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  1. Midtowne Little Rock

    Uncle Julio's would be new to the market. The rest of the list is ok but I was hoping something new like Cheesecake Factory or Razzoos Cajun Cafe would locate there.
  2. Midtowne Little Rock

    There was an article published on Arkansas Online website July 12 in regards to an update of the former Sears site. According to the article, the Dallas based developer proposed 5 restaurants on the website (it was later removed) and a junior anchor. Personally, I was hoping we have some restaurants new to the market.
  3. Park Plaza Mall

    Gymboree will be closing stores in Park Plaza, MCCain Mall, and th Outlets of Little Rock. There are listed on the retailer's website page.
  4. West Little Rock

    Kentucky Fried Chicken applied for a plumbing permit at the the former KFC property that burned down early this year.
  5. Wow, this will be a great addition to the Gateway entertainment scene and unique to Arkansas. The website looks interesting like a haunted house adventure year round. Can't wait till this open!
  6. A lot of people would also like to see Joe's Crab Shack in Little Rock but that's unlikely at this time due to Ignite Restaurants (parent company of Joe's Crab Shack) filing for bankruptcy. Anybody ever tried Razzoo's Cajun Cafe based out of Dallas? I heard the food is good but never tried when I'm down in that area.
  7. West Little Rock

    Any updates to the status of Playtime Pizza?
  8. The food at the Dallas area Saltgrass Steakhouse locations are great and one of the better concepts from the Landry's restaurant brands. Their Texas Rattler appetizer is delicious to me. I would love Pappadeaux to expand into the Little Rock area specifically the Gateway Town Center. However, a representative from Pappas Restaurants of Houston recently said there are no plans to bring a Pappadeaux to Arkansas within the next 5 years. My guess is that there are not coming here due to the market too small. Most of their locations are in major metropolitan markets such as Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Birmingham, and of course Texas.
  9. West Little Rock

    Does anybody notice Playtime Pizza website is no longer available?
  10. The Promenade At Chenal

    Yum. I got to try it out!
  11. West Little Rock

    One of the mistake Playtime Pizza made was charging entry fees at the front door. This turn a lots of customers away because some people may just want to play the games and attractions rather than eating unlimited buffet which had poor food quality. The food quality during my last visit was awful (ex: even worse than a Ci Ci Pizza buffet). They did not try to provide quality ingredients on the pizza or salad. I've also heard most of the games was recently out of order due to poor maintenance. Playtime Pizza could be an awesome concept (even after Dave and Buster's opens) if the management took care of their business. They should of have a separate fees for the buffet area while not charging entrance fee to get in the building. They should update their attractions such as new arcade games, indoor rides, upgrade the laser tag to a multiple story arena, and to put some effort on their food. With that said, Main Event offers similar attractions to Playtime Pizza with the exception of a full scale bowling alley, high velocity ropes rather than bumper cars and indoor go karts, and a full service restaurant/ bar instead of a buffet. I don't think Main Event will affect business at Dave and Buster's because both concepts aimed at different demographics. I, too, really want both Main Event and Dave and Buster's to be successful in the Little Rock market.
  12. West Little Rock

    I think there's a market for both Main Event and Dave and Buster's. Main Event will just be a replacement of Playtime Pizza (with the exception of full service restaurant rather than a buffet) and caters more towards family rather than adults. A typical Main Event location features a full size bowling alley, multiple story laser tag arena, a few arcade games (not as much games like Dave and Buster's), Velocity rope course, billiards, and a full service restaurant/bar. Dave and Buster's is aimed towards young adults and have more variety of games and better alcholol and food selections in my opinion (ex: their Salmon is pretty darn good for a sports bar restaurant). I, personally, don't see any competition between the two business as the two aimed at different demographics. As previously stated, the Playtime Pizza building fits the criteria of a Main Event location since it's in close proximity of a major intersection of I-430 and near Cinemark (formerly Rave Theater). The size of the building is large enough for Main Event to do a major facelift of the building. I'm also really sad to see Playtime Pizza closed because I used to love going there (ex: bumper cars and indoor race track used to be my favorite) and thought business was good despite Dave and Buster's opening 5 miles down I-430. However, I think Main Event would be a good replacement as it is a similar entertainment business.
  13. West Little Rock

    That's not true. I'm in talks with Main Event corporate office in Dallas regarding a potential Little Rock site and there are exploring potential sites around the Little Rock market. Dave and Buster's requires a million population but they are here whereas Main Event requires a population of 400,000 and 500,000 within 20 miles of the site. Playtime Pizza building fits the market criteria since the average size of a typical Main Event location range from 45,000 to 60,000 square feet which Playtime Pizza building (which is a 70,000 square feet building) definitely fits with a major renovation. It would make sense for Main Event to acquire the property and due a major renovation to fit the Main Event criteria.
  14. West Little Rock

    I really hope another car dealers does not take over the building. There's enough car dealerships in that area already. I hope that another major family entertainment chain will purchase the building such as Main Event entertainment center based out of Dallas. It will be a perfect fit for the Little Rock market and rebranding of the building. They should keep it as a Family Entertainment Center.l building.
  15. West Little Rock

    Playtime Pizza website is no longer available and there Facebook page has been removed. I guess they are closed for good which is sad but not surprised.