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  1. ecity3138

    Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    I agree with you. Little Rock most likely fit their criteria in terms of population, however, the lack of a major shopping development is one of the factors for chains such as Joe’s Crab Shack as well as Cheesecake Factory not to locate in Arkansas. Had Little Rock let Simon built Summit Mall on the site where the failed Shackleford Crossing occupies, we would have business like these come to LR. That’s one of the reason why Cheesecake Factory chose Chattanooga as their next restaurant opening over Arkansas due to the Hamilton Place shopping mall being the only major shopping area in town despite the population slightly smaller than Little Rock. The Promenade At Chenal should have been built where the Shackleford Crossing area or the Outlet of Little Rock currently occupied rather than in a less dense part of the city. The real estate partner actually told me the lack of dense population was among the factor for the chain not to consider Arkansas as part of their expansion plan. The Pinnacle Hills Promenade would have been perfect for one but the population is not dense enough for at least to be consider for a possible location.
  2. ecity3138

    Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    I tend to disagree because Chattanooga population (179,139 according to Wikipedia as of 2017) is much smaller than Little Rock population (193,000) and the mall they locating at is nothing special (ex: no Apple Store, Macy’s, Nordstrom, because obviously it’s a small market for them) and just a typical mall. I actually spoke with their real estate partners many times and each time they make some sort of excuse not to come here. Little Rock and Central Arkansas obviously meet the population requirements (200,000 population is required) and income (especially in Northwest Arkansas) is much higher than Chattanooga and Memphis alone. As I mentioned previously, I am surprised the Cheesecake Factory would locate in a small market regardless of the tourism, attractions, etc that city has to offer. If that’s the case, then the Pinnacle Hills Promenade should have been have one since it’s near the world largest retailer headquarters (Wal-Mart) who have billions of dollars in profit. Thats why I encourage people not to dine at any of their establishments because it’s obvious they turn their nose up on Arkansas. Dave and Buster’s typically required a population of 1,000,000 which is much stricter than what Cheesecake Factory required but there’s two in Arkansas (one in Pinnacle Hills Promenade and one near the Outlets of Little Rock). So there’s no excuse.
  3. ecity3138

    Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    Everyone opinion on taste bud is different although I must say their food is nothing special and their signature cheesecakes are horribly overpriced ($8.99 for one dang slice of cheesecake is ridiculous!). Why would people from Arkansas patronage a restaurant chain who basically said people in this state can’t afford to dine at their establishment? They basically ignored dozens and dozens of requests about an Arkansas location despite them saying your requests has been forwarded to the appropriate department. Their real estate partner makes every excuse it is not to locate here. The mall where the Cheesecake Factory planning on opening in Chattanooga is not upscale and features stores that we already have (ex: Belks). I’m actually surprised they chose that mall along with Chattanooga as part of their long term expansion plan.
  4. ecity3138

    West Little Rock

    It does seems smaller than the current one but I think the existing location would been better than new one due to their close proximity to a major highway.
  5. The former Mimi’s Cafe location can be demolished for a Red Robin Location just like the former Luby’s Space demolished to make way for a new Chili’s. I don’t believe Little Rock is too small for a Joe’s Crab Shack with the city proper population close to 200,000. There are Joe’s Crab Shacks in much smaller market than Little Rock such as Branson and Shreveport. It is possible that Little Rock could possibly get one either at the former Macaroni Grill space or near Outlets of Little Rock. One of the reasons why the chain have not locate here was due to the former parent company (Ignite Restaurants) of Joe’s Crab Shack having financial issues before eventually filing bankruptcy and closes half of their locations. The chain has since been sold back to their original owner (Landry’s, Inc) and is slowly expanding to new markets according to what a manager at the Memphis location stated recently. Landry’s want to turn Joe’s Crab Shack around by returning the chain to what it once was such as improving the menu, quality, and atmosphere. With two Saltgrass locations currently in Arkansas (both performing well above expectations), it wouldn’t surprise me if Landry’s decides to open another concept in the market such as Joe’s in the future.
  6. I wonder if the former Mimi’s Cafe location on Chenal can be reworked into a Red Robin location and the former Macaroni Grill space can be remodeled as a Joe’s Crab Shack?
  7. ecity3138

