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  1. I also ate at Futo Buta today..love the space and the murals, had the miso as well. My preference was to try the tonkotsu, which was on the menu, but the server recommended against it and said "the chef is still perfecting it". The miso was good, as were the pork belly sliders, but I have to cast my vote firmly with Yama Izakaya having the best ramen in town. It's absolutely incredible! The 2 restaurants are very different and will appeal to your different moods, and offer different selections on the menus. I'm just glad we have 2 great new options in town!
  2. Unbelievable...stunning...strange? Why such a splashy and prominent introduction, with a link to a website that is non-functional. I'm really not understanding this one, but I can't imagine it'd be a hoax. Thoughts?
  3. Perhaps a tidbit of info: A buddy of mine that's planning on a move here had an appointment at the Vue yesterday to look at the units (he loved it, by the way). The Vue guys told him there's a building to be announced, ? condo, that's going in the block across from Trademark, bound by Trade and Poplar, where that laser dermatology bldg and a sea of parking lots, and the Builder's Bldg presently sit. He didn't ask further details and I wasn't there to ask (would have peppered them with questions). I realize this is just a rumor at best but has anyone heard of any similar whisperings?
  4. I know it's been rumored that Lucky Strike is going to operate the bowling venue, but why is it that I can find no evidence of this on their website, or anywhere else on the web? Anyone out there with any insider info on this? Just curious.
  5. The website is mercurynoda.com. Beautiful website, very prelim, but looks exciting. Definitely seems to be the largest development in Noda to date. I think the site plans were posted earlier but there's no rendering. Check it out.
  6. I can confirm Voyager's research. It's all over Googledom. 5 or 6 screen theater, opening specifically at Epicentre in 2008, will serve food and they've got job ads out for the restaurant GM, etc. From looking at some of Muvico's film offerrings, it seems like an interesting mix between box-office biggies, and art-house films. It's not an Angelika (which I was kinda hoping for), but I think it'll have broad appeal and will be good for downtown. I personally think it'll be packed!. It would be their smallest venue...most are 16 - 24 plexes, but this company is definitely luxe and appears to lik
  7. Anyone with advance info on the new restaurant by Concentrics group openning in the base of Avenue. Theme, timetable? This seems to be a pretty nice and creative group of restaurants in the ATL. I'll be interested to see (and try out) their new concept for CLT.
  8. Nice, but this still doesn't answer the original question of whether the bowling alley in Epi will be a "Lucky Strike".
  9. Any word on who will be the operator of the bowling alley...initially advertised as Lucky Strike, but we are not listed in their "upcoming locations".
  10. Any idea on the owner/operator of the bowling venue and the theater? Are we still looking at Lucky Strike Lanes? (hope so, but we have yet to appear on their website as an upcoming location)
  11. What's the purpose of the additional parcels, and which are they? Why are they important yet apparently simultaneously so optional?
  12. Anyone know if Furman still has plans to develop the lot along the western edge of the planned ballpark...between Mint and the train tracks? This lot is fenced in currently and I think there's an old abandoned paint store of some type on the property. There was a statement in a thread awhile back that Furman had an option on the land and planned condos there...but that was back when West Park was going to basically occupy the land where the ballpark is currently planned. Any ideas on this "outparcel"?
  13. If there are 249 units, then perhaps that places him very close to the required 50% (?60%) units under contract to satisfy most financiers, given the 120 or so listed as reserved (? under contract) on his website. The question is, how can you suddenly reconfigure a skyscraper from > 400 units to just 249? Or maybe someone was having a dyslexic moment and 429 was meant instead of 249. Seems to me there are way too many odd questions for this late in the game with this one. That news report muddied, rather than clarified.
  14. Not impressive at all for a project that's been of the highest profile in Nashville (and beyond) for over a year now. Supposedly there's going to be a groundbreaking for the Sig in less than 2 weeks....go figure....but then we digress from the real topic at hand
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