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  1. Thanks for the article. I read it and I agree with the developer. I think that the owners nearby would much rather see another residential development versus a commercial one. Why are they so concerned with this. I would be excited to see more residential developments. I think it is a great market, especially on the lake.
  2. I have heard that the project for Pinnacle on Main is to begin construction in October. Has anyone else heard any info. on this project? Who is buiding it?
  3. I am very glad to see this development for downtown Anderson. I cant wait to see this project begin (of the hotel renovation). I did read the article and I look forward to seeing plans soon.
  4. I guess that Clemson is not really considered as Anderson but they have lots of new developments happening there that is exciting. The Field House at Riggs (condos) Camden Sound (townhouses) Hammock Bay(townhouses) HEritage Place (townhomes) Baldwin Pointe. Not to mention Valley walk and the Tiger Dens that are planned near the stadium.
  5. A while back I heard that a phase 2 of the lofts at Mills Mill would be added. Is this still in the works??? I wonder if they are having trouble selling the current units.
  6. wow I am glad to see Anderson growing. That's great news.
  7. CBPresident I did not know that there were going to be residential condos in the Piazza Bergamo building. Any plans yet or has anyone been chosen yet to build it?
  8. Does anyone have any info about the progression of the Calhoun? or the Aracadia Pointe condos? I think that it is great to see more condos being buit in Anderson, even though some may not agree that this is considered progress.
  9. Anyone know what is going on with Pendleton West. I know that they have changed architects (I think) so is this project still in the works? What about any other updates on condos for the downtown. I guess that many of them are waiting to see how many they can sell before begin to build but I havent heard if any will begin building soon???
  10. Did anyone see the article in yesterday's paper about the Urban homes, it was talking about the Park Place on Main. I am interested to see how quickly that project will be developed.
  11. I thought that the project at Pendleton West was to begin soon. Anyone heard about when that project should begin. I have not driven by lately-maybe it has already begun?
  12. Thanks for the website! It was very informative.
  13. The new development for the Hollingsworth land sounds to be a tremendous project. I am really excited to see what comes. Is there any specific information about plans or who will be developing it?
  14. I heard some new information about the Pendleton West project that is to start soon. It seems that the townhomes that were to be built there have now changed to a set of condos instead. Not sure how may though. Anyone heard any recent info about the Villagio Verde project. I am very interested to see if that project will come to life. I think that it would be a great entrance into downtown.
  15. Anyone heard any news about the Brio. It looked like it was going to be a great addition to that side of town but now the movement there seems to have stopped. Anyone know what is going on there?
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