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  1. This is basically how they are all lit. I live in the DFW area, and the Aloft hotel in Plano, TX has nearly the exact same lighting scheme.
  2. Bentley's doesnt overlook the site!?!?!
  3. I wanna say between the Arapaho station and Bush turnpike station.
  4. Just moved to Richardson last week and rode the DART for the first time yesterday. Couple questions though, when are the expansions to DFW going to take place, and how viable is the TRE to DFW? And also what is the deal with the mass of apt complexes that look comdemned on the North red line?
  5. I was at CP the other day and noticed how many vacant storefronts there are now, is there a resurge coming?
  6. There is a new quicktime vid of the first test run now on the website as well.
  7. I would love to see UNCC with a football team, and possibly a Memorial stadium reno to fit the teams needs...
  8. I'm pretty sure all closings are around the same time in 2008...
  9. Your not gonna get an updated number on the amount of investors buying. Even those who are doing this as an investment, are saying that they are going to be residents so they only need 5% down, and of course they can only sell after closing.
  10. Alright, last update I got was that the building is now 75% sold! Also on an interesting note, I don't know if im reading to much into this, but on my parents contract when it states what unit they purchased, It says 1-####. To me this sounds like they could possibly have more than one tower if things go well, which they are. Don't have anything to back this up, but just seems odd to me.
  11. Which has already happened, hence why they didn't open until 11 am yesterday! My mom just told be the small units on the backside of the building are already all gone. I think its safe to say that half the building is already sold!
  12. sounds like over a quarter of the building is already sold out. I also heard a rumor that they are looking to sell the building out by early next week, but i dont know how reasonable of a goal that is?
  13. I just got word from my mom that they actually stopped signing contracts at 4 this afternoon because it was getting to hectic. She said they are now starting to hand out reservations for specific signing times. She was unable to give me an updated number on just how many units have sold today, but I would bet its up to at least 70-75 by now.
  14. Well my parents just got home from this mornings realtors event, and as of when my parents purchesed (first of the morning) there were already 38 units sold!
  15. I know Allen Tate is going to be taking care of sales, and units have already been offered to Allen Tate employees. I know this because my parents are looking at getting one of the first for sale...
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