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  1. OK, as far as being bias toward you Davey,  you are correct. We are biased because we have a reason to be. You continue to do what you have always done without any remorse for going on ten years or so on and off between bans. 

    We did have a heavy handed moderator with Mosoon, aka Metroboi in the past and we have been more than ultra patient with you. 

    You have a lot to offer to the forum, but at some point we will not continue to have repeated disruptions. 

    You can choose three options. One is to self moderate and bite you tongue ormyou fingers, two you can leave, three we can ban.

    The disruption does nothing but encourages other members to respond tit for tat and get them in trouble too. 

    This is your choice.

    A large majority of messages I get on here have to do with you. Where does this end?

    Again the choice will ultimately be yours depending on how you respond in the future.

    I have not rread any of the other comments but if anyone else responded in an inappropriate maner, Mods, make sure they get an email.

    I am going backpacking, so what ever the other Mods decide is fine with me, as I have turned a lot of the moderating over to them.


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