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  1. Literally no one knows how this is going to turn out. While we can speculate, exercises on what the recovery will look like are purely theoretical at this point. The economists don't know what's going to happen. You're probably as well off consulting your Magic 8 Ball as you are consulting an expert at this point. So chill. Let's ride this out. We're all in it together.
  2. Democrat =/= liberal Republican =/= conservative This has been your PSA for the day.
  3. I know this is short notice, but what if we try to do a virtual meet? There are plenty of options out there from Skype and other apps to video chat rooms. It might be a little crazy at first, but I think it's worth a try, especially if this lingers into May or even June. I know we have some tech savvy folks out there. I'm sure we can come up with something.
  4. I'm going to go with you don't know what is.
  5. Word on the street is that the Coronavirus has decided to pull all operations out of Davidson County following a closed door meeting with John Cooper. Just trying to provide a bit of levity to an obviously tense situation.
  6. You forget -- it's *THEIR* Fairgrounds.
  7. Hope everyone is OK! It's heartbreaking seeing all this destruction in many of my favorite areas of town...but building loss is a distant second concern to human loss. I hope the death toll doesn't rise. I managed to sleep through everything down in Rutherford Co. I knew there was a tornado watch, but since the weather folks weren't freaking out about it, I kind of took it for granted. Woke up to a text from my aunt asking for a report from all family members. I had no idea. I hope all those that are facing partial or total loss of their homes or businesses are resilient and choose to rebuild. This is going to be a tough stretch of months/years. But I remember the 98 tornado, and I think that the city rebounded well from that.
  8. Um, yes. If it is still available, I would be very interested. PM me if it is still available.
  9. Going with my brother and his kids, so that's 4 more to the total. I think it will hit 60k.
  10. This this this. People forget that in a lot of the gentrifying neighborhoods, a lot of houses occupied by low income families might have extended family or even two families living in the same unit. You could have a house with 5, 6, 7+ people that was sold, renovated, and moved into by a couple with no kids. I remember seeing a few Census tracts in 2010 that were blazing hot in real estate and building activity, but managed to have stagnant or even negative growth. That's when that bulb went off in my head. I would expect the 2020 Census to show losses in North Nashville and possibly The Nations (maybe just stagnant) for that very reason.
  11. That seems kind of appropriate at the moment.
  12. How about an Atlanta to Chicago line via Chattanooga, Nashville, Louisville, and Indianapolis?
  13. It's Boomer clickbait. And I don't mean that as a slight to those of you that contribute to this board who are, in fact, Baby Boomers. These media outlets know their demographic, and what will get them clicks, views, and social media engagement. It's basically an air raid siren to those that are having a hard time coming to grip the growth, change, and evolution of a city.
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