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  1. Fortune 500 medical supply company Owens & Minor has expanded in to Europe. http://www2.timesdispatch.com/business/business/2012/sep/01/tdbiz01-owens-amp-minor-completes-europe-deal-ar-2169625/
  2. You mean Representative Eric Cantor flipped because he would be seen as taking stimulus money from the evil President Obama! Im shocked! Even though it would have been great for the Region. What a shame.
  3. Never mind found the answer to my own question. http://www.styleweekly.com/richmond/missing-the-train/Content?oid=1364024 The cost is anywhere in between $122 million and $600 million. Thats a big gap. http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2006-02-03/html/E6-1500.htm Also if it was moved downtown many business travelers going south will use the train.
  4. Didn't a state representative from that district a couple of years ago beg the general assembly for money to improve that segment of railway?
  5. Here is the news story about the press conference. http://www.wavy.com/...secret-spending
  6. I dont know if anybody has posted this before but it gives everyone an idea of the 11 bridge restoration and replacement project going on Interstate 95. The video also has many nice aerial views of the City.
  7. Thats great news for Norfolk and all of Hampton Roads! Now if we can route all the traffic through Downtown Main St Station instead of the Suburban Staples Mill Station.
  8. Looks like the mayor and the business community is getting tired of asking the counties for help! All of these projects would improve the quality of life in the metro area. It still seems the counties do not see it that way. For example when the UCI World Cycling Championships comes to town in 2015 it will fill hotel rooms from DC to Hampton Roads. Hopefully all this is done in the next couple of years. For all the cry babies saying that we dont have enough money. You were saying the same thing during the boom years. These battles have been going on for 10 years and still no progress. If they do go forward today I foresee all these projects done by 2016. The economy in Richmond-Tri Cities is growing again with Capital One expanding in Short Pump, Goochland, and Chesterfield, Amazon, the Downtown Research park expanding with new tenants, Fort Lee expansion, Tumblr IT headquarters, Rolls Royce expansion, Sabra expanding, the list goes on. Great time to be there. http://www2.timesdis...ond-ar-2171652/
  9. http://www2.timesdispatch.com/business/2012/aug/31/vitamin-retailer-build-ashland-distribution-center-ar-2168110/
  10. I agree with you. Apparently he is trying to get private money to pay for it. The problem I have is promising that it will be built without knowing where the money is coming from. If they screw this up then Richmond will be left with a huge black eye. Plus he already has had 3 months to ask the local Fortune 500 companies and other businesses to chip in. Now he has 2 months left.
  11. The City of Richmond and the Redskins have narrowed down the sites between Leigh St. behind the Science Museum and City Stadium. The Redskins are leaning toward the site at Leigh St. Im still wondering where the Mayor is going to pull $10 million in such a short period of time. Plus the 6 month construction time is very short. Hope the city pulls it off. http://www2.timesdis...eum-ar-2165932/
  12. Will the Childrens Pavilion addition be built beside city hall facing Broad St.?
  13. This is very sad that we have talent leaving the area because of mediocrity in attracting tenants at RIC. The crazy thing about this is I was just looking into the cost of flying to New York from Richmond non stop today. The cost of a round trip ticket is $322 during low season for travel. Compare that to DC which is $100 or Raleigh which is 3 hours south of us at $150, Charlotte $163, Atlanta $210, Jacksonville $208, Miami $200. Hell I can get a roundtrip ticket from LA to NY for $275. The area needs to get on top of this pronto. This is blatantly outrageous! Soon enough businesses would not want to move here because of the outrageous airport prices. P.S. This rant is in no offense to you Flack4ric. Just flat out frustrated.
  14. I agree with you that Norfolk is the central hub for the region. The only reason their is 7 cities in Hampton Roads is because all the counties back then were paranoid of being annexed. I think the reason for Comcast and Live Nation wanting the Arena at the beach is for mainly summer concerts. You will have people walking from the oceanfront to the Arena for the concert then walking back to the beach and enjoying themselves. Unfortunately I think Comcast and Live Nation could care less what the NBA or NHL team attendance record is for the Arena. The franchise will be paying the same lease to Comcast regardless if the franchise is making money or not. So mainly the arena is coming to the beach because of the huge untapped concert market in Hampton Roads.
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