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  1. I may have some time on Saturday afternoon to drive/walk around a bit if you're still up for that. I think best would be anywhere between noon-3 PM.  Could also do Sunday about the same timeframe.    

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    2. markhollin


      If you want, we could meet somewhere for lunch first.  Do you like Thai?  Ever been to Thai Phooket near Nissan Stadium? I scurry around downtown and Midtown quite a bit…but enjoy revisiting places.  Was thinking about a quick look at the Top Golf site on the East Bank, and also heading over to Lake Palmer to see if it truly has been drained.  But really flexible to whatever you're interested in.


    3. UTgrad09


      I'm game. You want to shoot for about 1?

      Call me at 615-415-5922 if any of your plans change.

    4. markhollin


      Sure, 1:00 sounds fine.  Meet you at Thai Phuket.  My cell is 615-310-2364.


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