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  1. Madewell is actually owned by J. Crew, both of which closed a lot of stores during bankruptcy. Still unfortunate, but makes a bit more sense given the overall struggles of the company. Anthropologie is owned by the same parent as Urban Outfitters, so their addition to the center surely indicates some level of success at the Anthropologie location. Hopefully we don’t see anymore COVID casualties… I wonder if the pizza place (Pies & Pints, I believe) is still planned for the old Tavern spot?
  2. So I drive past here to get to work and noticed the same thing. They’re massive, ugly, and will be even worse if they turn out to be billboards, which is something that hadn’t crossed my mind but now I’m afraid you might be right. My first thought was 5G or some sort of other utility poles? But I honestly have no clue...
  3. Happened upon the site of a Dallas-based restaurant chain called Press Waffle Co. and discovered that a SoMa location is planned in the new 1424 building. Looks like it was featured on Shark Tank last year, receiving an investment from Barbara Corcoran.
  4. A plumbing permit was submitted for an Urban Outfitters at the Promenade. Nice addition.
  5. Ah, that makes much more sense. I was thinking something didn’t look quite right. What a tease haha.
  6. So I noticed a plumbing permit was submitted for Cheesecake Factory. Anyone know anything about that? Address is 9809 W Markham, which seems like an odd location if it’s actually for a Cheesecake Factory...
  7. Yeah that makes sense, and I definitely agree. I guess I was just surprised at how big the deficit actually was, especially in a city like Portland. And with how quick some are to scrutinize the ways in which public money is appropriated, I was just curious how people generally felt about the rail in LR and what the reaction would be if the city were to invest in expanding it. Being downtown, I know I would love to have more practical uses for it.
  8. While I love the rail cars from a purely aesthetic perspective, do we really think an expansive rail system is necessary and/or sustainable in LR? I’m truly asking, because I really don’t know. I recently graduated from the University of Oregon, where I learned that their recently developed (relatively) MAX streetcar operates at a massive loss. I know profitability isn’t the only driving force, but is there a need here?
  9. I think Gearhead is remodeling and/or expanding. I remember when they closed the Park Plaza location, they sent out an email saying that they would be making the Promenade store “bigger and better.” Also, Sephora has applied for a plumbing permit at the Promenade. It says space G-109, which I think may be the center spot where White House Black Market was.
  10. It looks like the list on LIT’s website (assuming we are looking at the same thing) reflects temporary route suspensions due to the pandemic. There’s a note below the map saying, “Due to COVID-19, many routes and frequencies are not currently available. Please check with your airline for updates as the reduced list below is subject to change.” So hopefully no permanent losses because of all this...
  11. Don’t think it’s been mentioned, but the Promenade’s website lists a restaurant called Pies and Pints as coming soon. Not 100% sure where in the center it will be but I imagine it’ll be the old Tavern space. Looks nice. The Tavern was a great spot for casual drinks in WLR that didn’t close too early so hopefully it fills that void.
  12. Gearhead sent out an email announcing they are closing their store at Park Plaza as well. Also mentioned that they will be renovating and expanding the Promenade location, although I’m not sure how. Isn't the building that they’re in full? Hopefully more closures aren’t on the way out there too.
  13. Saw this on facebook yesterday, the 5th, so it looks like it will open October 22nd.
  14. Looks like it's going to be an apartment complex according to Huffman's website. Fitzroy Promenade. Not to be confused with Fitzroy Chenal...
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