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  1. Agreed. It seems to me Durham has a several major arteries that make a loop less necessary than in Raleigh. 85 and 147 both represent connectivity that Raleigh does not in that one is a major interstate and the other is a major artery that passes directly through the CBD..... To deviate a little, I must say driving down the Durham Freeway gives you a big city feel -- it actually is rather impressive given the relative lack of height there
  2. I think there is a massive housing development being built here -- check it out renaissance park
  3. Disappointing to say the least--- Good for business in the convenience center and for Best Buy, bad for the shopping center as a whole... I see this outlying convenience center as a wasteland for the enclosed mall -- Parking and traffic in the mall parking lot will become even more atrocious -- well at least the speculation can be put to rest...
  4. Has anyone been to the Crabtree Toys R' Us/Pier 1 site? Drove by there today and it looks like major changes are coming there -- haven't seen anything posted here about it -- any news?
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