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  1. I believe a couple council members lurk from time to time. I’ve seen one (Tommy Smigel IIRC) respond to Reddit posts in the Norfolk sub.
  2. I’ll be the first to apply. I could make six figures to suggest projects that’ll never come to fruition.
  3. Someone jog my memory please…upgrading Scope was too costly right? But it would’ve brought us to about 15K capacity for basketball plus luxury suites? It was similar to what Seattle did with Climate Pledge Arena, but it was also one big design difference I forget. Regardless, if a Scope overhaul could get us half the events Seattle has now I’d be happy. If more than 15K can happen and we keep the original exterior design I’m happy.
  4. https://whro.org/news/local-news/43092-military-circle-mall-redevelopment-proposals-including-arena-plans-have-been-shelved?fbclid=IwAR1xUBS-I-wTT5tGCkv98t-BALMXlALTpbV-El8w0jfV-DtbaX2AMcRxVN8 To the surprise of absolutely no one, this is now on indefinite hold. I'm begging City Council not to propose any other major projects unless they are 110% positive they will move forward. I'm so sick and tired of this city promising one big project after another that's never even gotten close to a groundbreaking, let alone a ribbon cutting. You constantly hold the football out like Lucy, and so many of us fall for it like Charlie Brown. Gateway Tower X Performing arts venue on Scope Plaza X Apartments on the open lot at MacArthur X Anything regarding the future of MacArthur X Redeveloping Military Circle X Light rail going anywhere past EVMS and Newtown Road X The casino ? although I'm pretty sure it'll also be X To the councilmembers who lurk this forum, it's a reason people leave this area. Charlotte, Raleigh, Nashville and God knows how many other similar-sized markets would've completed most or all of the above, regardless of economic conditions or a pandemic. Your inability to pull the trigger on any major project and abide by the status quo is pathetic, and this is coming from someone who has defended you on various occasions. Thanks for nothing.
  5. I just need to know what strain?
  6. Two months left and we’re at nearly 3.8M. Considering there’s probably people who still haven’t visited family since 2020, the numbers should continue increasing. Could we see 4.5M?
  7. Have fun with that. Both of those parking lots are fusterclucks.
  8. Well the Tides new owner said they plan to stay in Norfolk, and it would look pretty crummy for the defending national champion to suddenly leave town, esp. when fan support was pretty decent this year. If the casino dies, I think it’ll be because the Pamunkey tribe simply didn’t deliver.
  9. My birthday is the following week, and I was just telling my fiancee' I wanted to go to the casino. Looks like dinner at Yard House might be an option.
  10. The city stopped holding First Friday not long after the world reopened. If you go to the FF site, it still says it would not resume in 2022, so that decision had to have been made before the Chicho’s shooting. We may not know why the city stopped holding First Friday, but I’m pretty sure crime wasn’t an issue esp. since it was still daylight when the event happened. And there’s still plenty of other social events.
  11. When the first NEON Festival happened, I said the city needed to do this more than once a year. Then they introduced First Fridays, which was awesome. Then they shut it down indefinitely. It’s almost like Norfolk refuses to wanna be a city. I really hope it comes back next spring.
  12. Imagine the alternate universe where this would've been completed by now. Which one are we getting first, the casino or the arena? And in which year, within 2 high or low? Place your bets!
  13. So is this dead? Is Norfolk content with two dead malls or are they actually going to make a move this decade? An arena could be close to completed if they'd stop dragging their feet.
  14. BFG

    Norfolk History

    They were demolished in the 80s and 90s.
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