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  1. ncwebguy, you hit the nail on the head. As a resident in Haywood-Martin, I am so tired of hearing the same-ole', same-ole' from the likes of Octavia Rainey, who seems hellbent on supressing economic growth in the near-east neighborhoods. Does Josh Shaeffer not have anyone else to quote when it comes to the east side of Downtown Raleigh? There are dozens of folks like myself who feel like the neighborhood should include higher-density housing and a healhty mix of affordable / market rate projects. Everything should not be Low / Mod. Is it even possible to build one of her fairy-tale bungal
  2. FYI - The planning department is currently conducting a residential capacity analysis.
  3. Damien, You are correct - there is a plan to open a starbucks in the ground floor of the Marriott facing F Street. Although many renderings often depict such retailers without actual agreements in place, I am fairly certain that Strabucks will want the location at the doorstep of 400,000+ conventioneers. The GAP, and other such retailers will not work until the downtown population greatly exceeds 20,000. There are benchmarks for the retail recruitment business, and most folks are noth going to drive past the GAP at their local mall to come to the one downtown. A retailer like Urban
  4. Be patient, everyone. July 29th was "Day one" for the new Fayetteville Street. Very few investors, restauranteurs, or retailers have much of an imagination to see past a construction zone. Now that the street is finished, RWO was a success, and some new places and threatening to open...the progress of the street will proceed beyond the bricks and mortar. RBC will break ground next month, and as the article says, 114 Fayetteville was finally sold (long story there), but hopefully the new owner will get the renovation underway. There has been some reception by a couple of first-floor office
  5. 2008 is just the target date for the projects associated with the Livable Streets plan. There is considerable stirring right now for a new, post-Livable Streets strategic plan for downtown development that is more holisitic and and tied to encouraging the highest and best use for downtown opportunity sites.
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