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  1. It is, isn't it? I like that pic.
  2. If anything resembling this sort of reporting was done in W-S about a Greensboro project, there would be an anti-Triadism cry that would reverberate throughout the entire State. But, it's OK for it to be done in Greensboro- say what you will but Triadism means projects as long as Greensboro's name is first.
  3. This is an outstanding job of reporting the truth, and clearly indicates what everyone knows to be true absolutley that Greensboro is savvy about such things and W-S is well a city of bungalers. I'd say this illustrates exactly what is Triadism; specifically, Greensboro does it right so do everything in Greensboro, and W-S, well they don't do it right and they well just don't know how to play in the big leagues - poor country rubes.
  4. And, according to story, the founder of Krispy Kreme was wondering where to locate his doughnut company (from somewhere in Tennessee - perhaps Nashville) when he whipped out a pack of Camel cigarettes, and noticed Winston-Salem on the side, and thought to himself that a place with such international exposure (this was the 1930s) is where I want my doughnut operation, and so... This might be apocryphal, and the first location was actaully in Salem (as in Old Salem).
  5. It seems that the one about the largest highway system has just changed. NCDOT recently noted (I don't have the exact article handy) that NC is now number two behind Texas.
  6. Jimmy Johns is headquartered in Champaign, Illinois.
  7. You are absolutely correct, Jersey Boy. This project needs to be funded and to move ahead no matter what, even if the city has to go into debt to do it. Every player, as you suggest, needs to be involved. However, while there is a glimmer of hope with the city, if the county is involved, forget it. Also, the Powerplant Project is critical, and should not be dropped or even delayed.
  8. Apparently it will be where the brick Delco Building is now located on Spruce Street. Some months ago the WSJ ran an article with a rendering of the addition, but I can't find it now.
  9. This is really, really great, especially the potential for a really good hotel tower, but one learns not to become too elated at such announcements in W-S until construction actually begins. Two theaters, how about eight because Sawtooth is going to do six at their new and remodeled center. I agree that the library should probably be in the downtown core instead, and by the way should be a showpiece, but you can count that out based upon Forsyth County performance.
  10. Prim was originally going to build a 12 story building in this area even before he announced the ballpark. It was to be the headquarters for Blue Rhino, but that was scraped when Blue Rhino was sold to FerrellGas.
  11. Metro Baltimore is just over 2.5 million whereas metro W-S is just over .5 million, so the fraction, all variables being equal (although they never are) would be about 20 percent. Even so that would be great, but the effect is likely to be even greater because of other variables at work in PTRP. This is exciting, but we must wait until it's well along for any real excitement. By the way, I hope that hotel at the corner of Fifth & Main is a small footprint and very high since it's going to be in a hole.
  12. This is outstanding! This outfit did wonders for the delapidated Inner Harbor of Baltimore; I hope this doesn't fall through they way that 4th Street did - it seems different though.
  13. One might jump to the conclusion that yadkinv would like Aviators for the name, but not so. In fact, yadkinv doesn't care for any of the choices, but agrees that it probably ought to be Rhinos (which I said on another forum was what it would be) because after all Prim's former highly successful company (before being purchased by Ferrellgas) was Blue Rhino, so why shouldn't Prim name the team that. I don't believe there was ever a contest. My complaint about the Rhinos is the perception that Rhinos are clumsy and lumbering (although destroying anything their way). I should prefer a mor
  14. Hiring Mandalay to manage things is a good move. Renaming, hopefully with a more traditional baseball name, is also a good move, but alas no interest in AA or AAA.
  15. Don't waste any more hard to find funds; put the money where it's really needed.
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