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  1. New projects on the West Side

    Thought I’d update since I threw out a rumor about the NP project on the Red Lion site. I just saw someone post online that it was dead and got worried, but UP reassured me. As usual, UP was right. The Jolly Pumpkin folks stopped into my wife’s office and told her all about JP and the project across the street so it’s for sure a go. One extra tidbit, the JP/old Black Heron building has a huge basement where they are going to do a tiki inspired place at some point.
  2. Lakeshore Projects

    Hope seems to churn out the brewers...Founders, New Holland and Vivant - all Hope grads.
  3. Lakeshore Projects

    I’d say the biggest conflict is on the basketball court. #calvinhope
  4. New projects on the West Side

    Yeah, I know we're ahead of the curve. =)
  5. New projects on the West Side

    Yeah, I wasn’t sure of the credibility of that rumor - I looked up the sale, too. That’s a lot of money and work to scrap a project. Maybe since the concept isn’t a NP tap room specifically, there was confusion. Hope it goes up soon...that site needs something. Just wanted to see if there was any truth in that.
  6. New projects on the West Side

    Opening on March 22 for Jolly Pumpkin. Is the project across the street still a go or did they decide to scrap it? I saw someone post that they changed their minds and backed out. That's a bummer if true.
  7. Lakeshore Projects

    Even though Betsy "Prince" DeVos married into the Amway family, I think the Prince money is from automotive, right? Prince Corp was sold to Johnson Controls? That's a huge plot of land..could be a great addition to an already sweet small town downtown. It sure would be fun to have money to play real life SimCity, wouldn't it? =)
  8. Beer

    I’ve heard similar things but yet it always seems relatively busy there, but not insane like Founders... I do think they should break up the spaces. I noticed last time they are doing some comedy in the lounge, I know they do jazz nights on the second floor with West Michigan Jazz Society and I think I even saw they were having a dance party one night. I feel like that could be a great use of all that space...different venues with different options. Then again, maybe they’re doing fine the way it is. Side note...I did see Jolly Pumpkin is close to opening.
  9. Proposed 400 room Hotel at Devos Place

    I was going to post this...seems like they are moving fast on this. I think a hotel in that "dead" section of DeVos would be great.
  10. New projects on the West Side

    I was looking at their FB page and it looked that as of last week, they were expanding hours. Maybe (hopefully) just an equipment or building wife says it's always busy when she goes or walks by.
  11. My wife sent me these from her meeting today.
  12. Bridge Street Market opens August 29. They're really movin'!
  13. Grand Rapids Airport (GRR) News and Developments

    So you have to be flying to go to the new place? Can't hang out there waiting for someone to fly in or leave? Is Bell's still there too? I don't get to the airport that much but I'm curious.
  14. Suburban Projects

    I heard from what I think to be a decent source that Hopcat is looking in Allendale, too.
  15. Lakeshore Projects

    HA! I forgot about his post. With all the $$ that lives on the lake, I'm surprised no one has wanted to invest in the village. I know if had money, I'd love to play SimCity with it. =)