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  1. BFG

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    I think people also forget the city did the same thing 15 years ago with Broad Creek. One of my closest friends grew up in Bowling Park, and his family received a voucher. I don't recall what the other options were, but I'd like to think SPQ will be closer to Broad Creek in the 2000s than East Ghent in the mid-70s. I could be wrong but from what I've seen, the mixed-use housing in that area has been a success, esp. with the new Bowling Elementary/Broad Creek Library and the Kroc Center.
  2. BFG

    Norfolk Development 2

    Councilman Tommy Smigiel explains things further in this video.
  3. BFG

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    I say East Ghent because in the 70s, the city promised to offer housing to the outgoing residents, only to build the overpriced townhouses along Princess Anne Rd. I think Tidewater Gardens residents see a repeat of that happening, although I haven’t seen any indication that the city would do so.
  4. BFG

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    The problem that I'm starting to have is, when the city tries to be transparent, the Pilot continues to remind us of Norfolk's history with East Ghent. The editorial below is the latest. I'm all about holding people accountable, but continuing to throw dirt is not productive either, esp. when the city is already playing damage control after being called out nationally twice. First by Bloomberg (which ended up being blown out of proportion) then BET. https://www.pilotonline.com/opinion/columns/vp-ed-column-finn-0411-20210410-sv7szlhikjhzvfgm3nadty743u-story.html
  5. BFG

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    State of the City address scheduled for April 22 at 12 noon. Looking forward to see what Mayor Alexander has planned...usually we get at least one new surprise. https://web.hamptonroadschamber.com/events/Norfolk-State-of-the-City-2021-192/registrationsummary?eventsignupids=20628
  6. BFG

    Norfolk Development 2

    My g/f and I go to Bold Mariner and COVA breweries pretty often. One thing we agree on is that the nightlife in OV is desperately lacking with the losses of Greenie's and Thirsty Camel. They definitely need something on that site, not just for the locals, but also to bring in a few extra tourists. I'm not saying they gotta turn OV into The Strip 2.0, but some nighttime options wouldn't hurt. A mini-boardwalk would be nice. I know Mayor Alexander once mentioned a hotel somewhere in OV.
  7. BFG

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    Agreed. Good damage control and more transparency at a critical moment. They don't need any more delays or controversy, esp. since Covid put this off long enough.
  8. BFG

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    Broad Creek is probably the best example of rebuilding done right (I refuse to use the G-word), IMO. Although I'm sure the city wanted a more integrated neighborhood, from what I've seen they successfully created a middle-class Black neighborhood. Hopefully SPQ brings more diversity, both racially and economically, and put these debates to rest. Kudos everyone for not letting this devolve to name-calling. I wish more Internet debates could be as civil as the ones here.
  9. BFG

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    I’d like to revisit this in five years, and see who from Tidewater Gardens was able to stay, then ask about their quality of life in 2026 compared to the last few years. Same for anyone who moved into the new mixed-use apartments off Charlotte St.
  10. BFG

    St. Paul's Quadrant

    That clip was one-sided and accusatory, and I’m a fan of Soledad O’Brien. I don’t wanna see a repeat of East Ghent or what we’ve seen in DC and NY. But as someone mentioned above, the city has been very transparent with the charettes, and they’ve already opened income-based apartments. I hate to see our town singled out nationally for doing something other cities have done, but have gone about it in a positive way.
  11. I know the presentation itself is from 2020, but I wonder how old this particular rendering is, to still have the proposed arena? That fell through in what, 2017? I'm guessing the film and sound studio is through Pharrell.
  12. Light rail, one city, and lower taxes. Vote for BFG.
  13. The vote passed 8-2. I didn’t even need to read the article to know who the two people were. Like clockwork.
  14. I know there was nothing they could do because Hurricane Matthew destroyed what was left of the factory. But man, that is one underwhelming design, compared to what could've been. It feels like a broken record mentioning how boring new apartments are around here, but new apartments around here (and across the country in general) are boring.
  15. BFG

    Norfolk Development 2

    Blah. Another bulky four-story apartment with builder's grade materials, starting at $1200. Oh well, at least it's not downtown.
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