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  1. Virginia Beach Arena

    Pipe dream here, but why not? Convert it to Virginia Beach County, and divide it into about seven or so towns (Pungo, Blackwater, Kempsville, Lynnhaven, Princess Anne, Pembroke, Bayside), and then the city/town of Virginia Beach, which would be the county seat. I could see Bayside actually merging into Norfolk. Basically go back to what it was prior to 1963. It'll never happen, although I think the NIMBYs who hate the growth and progress would actually embrace the idea. It would give them independence, and allow the suburbs that wanna be suburbs to remain so. I do wish someone would challenge the old laws about how cities/counties are set up. It's flawed and outdated.
  2. sports in norfolk

    Officially, 8,442 people in attendance at The Ted. I have a feeling this won't be the last time the UFC holds an event in this area.
  3. Hampton Roads:2020 Wishlist

    It's only two years and change away, so I'll modify my list, knowing what is realistically possible in that short time. -A major Fortune 500 company in the region -A new tower for downtown Norfolk, at least 30 stories -VB arena approved and groundbreaking and/or renovations of the Scope -An official announcement for expanded public transportation (light rail or bus rapid transit or more buses) -Construction beginning in Fort Norfolk -A major revamp at the Oceanfront -The UFC returns to The Ted or Scope -A major league exhibition match in the area, to show other leagues we can handle pro sports -Something at the Dome site -Another movie and/or TV show shooting in Hampton Roads -The cities working closer together and putting aside petty differences
  4. Virginia Beach Arena

    I'm going to be patient and give the area another couple years. I think Norfolk reaches its true potential by 2020 (or gets closer), and we see a few more moves made.
  5. Virginia Beach Arena

    The local Chamber of Commerce is headed to Nashville next week. Hopefully they come back with some ideas to get this area moving.
  6. Virginia Beach Arena

    Norfolk, to me, is the saving grace. A lot is happening downtown and that gives me hope. What I like the most is that they're not letting not being the largest city hold them back.
  7. Virginia Beach Arena

    Baobabs' post more or less mirrors my life. I stay because I believe in the potential, but when I see two cities that can't even agree on the entrance to an outlet mall, my faith on regionalism decreases significantly. No reason why we can't get to the next level. None.
  8. St. Paul's Quadrant

    I dunno what to think anymore. Every time they get close to pulling the trigger, they get cold feet at the last minute. Kenny Alexander did an interview with Channel 13 last year, talking about his vision for SPQ...they drove through Tidewater Park as he talked about how he wanted to get started by 2020. Understandable that he doesn't want to piss off the residents there, and yes, transparency is critical. But you gotta make a move at some point and be open with the residents about the options they will have. The new apartments on Bute and St. Paul are a start. Totally agree that Norfolk does not need to think suburban, esp. close to downtown. It should be an extension of downtown, or at the very least, similar to Town Center. If you had the Town Center layout where SPQ is supposed to go, the skyline would look awesome from the Interstate.
  9. Norfolk Off-Topic

    Touche lol
  10. St. Paul's Quadrant I get the impression that the city doesn't know what it wants to do anymore. There is a way to do SPQ without leaving the three neighborhoods in the cold. The problem is, I thought they knew that already.
  11. Virginia Beach off-topic

    I went to Peabody's 2, maybe 3 times. I was about 23 the first two times, maybe 25 on the third. And on all three occasions, I felt too old to be there. I know it's an "institution", and I don't mind it being there, but I hate that it's become synonymous with the VB nightlife. They should really do more with the upper streets around Catch 31. It has a South Beach-lite feel to it, and could be really awesome if they had more than just the Skybar. It feels so lonely down there with just Skybar. If VB wants to reinvent itself, start with the nightlife.
  12. Norfolk Off-Topic

    Nice! Now hopefully they won't take 20 years to develop the area.
  13. Virginia Beach off-topic

    I didn't even think about that, but that would be a great improvement. I was thinking get more of the Town Center or downtown Norfolk culture, but all of these could go hand in hand. That was one thing I noticed in Miami, a lot of people in their upper 20s and 30s, not as much of the college crowd.
  14. Virginia Beach off-topic Tourism boss says VB should continue reinventing itself...the city wants to start with Atlantic Avenue. I think focusing on year-round entertainment (even without an arena) is a good start. I would also shift away from the family-friendly stuff. Not saying you can't cater to families, but don't make it such a focal point. I think Bruce Thompson's new pier development idea is a good one. When I went to Miami earlier this year, it really felt like VB in a way, but it was a more mature vibe, like a grown-up VB. It wasn't a lot of wild debauchery, just a mature crowd. VB could easily accomplish that, but that goes back to having more entertainment options.
  15. Virginia Beach Arena

    Something's gotta give. The issues that Michael described will hurt this area long term. Virginia Beach's inability to pull the trigger on three major projects (arena, light rail, the Dome site) in the last few years makes it look very small town*. Yes, Town Center has been a success, but that's one accomplishment in the last 20 years, against the other three I mentioned that fell through. *Which is just the way the NIMBYs want it to be, unfortunately.