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  1. We went there a couple weeks ago. It was raining so the outside was closed. The inside was very small and the menu was kind of strange. (Chili dogs?) We kind of just wanted to go for drinks and dessert but no dessert. We actually left and went downstairs.
  2. When we stay downtown in a big city, I feel like I'm constantly in a CVS, Walgreens or Duane Reade. It would be hard to visit GR and have to get basics from hotel gift shops. When we were in San Diego at an AirBNB we would practically grocery shop at CVS a block away. I hope we get something soon...
  3. I googled it. Lego sets were the most common result. I doubt that it's a budding made out of Lego's, though. =) Curious...
  4. mgreven


    I wonder if they sold to avoid offers from AB InBev and other big places. Maybe they figured in the hands of a family owned brewery from Spain was the best best if they wanted a partner or to sell out. I’m kinda bummed but would be more bummed if it was AB. I guess when in San Diego I wanted to check out Ballast Point and Stone. Ended up at Stone and on the tour they were very clear that they were independent and mentioned Ballast Point wasn’t anymore. I didn’t really even know that and I feel like I pay attention to that stuff. I’m sure Founder’s fans will still make the trek to GR to see home base and hopefully it stays the same or bigger in GR.
  5. Any news on the Consumers project? Nothing seems to be happening with it yet.
  6. We checked out the whole development with the theater last week. It is amazing. I feel like they got it 100% right. Great addition to Holland. We were there in the afternoon and the theater employees showed us all around since it was pretty quiet.
  7. My dad worked for Daverman, too. I was just asking my mom if he worked in that building (he died in 1978 so I didn’t really know him...) after seeing that brochure. Sounds like he was in the Waters Building.
  8. Starting this fall...curious as to who the ground floor tenant is. At first I read this as a building with 600 parking spaces in it and was thinking "How tall is this going to be?" but then I saw the site plan and realized that's going to be behind this building. Anyway, more cranes ahead! =) https://mibiz.com/sections/real-estate-development/construction-on-msu-medical-innovation-center-in-grand-rapids-to-begin-this-fall?fbclid=IwAR0gieN3NuU15_egpEI4IraNXRSjEWu0l8V2LwjlYFSRRQL9rKZ4sMyD0go
  9. There's a nice video about his life that plays before every show at the Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium at the Public Museum.
  10. This sounds great - it'll be great to have that space as a public space again. How can he do AirBNB's there? Doesn't the city not allow that unless it's owner occupied?
  11. https://www.woodtv.com/news/grand-rapids/first-studio-park-businesses-announced/ Looks like yoga and food. Kinda hoping for some shopping/retail.
  12. We went to one at Opry Mills when we were vacationing in Nashville. It was pretty good (and quick). I just remember it had more of a military and veteran theme. Glad to see another vacant building going away up there.
  13. I showed that to my wife last night since her office is on the DASH route. She was like, “Yeah, those go by a lot.” I guess they’re around...
  14. That was on the original Woodland remodel tenant "proposed" list. That's where I first heard of it. I, too, find that location a bit off the beaten path.
  15. Looks so much better. I wish that there was something on the ground floor, though. That would be a perfect spot to add a CVS or Walgreens on part of the ground floor. I think of Prudential Plaza in Chicago that has a CVS (I guess every building in Chicago seems to) and it seems like it would fit in nicely.
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