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  1. mgreven

    New projects in East Hills

    Leave it to UP to have the sounded like he sold it in the note but I felt like no one picked that up and no media looked into to who bought it. That seems like a big deal. Hopefully the new owners bought recipes and things won’t change too much. Plus, East Hills isn’t losing a restaurant per se.
  2. mgreven

    UP Advice

    That’s cool...whole new look for sure. Funny, the front isn’t brick on the bottom, it’s black tile. It had brown everything with that black tile when we bought it. Yes, the brown roof and windows have to go...the brown brick is the tough part.
  3. mgreven

    Lakeshore Projects

    Maybe Kingmas was the coolest thing they had seen and now they’ll see Bridge Street Market and make that the model. That would put Orchard Market out of business. Nice people but terribly dated and pricey store with bad produce. I’ll be interested to see how it turns out...just like renderings, it’s easy to draw pretty pictures or dream but until you get it built...
  4. mgreven

    UP Advice

    Or "Help mgreven spend his wife's money..." =)
  5. mgreven

    UP Advice

    Yes, you can go out the window and access the roof. I would love to do a deck up there someday. I'd love to have my own city apartment up there someday too... =) I've got great photos of the inside before...I'll look for them. The place was gross! The brick is tough...I hate the color but don't love the painting idea either. It does seem to be common, however. We don't have any idea what is under the siding.
  6. mgreven

    Lakeshore Projects

    I was told that the Spring Lake developers are looking at the Ada remodel as the goal and similar vision. They would love something like Kingma's too (as would I...) =)
  7. mgreven

    UP Advice

    Hmmm....good question. I'll see if anyone knows.
  8. mgreven

    UP Advice

    Not sure if this is legit to post, if it's a problem feel free to take it down. Some of you know that my wife owns a small building across from the Bridge Street Market that we bought and renovated a few years ago. It houses her real estate company. She spent a lot remodeling the inside but the outside did not have a lot done to it - some new window openings and new windows. She's at the point where she is going to need a new roof and wants to put some money into the exterior to make it look nicer. We were talking about what kind of things would look good to do to the building (without breaking the bank, of course). I joked that whatever we would do, someone on UP would either love it or hate it. Ha! Then I thought...why not ask the UP crew? How do you dress up this building? The inside is contemporary but the surroundings are a wide variety of old and new buildings. Thoughts? Ideas? People we can talk to about exterior design? Photos attached.
  9. mgreven

    Lakeshore Projects

    Funny, I was just talking to someone last night who is pretty involved with the project. I thought I had more info to share, but it's basically the same as what the article says. Ready to see some demo this winter! =)
  10. mgreven

    Lakeshore Projects

    I have always heard burgers and beer with a possible gas station theme. I heard they were slowed down for a while waiting on clean up grant (as it was actually an old gas station) but they have been working - very slowly - on it everyday. It’s looking great, though.
  11. mgreven

    Lakeshore Projects

    Exactly...since the restaurants in GH are just so-so, if this project and the other ones they are looking at all take place it could really be a great place to stop on the way to or from GH for a whole different experience. Of course, us locals will love it too but I'm sure we are going to need some tourists and visitors to sustain everything. I hope this kicks off making our little town into a great destination...everything else about it is great - recreation, schools, people, bike paths and lake/river but downtown is sorely lacking. Seven Steps up being right there will help the synergy a bunch, too. Great music venue.
  12. mgreven

    Lakeshore Projects

    Spring Lake's Epicurean Village plans are moving forward...I was getting worried since those vacant buildings are all sitting there and there hasn't been any news on it. They also created a website for the project...
  13. mgreven

    New projects on the West Side

    I think those are filled with greeting cards now.
  14. mgreven

    Hey, what's that?

    Sorry...for some reason I didn't even think of Google-ing it. =) Interesting story - very cool history. Wonder what the plans are?
  15. mgreven

    Hey, what's that?

    I was at the corner of Leonard and Alpine and next to the new apartment building that’s going up it looks like someone is renovating another building and pulling the siding off to reveal an ad for a horseshoe store. Anyone know the scoop? Is this just the first time I noticed this? Is it really old enough to be from the era of horseshoes?