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  1. Virginia Beach off-topic

    I think it's a little early to compare Kenny Alexander to Paul Fraim, when the latter had 24 years experience. Anyone who replaced him was going to have an uphill battle. But what is he supposed to say? He admits Norfolk doesn't have the land but offers other benefits. I'm glad he didn't try to play "me too" the way Norfolk and VB always do.
  2. St. Paul's Quadrant

    Yep. The site is now fenced off. Looks like the SPQ is officially getting started...
  3. Virginia Beach off-topic

    Honestly, Sessoms, Alexander, and at least one other mayor (esp. if it's one from the Peninsula) need to work together on this and future efforts to lure big businesses. Mayor Alexander said something I thought of when this first came out: no matter where the HQ would go, the regional economy still benefits. Even though we don't have as many features as a Boston, Portland or Denver, if Amazon saw the region working together, it could turn some heads. Furthermore, I think 50,000 jobs easily gets us to 2 million people by 2020, when you think of how many people would bring families here. I really do hope this officially gets the ball rolling on a regionalism plan. There's been speculation for more than 30 years, but never a true effort. Any kind of major endeavor, whether it's this, a pro team, or public transportation needs to be a regional effort, not just one city.
  4. Hampton Roads Off-Topic Talk

    The local Chamber of Commerce plans to visit Nashville at the end of November, to see how it's become a thriving metro. This is the kind of stuff I like to see.
  5. St. Paul's Quadrant

    I think the groundbreaking was scheduled for sometime this month or next. Last time I was over there, it didn't look like anything had begun.
  6. Dollar Tree Tower Progress

    I don't know if this the right building, but I found some renderings on the architect's website, and it looks really sweet! It's times like this where I miss living in Greenbrier.
  7. Block 9 Progress

    I was driving along Independence towards the interstate on Friday, and Town Center has an amazing presence from the street. I can't remember if I saw any Block 9 construction, but it kinda blew me away.
  8. Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    And then there were two... HRT has narrowed down the 14 potential plans to just two. One goes through Park Place to Hampton Blvd., the other is straight down Church St. IMO, they would be insane to not select the option that goes through ODU. If approved, it could be up and running by 2027.
  9. Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    Norfolk is at least putting the idea out there, and residents here are a lot warmer to the idea than VB. I get the financial reservations, but this area, spread out as it is, needs to depend on something other than just cars/trucks/vans, esp. if they want to lure jobs that are "millennial-friendly". Most tech jobs or something like Amazon are going to require better public transit.
  10. New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    I do remember reading about that. Is there any loophole or compromise that can be reached?
  11. New Amazon HQ2 Opportunity

    Regardless of what happens, I see this the same way I see when a team threatens to move to another city. Part of the reason we didn't get (insert team name) was because nobody wanted to play at Scope, and nobody wanted to wait three years for a new arena. Similarly, our region lacks in two major areas that Amazon desires: a busy airport and public transit. Norfolk is planning for the latter, and while I think Amazon would force ORF to step up overnight, like with Scope back in the day, I don't think corporate wants to wait for us to expand the airport. That said, more direct/nonstop destinations wouldn't hurt, esp. some west coast options. Say we did get Amazon; would it be likely that an airline considers setting up a hub here, something like Frontier or JetBlue? Overall, this area needs to use this effort as momentum to really start improving infrastructure. They lured ADP with a growing downtown and light rail. Working together as a region should be the next step.
  12. Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    Only thing about that is, 22nd and 23rd aren't continuous like 26th and 27th. With 22nd/23rd, it stops at Colley Ave., because of the underpass, and would cut through that strip mall. I do wonder whether a parallel line could run alongside the train tracks at 21st St., all the way over Hampton Blvd. and into Lamberts Point? That would lead to ODU...
  13. Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    I think it depends on how it's done. With the SPQ proposal, those who live in the projects will be allowed to stay in that area, the apartments on Bute Street. The city has been adamant that it will not price the current residents out. They did a similar thing with Broad Creek, and I believe it has worked. Hopefully, they keep their word. But, they also did the same thing in the 70s with East Ghent, which is now the townhouses you see along Princess Anne Road, near Maury High and Harris Teeter. I don't see this happening, just like I don't see it happening with the current revitalization going on in Park Place. IMO, people hear gentrification and think of DC or parts of NYC, where the rent skyrockets. I think this is a bit different, but I also get why people are skeptical. If they go with options 5-8, I expect a lot of TOD along 26th and 27th Street.
  14. Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    Looks like you would have to go to the Freemason station, and take it from there. It's too bad they don't have more room for a Park and Ride...that's a bit of a walk from EVMS.
  15. Norfolk Light Rail and Transit

    I was thinking the same thing about 26th and 27th St., through Park Place. More on the gentrification, not so much new development, although there are pockets of PP that could get a new condo/apartment building or townhouses. The bike lanes have been pretty successful, from what I've seen. I drive through that corridor a lot, and usually see a few people on bikes during the day...can't remember who it was, but I know I've read of a couple people riding from Park Place or Ghent to their jobs downtown.