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  1. The FAA just released a capacity study of major US airports and it cites PVD as being one of 18 airports nationwide at risk of being overcapacity by 2015 without improvements. Check out faa.gov for the full report.
  2. From the Projo: Regardless of who dreamed it up, now that the station is officially under way, Avedisian said that it will allow his city to draw even more hotels and development to a place that recently became able to boast that it has the most hotel rooms in the state, for the moment even more than the capital city. "Ten years ago, you would never have thought that the city of Warwick would be competing like that," he said. I love how the mayor is all for this development and all the business it is going to bring to Warwick yet dead set against extending the runways and increasing traffic at the airport! Is he a moron? Does he not see a conflict here in that a chief goal of the new station and garage is to spur increased traffic and thus increase the need for more hotels, etc???
  3. A stop & shop I think. There was an article on this in the Projo last week.
  4. Garris, For the 3 to 4 day trip I'd consider Philadelphia. Not sure if you've been there lately but it is head and shoulders more interesting than Portsmouth (6 visits) and Montreal (4 visits)-particularly if you're interested in a city with all the attributes you've mentioned. Check out West Philadelphia - UPenn campus area - for some interesting examples of gentrification - I mean "urban renewal". Also, in terms of dining you'd be hard pressed to top Philly. Le Bec Fin has been called the best restaurant in the country a number of times in the past few years (advice - avoid the $100+ pris fix dinner and go for the $35 lunch instead), the Fountain in the Four Seasons is another gem. If trendy is more your style, do a search on Stephen Starr. He's a restaurateur who
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