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  1. Any updates on what plans are in store for the Wild River Country site?
  2. The original plans also calls for a floating restaurant at the marina. I’ve wonder if there’s plan for the floating restaurant despite the Covid-19 outbreak?
  3. Looks like construction of an unnamed fast food outlet is going along the property facing University Ave.
  4. Top Golf, while not a fan of the chain, chose Northwest Arkansas over Little Rock as their first Arkansas location due to high visibility from a major intersection as well as high volume of request and interests from the community . The Rogers Regional Chamber of Commerce tries very hard to lure future national chains and investors to develop future developments unique to the region (I know some interesting developments for the future in the Northwest Arkansas that cannot be shared at this time) by offering incentives to potential investors such as property tax breaks. The new mayor tries to b
  5. One of the bigger problems Park Plaza face is the lack of entertainment and restaurant options in favor of strictly retail. They failed to realize that the retail industry has changed to online shopping or shopping at off price retailers such as TJMaxx, Marshall’s, or Ross Stores. People don’t go to the mall anymore to just shop but will go if they have some sort of unique entertainment options such as bowling alley, billiards, movie theater and a full service restaurants that are new to the area. A lot of people states that crime was the main factor of the demise of Park Plaza, however, crime
  6. I do agree that the recent proposal of 10 percent sales tax increase and the rise of labor cost are the main contributor to restaurant closures rather than lack of business or the market itself. Restaurants and retailers have to find ways to cut down on labor costs by either raising menu prices, cutting down on number of hours an employee works, laying off employees, or closing the business entirely which eliminates jobs causing unemployment rates to go up. This definitely hurts local restaurateur who are unable to keep up with the labor cost. This affecting restaurants, whether chain or local
  7. The names of the restaurants (Uncle Julios Mexican Restaurant was listed as a possible tenant) was at one point listed on the website until it was taken down. I was actually told by the developers (during the early stages of development) at one point of them working on some restaurants but nothing has yet happened nor has there been a public announcement of what tenants or hotel would locate at the center even though it’s been two years since the developers bought the property. The two restaurants deals are most likely existing brands in the market (Chili’s maybe) rather than new to the market
  8. Anyone knows what will replace Sears when it vacate the premises this month? I heard rumors that Macy’s will take over the spot but I’m not sure that will happen with Macy’s recent announcement of closing hundreds of stores within the next two years.
  9. I spoke to the developer of this project a couple of months ago about any update on what tenants are planning to open at the former Sears site and they said there was no tenants signed on at the development. It appears to me that the developers are struggling to attract tenants and just ashamed to say it publicly.
  10. It seems like a lot of restaurants has closed in the Little Rock area the last two years. La Madeline was in a bad location and should have been in a more visible location such as the former Mimis Cafe location across from On the Border location.
  11. There is a article on the Arkansas Business site that states a lease is being finalized for a tenant in the former Cajun’s Wharf space. I wonder who is the tenant?
  12. Wow, there are not wasting anytime with opening this location. When is the grand opening?
  13. Would love for that to happen. The location by the river and the large space would be perfect for it.
  14. I hate that they didn’t keep at least some remnants of Cajun’s decor. I hope a unique venue such as House of Blues or a big national brand will take over the space.
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