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  1. I found four proposals in a packet online. Some include housing, ground floor retail or park space. I'm glad they're think more mixed use but some of these are more "interesting" than others. Here's a link if you want the whole packet...
  2. New projects on the West Side

    Wow. Wonder if that's going to happen...maybe just draw a rendering and see if they can land a tenant? That's going to look pretty fancy across from the Stockbridge Liquor Store.
  3. The renderings have the top floor set back a bit and this top floor isn’t. Either they got rid of the set back or added a floor. That is the number of floors in the rendering. I’m amazed at how big it looks from the highways, too
  4. Some pics on a sunny Black Friday. Wow, it sure changes the corner.
  5. New projects on the West Side

    For sure. Looks like Rockford owns it now...for a little bit I thought it was part of a package deal of several closed locations that Chase was trying to sell so it might sit for a bit. Funny they closed that branch right after the start of major changes on that street. Probably would be a great location in a couple years. Ugly building though...
  6. New projects on the West Side

    I think coffee shop, but maybe that's changed. Timeframe is off from what we heard. Maybe it fell through and they're just cleaning it up to market it?
  7. New projects on the West Side

    I just got these photos from my wife a few minutes ago...I guess everyone's taking photos there today. =)
  8. New projects on the West Side

    That would be fun. We basically get up there on Memorial Weekend for Bayshore Marathon and that’s about it. I do love TC when we get up there!
  9. New projects on the West Side

    Ryan bought the buildings that house “One Bourbon” in Bridge so continuing to buy on the west side makes sense. Does the term “brewing” mean anything or are you just using it as an expression? I was just thinking the west side needs another brewery to be announced. Speaking of TC places coming here...are TC restaurants pretty seasonal? I mean, I only go there in the summer...but I don’t ski either. Do you think some of them think a GR location would be more year round?
  10. New projects on the West Side

    Just looking at the properties stops at the end of the parking lot. Kale's isn't one of the addresses. The little building next to Kale's that was a soft drink servicing business or something went up for sale a bit ago. I noticed that Swift bought it on August 30, 2017.
  11. Mangiamo/Paddock Place Residential Development

    Yes, the attached letter says they are planning on keeping the house intact, further preserving it and returning the property to it's glory days by getting rid of parking lots.
  12. Greg Gilmore has a plan to the HPC for a residential development on the Paddock Place/Mangiamo! site. Interesting.
  13. New projects on the West Side

    Almost all good news! Add JP and Shorts to that street and it's quite the beer hub. Wow. Sad about Conscious Collective. I always thought the name was odd, but it was the only men's consignment in town and I would usually find some great stuff there. Fencing off the parking lot next door for no real reason (along with the health issues, etc.) didn't help either. One more thing...remember Insignia Homes was going to build a place on Seward just south of Bridge? They were so ready to go this past winter that they contacted my wife as the guy who was snowplowing her lot was pushing the snow into their "field". She paid him to remove all the snow so they could start construction. Then....nothing. Weird. I guess they moved somewhere else. Not sure what their plans are now.
  14. Hey, what's that?

    Yep! That's it! I was almost gonna say that. Not to be confused with the other 616.
  15. Hey, what's that?

    I feel like I heard it was a real estate office but I can’t seem to remember who...