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  1. Expert states that the casino would need nearby developments like restaurants, shops, and entertainment, to help the casino succeed. Something we've said a few times on this forum as well. https://www.pilotonline.com/business/vp-nw-norfolk-casino-expert-20191116-3lq34id2zbc6lnkcz5nmcrmaqa-story.html
  2. Lotta numbers here... 337K in October 2019 (about a 2% increase from Oct. '18, but the largest October in airport history) 3.32M total in 2019 (10% increase from Jan-Oct '18) If they pull that same 337K in November and December, they'll hit just under 4M. Last year, ORF averaged about 322K passengers to close out the year, and barring bad weather, I see no reason why they don't keep the 10% average increase. I really think 4M is happening.
  3. BFG

    Norfolk Development 2

    I don’t really understand the esports craze (meaning how it all works), but I imagine at 19,000 SF, maybe they’re looking to host tournaments. I give the mall credit for trying something different and moving into the future.
  4. Pharrell spoke at tonight's City Council meeting about this and Something in the Water 2020. https://www.facebook.com/groups/357960358182609/permalink/461530444492266/
  5. As much as I like the high-rise development coming, I admit I will miss older buildings like this. The Belvedere was one of my favorite motels from the strip. Anyone know what's going in its place?
  6. https://www.pilotonline.com/government/local/vp-nw-norfolk-second-casino-petition-20191107-tagxp7kenjhl5bv7kqbuihphaq-story.html No surprise, but they have enough names on the petition to force council to vote again. I'm sick of these people. Bull said, per his reading of the city charter, the City Council will be presented with the petitions at its next meeting Nov. 26 and will have 30 days from that point to schedule public hearings and a vote on whether to pass the ordinance undoing the original decision. Since the charter requires “hearings," but doesn’t specify how many, Bull said he assumed there would be at least two. If the council reaffirms its approval of the deal, petitioners would have longer than the first group — nine months instead of 30 days — to gather the 4,000 signatures to force a voter referendum. Glass said she’s not expecting a change of heart from the council, which passed the initial land deal over the protests of citizens and McClellan. “We hope we won’t, but we expect to be back on the ground with another petition next year,” Glass said.
  7. Someone on the Reddit Norfolk page mentioned that crews are laying concrete on that space. Are they beginning site work?
  8. As far as I know, they're still finishing up one of their many studies. Since they decided not to create a Hampton Blvd./Park Place route, they're now looking at the Military Hwy. corridor, then looping back to the base. I hate how our city is laid out in such a convoluted fashion, and that we couldn't use the old streetcar routes.
  9. Without getting super political, I think a lot of projects that have been in the works for a few years will now happen. Transportation, marijuana, casinos. And I think it will all have a positive effect on businesses coming to the state. The next few years could be very interesting.
  10. Multimodal transportation plan presented at tonight's Work Session. The presentation starts at about the 12:00 mark. Over the next few months, the immediate plan is to meet with stakeholders, collect data, hold public meetings, and offer a transit redesign workshop in February. Sounds like this process will go for the next year and change. One of the presenters said about 20 months.
  11. The no casino/let’s get more info people are at the voting precincts with petitions. I didn’t see any when I voted but I saw stuff on Facebook. Even with higher than usual engagement this year and all eyes on VA, I don’t see them doing much better this time around. I’d think people will see that they failed the first time.
  12. I think the theater would compete more with the Sandler Center. They seem to get a lot of shows that are too small for Chrysler Hall. I wonder if there is room to put the new arena on that site, the way MGM does with its Garden Arena in Vegas. I think Mohegan Sun in Connecticut does the same thing, although that arena isn’t much larger than The Ted.
  13. BFG

    ODU Development

    With all this development, I really wish the city could find a way to bring light rail throughout Hampton Blvd. ODU's campus is expanding greatly.
  14. Twenty Seven Atlantic is a new residential high-rise going next to the Hyatt House. Part of the building includes affordable housing. https://www.pilotonline.com/life/real-estate/vp-nw-workforce-housing-1029-20191101-yrqiif6frbhgxg67bt5gahr534-story.html
  15. BFG

    Norfolk Development 2

    Must be salty about the fact that their building is being turned into apar.........let me be nice.
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