131318 Maybe not eat everything that Fox News feeds you? Now I do agree with this. People that are obviously out of control of their vices should be given a chance to rehabilitate. And those that demonstrate that they are unwilling or unable to? I have compassion, but not at the expense of harming others.
  13. Recreational Marijuana

    Alcohol is a drug. It can lead to destructive behavior. Thousands of deaths can be attributed to it each year through disease or overdose. And when it was made illegal, organized crime made sure to pick up the slack and make it available, despite the risk of punishment. Marijuana is objectively safer than alcohol. Many drugs have benefits (including alcohol), but any drug you abuse is destructive. So my point is that if you view marijuana as "dope" and think that it will just make this country "stupider"....then do you support prohibition of alcohol as well? And if the answer is no, then what is your reasoning? And if the answer is yes, then why is the prohibition of marijuana any more successful than the prohibition of alcohol was? And the next level we shall get to is the number of people jailed for minor drug offenses, and whether or not you could consider yourself a "small government" individual if you support a system that incarcerates a huge number of non-violent offenders. I actually partially agree with point #1. As someone that is generally opposed to excess taxes, the "legalize and tax the $#!+ out of it" campaign rubs me the wrong way. I mean, I understand the idea that you're trying to make it politically palatable as a revenue stream by possibly giving fiscal conservatives a means to lower other standard taxes in order to raise a new "sin" tax, but the whole idea doesn't pass my smell test. A tax is a tax. What's to stop this from being expanded to other behaviors that the government does not like? We're already seeing it experimented on with sugars, in the name of public health. View marijuana tax like legalized gambling. As long as the number of gambling sites remain small, then the tax is actually lucrative. But as soon as everywhere legalizes gambling, that awesome revenue stream comes crashing down. Likewise, if we're going to use the "Colorado model".....if every state around Colorado legalizes weed, then all of a sudden, they don't have the market covered. They lose a huge amount of tourism tax. Also mildly agree with you that "just because smart people do it doesn't mean it's a smart action." That's not really the point, though. The point is refuting that "it will make our nation dumber" somehow. I will make the argument that smoking marijuana will possibly open up people to new ideas or perspectives and enlighten them, rather than simply dumb them down. What will make our nation more stupid is to dig in our heels and surround ourselves in our echo chambers where we only believe things that agree with our biases, and not challenge our perspectives with differing points of view. That bends both right and left.
  14. Recreational Marijuana

    Alcohol is already legal.
  15. Nashville Statement Aftermath?

    And now it's just turning into a trollfest. Locked. P.S. - this is why we can't discuss politics and religion.