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  1. Hampton Roads Off-Topic Talk

    The Chamber of Commerce is headed to its next city to research. This time, it's Pittsburgh.
  2. Premier Apartments Progress

    I almost thought I'd wandered into another city's thread. Town Center is looking pretty good!
  3. Norfolk Off-Topic

    The Norfolk Waterside Marriott is getting a $25M renovation. Makes sense with the activity happening downtown, not just at The Main. I can't believe the Marriott is almost 30 years old!
  4. Museum Apartments Progress

    I remember the controversy behind this building, and the way it was rushed through the planning committee. I hope the final product looks less mundane for an arts district.
  5. Someone predicted this on this forum about a year ago, as Aldi and Lidl started popping up everywhere, and Wegman's around the corner. This is a bummer, considering it had a local presence, or at least local roots. I will miss the chicken as well... I live within 5 minutes of Harris Teeter, Food Lion, and Farm Fresh, so I imagine the FF will become Kroger, if that one is affected at all.
  6. 15th Street Pier Redevelopment

    So I'm guessing VB will build a pier, but it will be very generic and safe. I'll wait until they unveil an official plan (not holding my breath), but it's a could've really set a new tone for the strip.
  7. Marriott Oceanfront Progress

    I drove down Pacific earlier today and thought the same thing. We're seeing it from 31st St on up, and slowly in the teens and 20s. But I'd love to see more hotels like this, the Hilton or the new Hyatt. Hopefully the city opts for the new pier/hotel development.
  8. Marriott Oceanfront Progress

    Not bad...I think they streamlined the design, though. The original was a lot sleeker, IMO.
  9. Midtown Row Progress

    I agree. Nice little urban look for Williamsburg.
  10. Starwood Mixed Use Proposal

    For some reason, I never thought of a large tower there. Maybe 10 stories at most, but I think this helps get more activity downtown, and gives it an urban feel. I think the first story should be retail like a small Target or Walgreens.
  11. TCC Visual and Culinary Arts Center

    I hate that Portsmouth loses its TCC campus. Hopefully they gain something to fill its place. Maybe a studio of some sort.
  12. sports in norfolk

    I think there's several other teams that the ACC would take before ODU. Keep in mind, ODU just got football back a decade ago, and only went FBS five years ago. They have a long ways to go before the ACC would look their least a decade or two. The AAC would be a good fit for them, however. As for the ACC tournament, I don't see us getting that here until if/we build a new arena. They rank in the Top 5 for basketball tournament attendances, and Scope is not going to accommodate what they are looking for, even with the proposed upgrades. It would be awesome, but I don't see them leaving the Barclays Center in New York for the "new and improved" Scope.
  13. Norfolk Gateway

    I like that it’s all-glass. Hopefully they go a little taller.
  14. Norfolk Off-Topic

    That article is very exciting! Also included is a Ferris Wheel (apparently for the summer only) and development on the vacant lot at MacArthur. I’m beyond blown away!
  15. Norfolk Off-Topic

    An arena announcement is definitely what I’m crossing my fingers for. Mayor Alexander announced Scope renovations at last year’s address. I think a new arena is what we need.