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  1. With the CMRTA it gives people transportation that would otherwise not have a way to get to work and to other places. In Lexington County, there are few people that use the system for that reason. They would not create a bus service becuase the need is not there to a point that they need to start and fund a new system. Now, if people were complaining they wanted a cheaper way to get around, the traffic is to a point they never go out, and they don't own or want to own a car at a large amount, they may help with the CMRTA's problems. Then again, they may not do anything and just wait for Columbia to do almost everything and honestly, I would not blame them til a certain time.
  2. Correct. They don't support it becuase it is a corrupt bus system that seems has yet to be fixed. They don't want to fund what people will not use currently. If there was a great plan that would be a benefit to people in Lexington, they would probably support it. But when the CMRTA is constancy asking for money and is not being used by the large majority of people, it is not worth the hassle they would have. Some people in Lexington may ride but the image that the CMRTA has brought upon itself turns away people not just in Lexington but in the entire Midlands area.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has heard any news.
  4. Has anyone heard any rumors lately about Main St?
  5. There is a new restaurant is opening RB's Bodacious Bistro, "Home of RB's Bodacious Barbeque", tomorrow at Bank of America Plaza 1901 Main Street, First Floor. Gourmet Burgers, Grilled nd Fried Chicken, and more. It is located in the less walked part of Main but it is new and on Main!
  6. More great news! They keep poring in! Hopefully this will impact the future of retail/ restaurants downtown and all over the city in a positive way.
  7. Any news on businesses coming or developing on Main?
  8. There are a good amount of developments in Lexington currently. A new publix shopping center is opening in 2011. A new child hair cuttery has opened. ZPizza has opened it's second location is South Carolina. A summit auto collision center is also slated. There are also several other developments in Lexington.
  9. That is sad but I have a feeling that something is going in there soon. Possibly a bar and grill. Also, there are more thing planned for The Congaree Vista possibly.
  10. I agree tat the hyatt would be a wonderful development there but on the other side a promonade with retail spacewould also be wonderful.
  11. What else is coming or you may come to Main St. next year or so?
  12. 12th exit? of an interstate? Lexington is having so much going on. I know about 5 things going in but I am keeping shut. Lets just say a new shopping center with a national retailer that we have been needing if you like sports.
  13. Ok gotcha! Will do next time! Thanks!
  14. KeenanSuggs Insurance to Relocate to Landmark Downtown Columbia Building
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