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  1. BFG

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Such a BS move. You wanna stop violence so much that you go after a longstanding establishment over taxes. It pains me to see this council act so shortsighted after so much progress was made in the last 20 years. What next? Shutting down the NEON District? Lord knows they didn’t want that either. EDIT: I shouldn’t be surprised…this is the same council (give or take a few members) that wanted a midnight curfew, almost forbid food trucks, and has a reputation for going after businesses because their signage didn’t match what was on the application.
  2. A few years ago, I read something that implied the cities were willing to work together to make this happen. It was long before Pharrell or Emmitt made a proposal and this was just an idea being floated. I have a feeling it’s gonna take at least a decade for this to happen because they seemingly keep kicking the can down the road.
  3. I wouldn’t sweat Richmond’s arena. Both markets need larger, state-of-the-art venues and they’re far enough from us to where it shouldn’t siphon off our entertainment and vice versa. You might have Beyoncé come here one year for a tour, then go to Richmond for the next tour a year or two later. Gaga might do the same but in reverse. Kinda like how The Norva and the National coexist for smaller shows.
  4. Unbelievable. That’s a lie. This is totally believable. Are we sure that parking lot isn’t an old burial ground? It seems pretty cursed when it comes to potential projects.
  5. The city found a new spot for the temporary casino: Harbor Park's parking lot, next to the Amtrak station. It will be torn down once Headwaters opens, supposedly in two years. https://www.pilotonline.com/government/local/vp-nw-temporary-casino-headwaters-20220907-vewypfalkjbbnj3wblzqshyho4-story.html
  6. I dunno why I thought the hospital itself was much taller. Never realized it was only five stories.
  7. I thought this was the actual proposal and almost fell off my couch.
  8. Mayor Dyer said so in the article but this could be a great way to kickstart more tech jobs in the area. Great move for VB and the region.
  9. BFG

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    That is one cool building. I could imagine it being a mix of apartments and offices.
  10. Must everything be a patronizing debate? The city once referred to it as Fort Norfolk, and it stuck for some people. No more no less. The name doesn’t inspire me no more than Atlantic City, but I don’t understand the big deal.
  11. The only 30K+ stadium in this area is at NSU, which is FCS. I don’t think ODU has to strive for 70K seats like what the ACC or SEC has, but I see no reason why they shouldn’t bump up to 30-35K. esp. since they still have several in-state rivals that can help pack that stadium. Granted, they need a consistently solid product like what they had the first time they went to a bowl game. I say at least 7-8 wins year in, year out gets the job done.
  12. As much as I'd love for it to be a true extension of downtown, Midtown makes sense given it's right there at the foot of the Midtown Tunnel. That said, it looks like Norfolk plans to call another section of the city "Midtown". https://www.norfolk.gov/DocumentCenter/View/72631/PH-01-Amend-plaNorfolk2030---Adopt-City-of-Norfolk-Midtown-Plan
  13. Apparently there's an update coming at tomorrow night's meeting. https://www.norfolk.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_08232022-1174
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