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  1. They actually opened the deli today at Camden market! I've been in once a day since they opened. So happy to have them on the block. I literally never have to leave camden now. I live, work, shop and pretty much do everything on Camden.
  2. I also love the concrete, the granite is terrible though. That super busy granite to me is just incredibly tacky. It's for sure the Hummer and Louis Vuitton of countertops. I guess it's all just a matter of personal taste. I really like what Ray Kappe does with concrete, livinghomes.net has some good examples.
  3. Totally agree. My girlfriend and I have lived in 550 sq ft for three years and it never has been an issue. When my parents and I lived in Germany, we lived in just under 800 sq ft.
  4. Saw blvdcentro has sign up for that old white apt building on Tremont. I believe it said Tre House starting at $140k and had a rendering.
  5. I haven't seen the Row listed on the BLVD Centro site. Had no idea they were selling them
  6. I went by 12 @ Atlantic station this weekend. Looked fantastic, Going to stay there instead of the W on my next Atlanta trip.
  7. That name is much better I think. Man this place is gonna have one of the best views around. The Escapists- Nice avatar, what a year
  8. Anyone know what Novare usually requires for deposits? What did they do at Avenue?
  9. Celadon Greenway website is up celadongreenway.com
  10. If it's looking at the greenway then yeah that's it. James brought all the plans in and it looked fantastic. They all come with a garage and some with a garage and carport. The floorplans are very open and well designed, great detail in all rooms. The kitchens and bathrooms are a lot better than 90% of all the other things I've seen around. 900-2000ish square feet on the units priced from mid 2's to mid 4's. 24 Units total I believe. celadongreenway.com I believe is the site, should be up in a few days.
  11. One of our clients at the salon has a project that is about to start pre sales. The building design and floor plans are very refreshing. They are opening a sales center near the boone oakley buidling soon. The project is called Celadon
  12. I worked right around the corner from SK when they first opened, awesome place! They have a great crowd, and live music pretty often. I know that they serve beer as well, much different atmosphere from starbucks. On top of that They also own Eden, the club that used to be sky lounge. I've dj'd there quite a few times, and they appear to be doing very well.
  13. The building with the most work done at this point is actually the Quad. The Ledge is goint to sit on the corner of seventh and mcdowell.
  14. Any idea of a completion timeline on the three buildings?
  15. Imagine how gorgeous it's going to be when everything is done!
  16. I hope people become aware of this, seems like they don't mind ruining their reputation. This could however be great news for blvd centro. It could give them incentive to pre sell the row now also. If I were at the Renwick, I'd be certainly looking at all the projects at quarterside now.
  17. Yes, it will be primary. It's no difference between living there, court 6, courtside etc. It's a one way street, the fire truck has to pass many more projects when it leaves. If Charlotte plans to grow, we have to understand what city life is really like. I've lived in dense areas my whole life apart from here, and it's just the norm for noise. Hell I heard the fire truck at least two days a week at gateway with all the idiots constantly pulling fire alarms. From my understanding that is not an extremely busy station to begin with. I also believe you get a discount on your home insurance being
  18. The Ledge wasn't far from sold out fairly quick. When I reserved my unit there wasn't too much left. From what I was told the quad will be built first.
  19. I lived in the tryon house when i first moved to charlotte. what a place it could have been if anybody cared about it. I give it a couple more years until it's sold, gutted and sold as condos. I could even see them adding floors to it.
  20. You will also notice the unit comes with a murphy bed. Sweetening the deal here is not the point. It appears pretty obvious Blvd Centro is using the limited space to it's fullest potential. I know how much Charlotte loves it's 6000 sq ft. houses, but some people are more concerned with convenience, saving gas money, being near work etc.
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