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  1. BFG

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Years ago, someone once told me Baltimore is "Norfolk done right". This was probably late-2000s...I visited in spring of '16, and saw what they meant. The layout of downtown reminds me a lot of here, but the activity was vibrant. I think there was an Orioles game happening that day, so that explains a lot. I have a love-hate relationship with the area. It's come a long way from the late-90s or even the early-2010s, but we're horribly behind other metros of the same size. I will go to my grave saying Princess Anne and Norfolk Counties becoming cities hurt the growth of this region and crea
  2. BFG

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    I think a lot more people are working from home. It might be a little early to see whether that changes. I went downtown last Friday afternoon and again earlier this week and it seemed fairly busy, so I guess things are picking up slowly but surely.
  3. I’ve seen this movie before. Hopefully there’s an M. Night Shaymalan twist that results in this getting built. I don’t think I have much more patience for yet another failed Dome site proposal.
  4. Last time I went down that stretch of Kempsville, I was blown away at how much Sentara Leigh had grown. Then there's another new medical building on the corner of Kempsville and VB Blvd. (CHKD?). These apartments would fit in very well over there.
  5. -A glass residential tower on the former Granby Tower site, at least 25 stories. -A mixed-use tower on Snyder's Lot, at least 35 stories. -A mid-rise development (at least 10 stories) on the vacant corner of MacArthur Center, which kicks off the redevelopment of a street grid for the old mall. Maybe a hotel. -More mid-to-high rise mixed-use at SPQ. -A high-rise apartment on the old Waterside Annex. -At least one high-rise residential tower (~20 stories) west of Harbor Park. -A green riverwalk leading from Harbor Park to Town Point Park.
  6. BFG

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Nice. I was hoping it would go there instead of the HRT station on St. Paul. Wonder if an expansion of the Amtrak station is in the works?
  7. Google says the range on an A220-330 is about 3,800 miles. Hoping we get news on international routes soon.
  8. Ghent proper (i.e. the apartments on the side streets off Hampton Blvd.) doesn't have all the parking lots, but parts of SPQ reminds me of the newer developments like Ghent Village or Ghent on the Square. And by newer, I mean from the early-80s on. Being a former "Ghentite", the surface lots are low on my short list of concerns given how much of a pain it was finding a parking space. Much as I'd like more height, the designs here are much more urban than the typical stuff in VB and Chesapeake.
  9. We’re getting several Del Taco stores across Hampton Roads. Cali-based restaurant. https://www.pilotonline.com/inside-business/vp-ib-del-taco-0920-20210914-fv4uqt6iz5b65lskwxmrjdzv2e-story.html
  10. BFG

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    I still don't know how this never came to fruition.
  11. That pic reminds me a bit of the Hague, and that side of town. Basically Ghent 2.0 like vdogg said. I do like the diversity of designs...still not a fan of everything being 3- or 4-stories, but I can live with it.
  12. I'd love to see this brought back and put on the proposed stretch of high rises that would be closer to where Popeye's sits. A row of buildings like this would fill in the gaps in the skyline as seen from 264. That gap between City Hall Ave. and about Charlotte St. has bugged me for years.
  13. BFG

    Norfolk Pictures

    If I'm not mistaken that's the health department's lot, although I've never seen it filled anywhere close to capacity.
  14. Thank you! I think I remember this. It has a very South Beach feel…love it.
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