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  1. Virginia Beach off-topic

    Mount Trashmore is getting a bit of a facelift, with a new stage and steps on the hill. There's also going to be an observation deck along the lake.
  2. Hampton Roads Off-Topic Talk

    I agree. It's that time of year where seeing a new topic on the board is exciting, no matter what the news is. But I think it's slow because of the new year, plus the snow and today being a holiday. I hope it picks up soon...
  3. 15th Street Pier Redevelopment

    Not so fast? VB Council (wait for it) is expressing doubts about whether this is necessary. I get John Moss's concern about the need for things like drainage ditches, but the article says this would be paid for from the tourism budget. I imagine things like drainage ditches fall under infrastructure? Now that I've thought about this, VB is shooting itself in the foot if they say no to this. I know it's a popular destination, but this could be a great opportunity to rebrand itself and move into a new era.
  4. Norfolk International Airport

    I have friends in Denver, so I love this. Hopefully they add another West Coast option or Vegas, even if it's only once or twice a week.
  5. Norfolk History

    The first one is a broken link on my end.
  6. Norfolk Off-Topic

    You can now "balance" the city's budget with this interactive site.
  7. The Icon at CityWalk Progress

    Hopefully they'll do something with the former Quality Shop (foreground) that's now boarded up. Looks like you could get a few apartments on the upper two floors, and retail or a bar/restaurant/lounge downstairs.
  8. Norfolk Off-Topic

    I know they've wanted to bring back the "Times Square of the South" nickname, and I read an interview where the mayor wants to get a hotel over there, because a lot of guests either stay downtown or near the airport. It would look odd, but a hotel somewhere over there makes sense.
  9. Norfolk Off-Topic

    The city wants to revisit its plans to redevelop Wards Corner. There will be a public meeting next month. I hope the city acts on this and SPQ soon...this could be really nice.
  10. 2018 Predictions/Wishlist

    A lot of these are from blurbs alluded to in recent articles. WANTS: -Norfolk decides to build the elusive arena at Military Circle -Norfolk officially decides to expand light rail to the airport, with bus rapid transit to ODU and NOB -A Fortune 500 company brings a massive number of jobs to the region, prompting Norfolk and VB to build another couple of towers downtown and in Town Center PREDICTIONS: -An official plan unveiled for SPQ that involves mixed-use housing and a couple of towers, and no cold feet from council or Mayor -Phase IV approved at Town Center -Flights to Europe and the West Coast from ORF -New pier development at the Oceanfront approved -Development next to Harbor Park announced -Major development for Ocean View proposed
  11. Norfolk Off-Topic

    Soon we're going to move up from sleepy little city that's nice to visit, to a city people take more seriously. Stuff like this is very encouraging, given what we said at the top of the page. People are noticing.
  12. sports in norfolk

    I think Dick Price's only drawback is the track, so I'm not sure whether the spectators are too far from the action. That said, I've seen several football games and shot the Junior Olympics there, and it's an awesome venue.
  13. Norfolk Pictures

    Honestly, I'd like to see the Christmas lights replaced with LED bulbs or strips. But have color-changing strips that stay on year-round. Imagine how funky it would look if the Main was lit in blue, while the Icon was red, and Dominion Enterprises was in green!
  14. New ODU Stadium

    I wasn't a huge fan of the original 22K proposed, but I figured they would eventually expand, and thought it's a start. But why not at least go for 30K to get closer to NSU? Right now, you're still smaller than at least three of the FCS schools in the state: JMU, NSU, and Liberty. I get that they plan to expand in the future but why? Extra space or not, to start off with anything below 25K makes no sense IMO.
  15. Norfolk Pictures

    I had a similar thought yesterday driving down 264 near the Downtown Tunnel. Norfolk and Portsmouth's skyline combined from a distance look really great. I wish it were a way to merge that into one downtown... So when I first saw the picture on IG, I thought it was somewhere in NOVA overlooking the Potomac. Once it registered that it was indeed Norfolk, I was shocked. It's growing more than I thought.