    West Little Rock

    Looks like the new Chili’s location is almost done. I still think this is a wrong business decision to relocate from their existing location on Rodney Parahm as the new location is far away from the freeway.
  8. ecity3138

    Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas

    I know this has been discussed on this thread several times but I’ve always wonder why Arkansas don’t have a Cheesecake Factory by now. They are planning on opening a location in Chattanooga, Tn whose metro population is smaller than Little Rock or Northewest Arkansas population. I’ve talked to their real estate partner a couple of months ago who made some lame excuse about lack of dense population and income, however, I find it ironic that Memphis, whose population is larger but have an average income similar or lower than Little Rock and definitely Northwest Arkansas income, has a location in a mall where fights and shooting occurred quite often. Personally, I think the company just don’t want to put a location in Arkansas and is making excuses as to why there shouldn’t be one here. I think people from Arkansas needs to stop dining at their locations and dine at other local establishments when traveling to other cities where the food is just as good if not better.
  9. There’s many places in the LR area that have pictures on the wall (Grampa’s in Maumelle, Eat My Catfish), however, it is not a unique theme resturant such as All Aboard restaurant where a model train deliver customer food below. I’m referring to restaurant like this as a creative kid theme restaurant rather than just a picture on the wall.
  10. ecity3138

    West Little Rock

    Urban Air trampoline park is coming to the former Savers space in West Little Rock’. There was a sign that said coming soon on top of building and provided a website listed below: While another trampoline park is nice, I really wish places like Main Event would took over the space though the space is too small for them.
  11. ecity3138

    The Promenade At Chenal

    Maybe an upscale restaurant such as Houston’s or a seafood restaurant can open in the former Del Frisco Grille space. Pappadeaux is not coming to Arkansas anytime soon. I’ve contact their headquarters in Houston and been told that Arkansas is not in their construction plan within the next five years which is disappointing.
  12. Arkansas Burger has won several awards in the past for one of the best burgers in town and I can see why. While everyone taste bud is different, the Box hamburger was greasy the last time I went. Also, I wouldn’t consider Flying Fish, Soul Fish Cafe, and Bruno’s kid friendly based on the atmosphere. David Burgers is aimed more towards family dining as well as All Aboard train theme restaurant located on Cantrell near Stein Mart. I would like to see more kid friendly places in the downtown area such as those two. There can be a local tourist theme restaurant in the Rivermarkert area whose theme is centered around Arkansas (the natural state) with faux trees, a replica of the iconic Broadway Bridge in LR, as well as other parts of Arkansas even though this could be expensive to construct and operate.
  13. Arkansas Business reports that Whole Hog Cafe on Cantrell Rd (one of the newest location in the metro) has closed. While not surprised, it still concerns me about the Little Rock restaurant market (chain and local) lately with all these closures that happened these past couple of months.
  14. Everybody got their opinion on taste bud, but Whole Hog Cafe is one of the best barbecue restaurant in town. Lost Forty is ok in my opinion, however, it is definitely not geared towards family like David’s Burger or Purple Cow which has a diner theme look to it and theme food options like Purple milkshake. Most breweries and bars have typical bar food like burgers, pizzas, and sandwiches which is pretty good but nothing creative. There have been people (out of state visitors) actually complaining about lack of family friendly restaurants in the downtown area (specifically the River Market area) and dont want to bring their family to a place known for its booze despite dining at these restaurants. Not everybody goes out to drink alcholol or being surrounded by drunk people all the time. Sorry, but I would not want my child to be around that type of atmosphere when dining out. I hope Cathead’s Diner will be more family friendly along with the rest of the dining options in the newly developed East Village District.
  15. Arkansas Burger had some delicious burger in my opinion (even better than David Burger) and sadly it closed. If you look at the River Market District, it is noticeable that all you find is mostly bars and breweries that sells overpriced bar food (Big Whiskey has some horrible food the last time I went). There were even a couple of tourists who asked me where is a nice family friendly place to take their kids because there was so many adult restaurant. So yes, there needs to be more diverse in food types (seafood, African cuisine, Southern cuisine)and atmosphere (family oriented for sure) especially in the downtown area. I even propose to the developers of the planned marina development to have a family style boardwalk fill with boutique shops, dining, and a Ferris Wheel overlooking downtown LR.