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  1. BFG

    sports in norfolk

    CIAA’s next host city comes down to Norfolk, Charlotte, and Baltimore. They really need to go through with their renovation plans for the Scope. Add the luxury boxes and 3-4,000 seats. I felt like a sardine sitting at the games there.
  2. BFG

    Norfolk Cruise Terminal

    Get more tech companies here. It doesn't have to be Fortune 500, but tech jobs for a startup would be huge for downtown.
  3. BFG

    Virginia Beach off-topic

    John Atkinson is retiring just one year into his latest term. I was going to be nice and take the high road and then saw this quote. Good riddance to this dude. He is single-handedly responsible for keeping this area behind the times when it comes to light rail. I'll keep the rest to myself with this being a family forum.
  4. BFG

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    City of Norfolk needs to take a close look at that presentation. Those students did an excellent job. I love the idea of there being an extension of the skyline on the other side of 264, as well as park space. Especially the "Boomerang".
  5. BFG

    New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity The Pilot's report. The more I read these types of articles, the more I'm glad they didn't choose this area. If nothing else, it shows how behind the times this area really is when it comes to so many things. Like with Norfolk Southern, all of your signs about why businesses aren't interested in Hampton Roads are right there in front of you and you ignore them, or conduct yet another study and conclude it's because the name "Hampton Roads" is cheesy. I love it here too, and this is home, but I'm tired of the status quo and city leaders talking a good game while keeping their heads in the sand. Something's got to give.
  6. BFG

    Hampton Roads Off-Topic Talk HR Chamber of Commerce plans to focus on "rebranding". Again. If this rebranding only turns out to be another vague name change, and doesn't actually address the idea of collaboration, I'm not interested.
  7. BFG

    Norfolk Development 2

    Economic development office needs to start luring another company ASAP. I hate that this is happening.
  8. BFG

    New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity The benefits Hampton Roads and Richmond tried to offer Amazon to come to Virginia. My favorite part of this whole thing, which almost made me throw my #$%@ing laptop. Interesting how you don't want light rail for the sake of regional cooperation, but when it's to lure a big name company, you're suddenly interested!
  9. BFG

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Carnival returning to Norfolk with cruises to Cuba, starting in 2020.
  10. BFG

    Norfolk Pictures

    I look at that 1966 picture and think that while downtown has come a long way, I don't think they used their space properly. Imagine if they keep some of the warehouses (the ones that weren't condemned by that point) and Granby kept growing. So much space could've been saved had they built taller, skinnier buildings along Waterside Dr. and Main St. Personally, I would've built the Scope entirely on that plaza, making it larger, then placed Chrysler Hall across the street where the Wells Fargo tower sits. Now imagine if they had kept the streetcars from the '40s, along with the Union Station near Harbor Park. Norfolk and Hampton Roads would've had a much different look. This area really seemed to be on to something in the 50s, then stagnated after the late-60s.
  11. BFG

    New Richmond Arena

    Must be a Virginia thing. Virginia Beach and Norfolk do the same thing. Just pull the trigger already.
  12. BFG

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    New hotel called Tru (Hilton) is proposed for Lake Wright, near the outlet mall. Apparently, there's another hotel being proposed nearby, but council sent the design back for revisions.
  13. BFG

    Norfolk International Airport

    October 2018 saw 329K passengers, up 10.5% from October '17. Doing the math, ORF crossed the 3M passenger mark in October. Getting more nonstop destinations should really help them in 2019.
  14. BFG

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    This definitely sets up an argument for a stronger regional network, as well as transportation and the airport. I think the regional government would serve as the umbrella for everything else, with leaders from other cities mentioning how much this hurts them as well.
  15. BFG

    Norfolk Pictures

    From 60 years ago. I know it’s because people moved to the suburbs and all, but I always wonder what would’ve happen had downtown Norfolk kept building on its energy from the 60s to today, and if Norfolk and PA County remained countries. This looks like something out of New York.