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  1. West Little Rock

    Maybe a major family entertainment center (ex: Incredible Pizza Company even though the space is kind of small for them) can locate in that space.
  2. Ruby Tuesday in Bryant is now closed.
  3. Pinnacle Hills Promenade

    Did anyone went to the new Dave and Buster’s at Pinnacle Hills Mall? If so, what is your opinion of the new establishment?
  4. Tru By Hilton is now open.
  5. The River Market

    According to Kark, River Fest will make its comeback this year by a Memphis based firm who acquire rights of the name.
  6. Movie Tavern is now open.
  7. North Little Rock Development

    Longhorn Steakhouse is planning on opening a location on that site.
  8. They claim they look everywhere in Arkansas but could not find a site that fits their requirements. Personally, I think they are making excuses because there are some wealthy people in Little Rock who exceed that income and the population definitely exceed 200,000 within 20 miles (Gateway Town Center fits that criteria in terms of population). I’m not buying the fact that Memphis has that average of income. Maybe city officials can encourage them to reconsider the Arkansas market.
  9. They said they need a population of 200,000 and an average income of $80,000.00 a year within 20 miles in order for possible sites. I’m sure Memphis doesn’t have that type of income within the location at the Wolfchase mall.
  10. For those of you all hoping for a Cheesecake Factory in Arkansas, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. I just got off the phone from a representative at their real estate department who states the population and income does not meet their requirements even in the nicest part of town (ex: Chenal). I’m surprised the representative mentioned income too low considering Memphis income is not that much greater even though there’s more population.
  11. You’re probably right. I will most likely be the same old junk stores (ex: Mattress , Cell Phone Stores, or a nail saloon) like other strip centers around town. I hope the Strip center will include this fast casual restaurant: *Salata I think that project is on hold for right now. Maybe their real estate developer would change their mind if more people request a Pappadeaux location in Little Rock. Until then, it would be awhile before they consider Little Rock as a potential location.
  12. I’ve notice Pappadeaux open most of their new locations around Texas (most recently at DFW airport) and rarely open locations outside of Texas. Birmingham is the last location that open outside of Texas. I would love to see a Legal Seafood Restaurant here but I don’t see that happening anytime soon with most of their locations on the East Coast. I love the one in Boston. The food was very good in my opinion. Most Bubba Gumps are located in heavy tourist areas such as New Orleans, New York City, Orlando, and Los Angeles for example. I’m pretty sure that won’t happen here in a long time. I don’t see Joe’s Crab Shack coming anytime soon as Landry’s significantly downsized Joe’s locations around the country . The one in Memphis remains open as of now. With that being said, It wouldn’t surprise me if they open some of their other concepts (ex: Claim Jumper, Cadillac Bar, or Landry’s Seafood) in the area sometime in the future.
  13. That would definitely be nice, however, a representative from Pappas Restaurants corporate office in Houston recently stated there’s no plans to open a Pappadeaux restaurant in Arkansas within 5 years. I hope she’s wrong because they have some deauxlicious food!
  14. The Promenade At Chenal

    I agree. The new Movie Tavern theater will not affect ticket sales at the planned AMC Theater. There will still be people who prefer AMC theater due to the only IMAX theater in the area. I’m sure mall management is frustrated as well to see an vacant theater closed that long.
  15. I feel sorry for the employees to receive a short notice on them losing their jobs in a week. I wonder what will replace the locations in the future (Furr’s Fresh Buffet maybe?).