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  1. I was in the Convention Center area, and noticed they're pretty far along with this project. Would still prefer an arena here, but oh well...
  2. June saw 385K, up 8.7% from 2018. The first half passenger total is 1.89M, up nearly 12% from the first half of '18. If those same numbers hold up, you're looking at 3.78M for the year, but I'd love to see four million. https://www.norfolkairport.com/sites/default/files/June 2019 Media Release.pdf
  3. Interesting video about how public transportation became so lacking in the U.S. The video notes that Boston, NYC, and DC are older cities built before the automotive industry took off, and how cities like Portland, OKC, and Milwaukee are going back to streetcars, which started dying out across the country around WW2. It also says streetcar revivals are leading to economic development in those cities from other businesses. Maybe I should send this to our council...
  4. So if all goes as planned, I imagine we'd see the casino opening at some point in 2022-23? I'm interested to see what else Norfolk has planned for becoming a tourist destination.
  5. So apparently these are condos being built next to the hotel? I’m loving this new look for Virginia Beach! https://pilotonline.com/business/consumer/article_01dfc544-a3db-11e9-8a28-139e38360645.html
  6. All I ask is that the only changes they make involve adding more floors. A building that nice deserves to stand as the tallest one in Norfolk, if not the state.
  7. Exciting things happening downtown and downtown adjacent...
  8. Did the design change again, or is that a new angle? Also, is this now a twin tower setup, which might explain the hotel addition. Either way, I love it. EDIT: I see the connecting part of the building. I still love it.
  9. BFG

    Norfolk Development 2

    This is really exciting, and has a lot of potential. Hopefully it passes.
  10. Lionsbridge FC, a USL-2 team on the Peninsula, is playing the Richmond Kickers in an upcoming game. The Kickers are USL-1. https://pilotonline.com/sports/other/soccer/article_c556041a-a1a7-11e9-8bfd-aba08abc2799.html They play at CNU's stadium, and apparently have a solid following. I've never heard of this team, nor did I realize they were in USL-2, but that's awesome. Apparently, Virginia Beach also now has a USL-2 team, Virginia Beach United FC, which started playing at the Sportsplex this year. VBUFC is not to be confused with Virginia Beach City FC, which used to play at the Sportsplex, but now calls Powhatan Field in Norfolk home. One thing's for sure, we apparently love our soccer in Tidewater! I'm curious to see if we once again scored high in the Top 10 Nielsen markets for the Women's World Cup.
  11. BFG

    Norfolk Development 2

    Is this a continuation of the concept they proposed a few years ago? That one had a grocery store attached as well, but the plans fell through. I think it would be a great location for a Lidl or Aldi. Bold Mariner Brewery moved from that area a couple weeks ago, so I imagine that allows for additional development space.
  12. I love it. Needs to become a reality.
  13. BFG

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Norfolk is looking for another city manager, for the third time in as many years. While the outgoing manager going to the economic development office is a good thing, it seems like the city manager position is becoming a stepping stone to other jobs. https://www.google.com/amp/s/pilotonline.com/news/government/local/article_e9deeb72-98dc-11e9-a5ba-8ff56f0b806e.amp.html
  14. BFG

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    That’s what should be done near Harbor Park and SPQ. I like Norfolk and all, but I’m afraid that that’s too forward-thinking for us, and that’s a shame.
  15. That is a sweet design. We might need to send this to city council to give them some ideas.
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