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  1. Confirmed in the GRBJ just now, too. Bummer. Hate to see a place fail, but I didn't love it. I hope someone buys the building soon and does something with it.
  2. There was an article in the GRBJ too but I didn't remember where the 616 conversation was. =) The MiBiz article was a lot more detailed, though. Thanks for posting. Looking forward to more movie theater information.
  3. Yep. Bridge Street Market
  4. Bridge Street that the official name? Groundbreaking June 26th.
  5. And the big warehouse is coming down today along with Stockbridge pub...if you haven't been out there since they removed the buildings on the block, it's pretty amazing. Pictures don't do it justice.
  6. San Chez is opening a new place at 250 Monroe. Found it interesting that the also looked at opening San Chez in Detroit - it seems like a lot of West Michigan places are opening a location on the East side and also the other way around.
  7. Just on Bridge Street a few minutes ago, Butcher's Union has outdoor seating out now on the sidewalk but the reason for my post is that the parking lot next to the Red Lion is all fenced off. Is that for Jolly Pumpkin? Is that a go now - haven't heard anything on that for a while.
  8. Yep, Bagger Dave's was inappropriate. =) I just like that you called it weird.
  9. I just noticed the new topic title. Nice. =)
  10. That didn't take long. All the buildings on the block are gone now. Edit: I drove by twice this weekend. So weird - changes the entire feel of that block.
  11. As in the store on 29th street? That's cool. More retail is always good...probably some grocery type stuff, too? Remember when there was a D&W there?
  12. Yep...taking down the weird brick one this morning...EDIT - it's almost gone now. My wife just posted a video.
  13. Once they start coming down, my wife and her staff are required to send me regular photos.
  14. Would it have anything to do with people in the medical field needing three months?