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  1. Hey, what's that?

    Yep! That's it! I was almost gonna say that. Not to be confused with the other 616.
  2. Hey, what's that?

    I feel like I heard it was a real estate office but I can’t seem to remember who...
  3. Maybe I'm just being positive, but I'm glad to see at least some paint. That plain concrete looked so bad to me but the painted part does improve that side a lot. Here's assuming they'll finish it! Maybe they didn't like the color and stopped?
  4. Lakeshore Projects

    What more do you need? =) As a resident (and teacher), it is a pretty great place. The lake is awesome, lots of trails, proximity to Lake MI, GR and MKG, small town feel, etc. The residential construction has just taken off in the last year. Lots that have been for sale for years are being snatched up and there are some pretty big new developments. There's a weird "feels like it's further from GR than what it is" barrier though. It's the easiest 30 minute drive ever, but people have a hard time thinking that's close enough to be a GR suburb. Even my wife mentions it to people when looking for a house, especially if they want to be by water and have a great school district but many of them don't even want to look up here because it's too far. However, they will gladly will look in Rockford, Byron Center or Caledonia even though the commute would only be 10 minutes different (and probably have traffic). Hopefully, the village DT booms in the future as residential grows. We really don't want to be "the place to drive through to get to Grand Haven". =)
  5. As one who has been around here at UP for over 12 years, I think we have it pretty good thanks to our moderators. It's not perfect, but what is? Thanks for your post in keeping this one of my most enjoyable places online to visit! (Almost) always great info and discussion here! It's fun to see how different this town is since I first found this forum using my dial up internet trying to figure what an ad for "Icon on Bond" was all about. Our best days are ahead here and in GR, I think!
  6. So what's the deal with the Beer Garden? Seems like it wouldn't be that big of a project and I thought it would be ready for summer (or at least ArtPrize). I was just walking by there the other night and noticed that spot looks unfinished. I also had a guy ask me and my kids for directions right outside the Venue...since my kids were petting his wife's dog I asked him if he was visiting GR. As we chatted, it turns out he has been the drummer for Tesla (who was playing there last saturday) for the last 30 years. Nice guy.
  7. Hey, that works for me! Ha!
  8. Grandville Castle Apartments

    I have to say that the plastic shower/tub enclosure screams high end for a king/princess.
  9. Found it! (without having to ask Julie )
  10. I wish! The upstairs apartment happens to be empty right now so we headed up there last night to check it out since the tenant just moved out. I had to step outside and get some photos when I saw the view. I'll keep taking photos as long as it's vacant but we really don't want it to be vacant long, of course!
  11. Got some construction photos tonight for ya...
  12. Keeler Building - 56 North Division

    Isn't it the Dwelling Place one at 1400 Alpine? That's the school behind it. Different rendering than I've seen before. I like it.
  13. Tearing up Bridge Street. Wow!
  14. Lakeshore Projects

    So what will be open first, the Holland theater or Studio C! in GR? Great looking development.