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  1. Here we go again with the Sounds stadium debate. I was intrigued with the idea of a baseball stadium south of KVB. The only way I would support this stadium in any location downtown would be if they stadium was functional on the street level with restaurants and such, that would still operate during the off season and on nights that no games were played. The original plan for the thermal site looked like something I could have supported but we all know we cant hold our breath when it comes to addressing the street on any project here in Nashville. Also the article mentions that the therma
  2. We can always hold out with a smidgen of hope...at least until they break the news!!
  3. Its nice to see people coming back to the forum for discussion. I made a few failed attempts and getting some discussion going over the past year or so. I really felt like the lack of development and the strict moderation really dealt the death blow to the board. I wasn't sure if it would come back with the economy or if it was dead for good. Glad to people posting once again.
  4. Tell the owner of the Musicians Hall of Fame that, the owner of the lot where Row 8.9 sits, or how about all of the people who owned property were LP Field sits. Your naive if you think the government can't or won't take this property. Big Brother doesn't care about your lease. Its another one of those issues where I want to stand from property rights, but at the same time really wish the eyesore would go peacefully.
  5. North Nashville pushes for stadium at Sulphur Dell I would much rather see Sulphur Dell continue to develop as more of low to mid rise mixed use neighborhood. A new baseball stadium would take a huge swath of land that will otherwise be used for residential development in the coming years. IMO the thermal plant parcel, if developed correctly, is idea for this type of venue.
  6. I'm not disputing your claim but a Publix, Super Target, and 20 shops would be a tight fit on a 15 acre parcel. Maybe in some cities where density is more prevalent, but the Lowe's across the street is built on 18 acres and Sango Walmart on 24. It could happen, but it definitely wouldn't be the norm in Clarksville. Also would there be some kind of conflict because Publix is a grocery and Super Target comes equip with a grocery?
  7. The old hospital building on Madison will be razed, a Publix will take its place.
  8. New office building on Jefferson St. New construction worthy of posting. Good looking building in a prime location.
  9. Williamson County ranked 17th richest in the Country. Suburbia or not, its a nice place to live. No surprise here.
  10. APSU granted accreditation requirements for technology degree tied to Hemlock
  11. Chemical Engineering and Technology building at Austin Peay moving right along.
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