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  1. BFG

    Norfolk Stores and Retail and Resturants

    Speaking of breweries, Ocean View could soon add a couple of microbreweries. COVA (cOVa) wants to open off Shore Drive, and Bold Mariner plans to add a second location at 1901 E. Ocean View Ave., in a former Bank of the Commonwealth.
  2. BFG

    Neon District

    The two quotes that stood out... I'd definitely love to know who this is. It sounds like someone from outside the area and believes in the untapped potential here. I know it's too early to know anything, but it would behoove Norfolk to do something other than luxury apartments. I would think a creative space and retail should be considered as well, given the area, and especially if you incorporate TCC into the mix. Maybe even a restaurant.
  3. BFG

    The Wave

    The Pilot is making it sound like this will be approved. I’m tired of hearing about it and the 99 other proposals. Just build something already...anything.
  4. BFG

    Virginia Beach Development

    With all the development and proposals going on around Town Center, this makes the most sense. Urban development, then a suburban (outdated) mall across the street just looks bizarre, even with the Wegmans and strip malls across the street.
  5. BFG

    The Wave

    Virginia Beach: 2038 The Dome site is still a parking lot. Each year there’s been an ambitious project, with numerous false starts. But each one gets shelved indefinitely because the dozens of studies make VB realize it’s too expensive for taxpayers.
  6. BFG

    The Wave

    Study reveals Pharrell's influence could help make the Dome site proposals become a reality.
  7. BFG

    Neon District

    So I noticed they put arch lighting along that stretch of Granby, just like the ones down near TCC and all. But I'm not sure if those lights have been turned on yet. There have been nights where I drove through the NEON side of Granby and it's dark (ironic, given the name of the area). More lightpoles would be really nice, esp. if they allowed artists to decorate them. I keep forgetting this is not going all happen at once, and that it's a work in progress. Just looking at it now versus five years ago is very promising.
  8. BFG

    IKEA to open in Norfolk!

    I would be curious as to whether this sparks more residential as well. Norfolk doesn't have as much land as Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, so I'm not sure if they even have the space to build something like condos nearby. I'm sure there's also the issue of proximity to the airport...
  9. BFG

    Neon District

    There are now signs directing you throughout the area. That’s a pretty big deal IMO...shows the city is committed to making this work. Any chance we could rename this thread NEON District?
  10. BFG

    Norfolk International Airport

    Frontier will offer nonstop service to Phoenix and Tampa soon. The nonstop to Vegas begins this weekend. I wish ORF could become a Frontier hub.
  11. BFG

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    I know Virginia is considering it, since it would bring in revenue that keeps going to Maryland and DC. But I’d be surprised if VB would allow a casino at the strip. They didn’t want light rail because of possible “crime” so I imagine their reaction would be similar here. But more entertainment options would be great.
  12. BFG

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    I can’t remember where the post was, but there was an article about a survey on how to make the beach attractive to young adults (I’ve grown to hate the word “millennials” lol). Having now gone to Miami and now being in Vegas this weekend, I see where they could go with this. I was on Fremont Street last night, which is Old Vegas. They closed off Fremont to cars, and made it an enclosed area with casinos and bars/restaurants. There’s also live entertainment and souvenir shops. It reminds me of Atlantic Avenue minus the casinos, but I saw people of all ages there enjoying themselves. You had security out there but they weren’t as heavy as they are back home. Obviously, I don’t see VB closing off Atlantic, at least not all 35+ blocks. But, they could do a portion or maybe revamp the amusement park area around 15th St. There’s a lot of potential to work with there, esp. if they use the Dome site correctly. This could also work a bit with downtown Norfolk.
  13. BFG

    Portsmouth development

    Music venue proposed for the old Greyhound station in downtown Portsmouth.
  14. BFG

    Columbus Village at Town Center

    This seems like it could be a nice fit for downtown Norfolk as well, based on the description.
  15. BFG

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    I am too. I had to look over a couple articles to make sure I didn't misread something.