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  1. Creston Neighborhood

    This weekend also saw the announcement of a Kickstarter campaign to reopen Gaia Cafe in Creston. Address is not mentioned, though there is a building in mind; closing is January 15. From the campaign, they've got bigger things in mind than just restoring the vibe: "With this amount, we will be able to transform the building space with an open kitchen, up to code bathrooms, outdoor seating, and proper parking spaces. We will also be creating a 'grab and go' station with a full juice and self serve coffee bar. " The ask is an initial $30k.
  2. Hey, what's that?

    The Rite-Aid is part of the de-malling of Breton Village. It's not a new pharmacy, but the shifting of the existing one that once was inside the mall. Probably should try for a photo of the actual de-malling: they've ripped out a lot.
  3. Martha's Vineyard

    I don't know if this building has been referenced, but it's a nice infill just east of Lyon Street Cafe.
  4. The "Affordable Housing" Discussion in GR

    I saw them the other day -- they have a certain style and being compact, create an interesting mix on the street.
  5. RFP - 201 Market

    Yes to a cool bridge, like the Ronald Kirk, in Dallas
  6. Suburban Projects

    I think this must have been a 60s thing. Western Michigan University also had a little ski hill in Goldsworthy Valley, to the west of the dorms. Nowadays, I think it's mostly taken up by the business school.
  7. West Michigan/Grand Rapids Economy

    City has been expanding the middle school grades which adds significant numbers overall, but they also get weeded out in high school. This question of attrition has been high in internal discussions. Meanwhile, things are improving as the school gets more set in the IB curriculum and what that demands. The building is to be substantially remodeled this summer and that will likely affect the numbers the school can accommodate. For now, it is pretty close to physical capacity.
  8. Grandville Castle Apartments

    Or Site Lab.
  9. Proposed Projects / Current Projects Underway 2017

    Not sure where to put this, so let's just call it "Return from the Dead." MHSDA approved ICCF plan for 501 Eastern Ave: two four-story buildings, 65 apartments for affordable housing, including units for homeless youth. MLive reports http://www.mlive.com/business/west-michigan/index.ssf/2017/01/affordable_housing_projects_ge.html
  10. Woodland Mall to get $100 Million makeover

    The de-making at Breton Village is another part of the upscale shopping mix. The liability of the mall is the struggle for experience in shopping. The smaller, perhaps more intimate scale of Breton Village provides an antidote. The East Paris stores have threatened but don't seem to have the same vibe.
  11. Don't forget the pop-up park for Art Prize. That always had a nice touch.
  12. Patterson Ave

    Way back, I remember the barn and active agriculture on the site. I thought I had read it was owned by the city of Kentwood.
  13. Grand Rapids Then and Now

    The old printing plant -- it was a nothing burger, painted white, bricked up. Frankly, the neighborhood is much better with he Opera building and the new housing. Plus Veenstras has done a very smart visual upgrade for the shop next door.
  14. Diamond Place at the Proos Site

    Summer is going to get interesting. This arrived on site Wednesday.