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  1. I would assume one in the old bridal shop and the other in the old 20th century market? I thought I heard talk of a cafe there. Great news - Bridge needs a coffee shop. I, too, was down there last night and it was super busy on Bridge!
  2. I was impressed that one if the last ones in the area was the one DT. =)
  3. It's been about a month ago that I was last at Woodland but this was the space next to Apple. No one would tell me was up but not it appears that it is a new Apple Store based on those plans. Maybe the already have signage on the wall by now...haven't been there in a while.
  4. And...they own Dry Goods which opened in Woodland recently.
  5. New news on this?
  6. Well, we are still getting the House of Blues BOB addition. Anything is possible!
  7. Intrigued...seems crazy. Anyone going to the Economic Club meeting?
  8. Cool. Thanks for sharing that article! With my wife's building next door to Louie's, we knew Ryan had ideas for it but the fact that they're talking about it is a great sign that it will keep moving. They even have a website up... The restaurant sounds kind of like the new Butcher's Union going in down the street. Will be interesting to see how things play out with all these new restaurants. It's great those buildings are getting life - they need it. =)
  9. Well, if you guys really hang out for a long time I can join you after 8:30pm when my rehearsal is done...that's a lot of discussion about 12 story buildings and architecture so maybe I'll have to come if there another time. However, knowing this board maybe you'll still be there... =)
  10. Me too! #11yearsofurbanplanet
  11. I believe they find out about LIHTC in December or January. I thought they were going to start the ICCF part first and then do the rest of it, so a June 2017 start for Meijer is exciting!
  12. Of course, I hate to bring race into real estate but hopefully this is ok. Not scientific at all, but I know my wife has had several clients who were various minorities who wanted to be in a suburb and Kentwood was their main choice as it's the most diverse suburban district by far. Just a thought...
  13. We went a week ago Saturday and service was fine. Beer was solid and food was great. We enjoyed it...hopefully they get rolling and get the service right all the time.
  14. I'm trying to think of a restaurant in the metro area this big. Am I not thinking about something? I'm still just amazed at the size. Eager to see how much music they have and what types.