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  1. I agree that the corner is really hard to access. Is there anyone in the large office building behind the existing center? Maybe it will be torn down too and that would make the corner a little more accessable? Seems to be a shame that the busiest intersection in Fayetteville would not have something of significant appeal on one of it's corners. On another note, anything going on with the old hooters building? That place is a mess. I totally agree about mission and crossover. Chili's, Applebees or CHEDDARS (Fort Smith and Joplin have one FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!) would do great ther
  2. It looks like there is something happening on the SE corner of College and Joyce in the old COLONY building. Anyone know what's happening there? I also heard that they are going to be doing some work on the NE corner of Joyce and College, anyone have the skinny on what the city is planning for this area? It looks like most of the businesses in that area have closed up. Are they going to do a teardown?
  3. According to my wife, They forgot to pay the lease. GAP Kids came in right after the lease expired and snatched it up before NYC could renew. The Manager on duty told my wife that they would probably not open another location in the area.
  4. I think that Rogers is doing the best at handling growth. There is a lot of new development there, and it seems that the traffic is not too horrible. It seems easy enough to get from one major area of town to another. I don't spend a lot of time in Benton County, but it seems that they have a better hold on the planning for sprawl. Fayettevile seems to always be one step behind. They try to fix a problem instead of prevent it in the first place. Springdale is the worst by far. Thompson is always a nightmare and 412 is as bad as a train wreck. Don Tyson is a great idea that should have
  5. No way! Those type of places need to move out of Fayetteville! Springdale can have them, they need the business . But, back on track in Rogers...It's a shame that something with a little more class is not moving into this space. That restaurant didn't last 6 months in fayetteville, hopefully history will repeat itself up north, IMO.
  6. I had a special invitation to go the day before the grand opening. It is a nice store, but I have to say I was a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong, I will be a regular, but the atmosphere of other Cabela's I have been to are much less "warehouse" and more "hunting lodge". It felt more like an Academy sporting goods store to me. Bass pro in Branson has better ambiance, and it is what I was expecting from Cabela's. I also thought that they were a little high on some of their prices. I like to fish, and they were pretty steep on a lot of stuff. My wife likes to look through the "home" s
  7. I've seen some work being done at the old Aldi location on college. Does anyone know what is going on there? also, it appears that Posta Plata on Mall ave has closed...
  8. Not Fayetteville, but I don't know where to post. West Fork news. It was just released that we will be getting a Harps in the town of West Fork. The article also mentioned something about a "big bix retailer" buying 5 acres in town as well. I was just wondering if any of you "in the know" might be able to find out who this big box retailer might be? Thanks!
  9. There was some work happening today at the old Friday's building in Fayetteville. Does anyone know what is going on there?
  10. We went to a Thai place in Rogers tonight. It's called Thai Town, and it's on 71 just south of Walnut. The food was really good and the prices were very reasonable. This place is fairly new to this location (been here about a year) but it is a little out of the way for most Rogers commuters. I just wanted to let everyone know that it is very good and the family that runs it seems very friendly. If you are looking for a new place to eat and you like Thai food, this is a good place to go. Good Food, Friendly Service and very clean. I am not affiliated with them, just want to give them a
  11. I'm just wondering if anyone has heard anymore about the Panda Express in Bentonville. I haven't been up there, is it almost finished?
  12. I am really happy to see a Panda Express. It's about time. My main complaint is, it's up in Bentonville and not down here in Fayetteville. A major reason other cities are getting these businesses is the additional tax that Fayetteville adds to restaurants. 2% is a lot of money when you considering adding a "pilot" store to a new area. Eventually, fayetteville will get those chains, but it will take a little time. Does anyone know what is going on next to Zaxby's on MLK?
  13. College and center, sorry guys! I have eaten here a few times, not bad at all! I am a meat fan, but I don't even miss it when I eat there... Blown away by marketplace express. I always thought they would have been better off serving the full menu. I really like the one in springdale. in West Fork, there is a new BBQ place. "All American BBQ" If you ever make it out that way, this guy knows what he is doing. Excellent food, huge portions, low prices.
  14. New lounge opened on college and north in fayetteville. It's called whole earth organic lounge. They have a lunch buffet from 11-2 during the week and live music at night.
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