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  1. No problem! Good luck with the potential move. It'd be a great addition to the area.
  2. pm_arch


    City Park does not have extensive jogging and walking in place. There is a small playground area adjacent to the dog park but that's more of a destination with benches and playground equipment. One can run on the side of the road around the park, just as in other areas, but to say one is running in the park or that there are trails in the park to walk (with a stroller, in my case), is not true. So, currently, I walk the perimeter with my wife and baby, which is on the side of the road. And no, I would not vote for something that I haven't seen a plan for yet, either. But I would ask BR
  3. Buckett's right in needing a Type I hood, however the size will be determined by the exact piece of equipment below. Let Greenheck or Captive Aire design the hood for you (they'll do it at no cost in hopes of you purchasing theirs). Also, as Buckett alludes to, the general rule is all kitchen exhaust hoods need to have 80% of exhausted air made up either from the general A/C or a designated make-up air plenum as part of the hood system. Most often, not always, it is best to have Type I hoods include the make-up air as part of the hood for the best capture of the grease laden air and energy
  4. pm_arch


    I found a very interesting article regarding the re-thinking of under-utilized public golf courses which could help spur discussion of the golf course at City Park. You can read the full article here: http://cityparksblog.org/2012/07/23/fairways-under-fire-are-little-used-public-golf-courses-worth-the-space/ Here are some interesting passages: “Continuing to invest in golf courses that are not financially self-sustaining at the cost of other urban recreation is completely unjustifiable.... parks are expected to serve multiple demands in small spaces. Golf courses, in contrast," says
  5. pm_arch

    Mid City

    Professional athletes team up to buy Mid City building Baton Rouge native and former NFL player Anthony Kimble, now a business consultant, has acquired the building at 4242 Government St., along with former LSU athlete Tyrus Thomas, and plans to turn the property into shared space for artists, architects and other creative professionals. "This has been a dream of mine since moving back to Baton Rouge last year," says Kimble, who played for the New York Jets and went to high school at LSU Lab. "We want to really focus on developing shared creative space for artists in the community, and thi
  6. False. Having moved to Capital Heights in 2011, I have found that my neighbors (and I) do use the Cortana shopping area and would go to Target there. We do drive to Siegen or Millerville to Target, but would much rather go to one at Airline/Florida. And yes, we currently go there for Sam's, Old Navy, Lowes, etc. We do not, however, use the mall all that much except for the department stores. I would also add that you are over-valuing the average Target shopper... my experiences, especially at Siegen, are completely comparable to Wal-mart, not some "upscale" shopping experience. Miller
  7. pm_arch

    Mid City

    Plan of Better Block. See y'all this weekend out there! BBBR_Plan_labels11x17.pdf
  8. LSU is like a smart growth incubator for Baton Rouge. Maybe we'll see bike lanes in BR soon? LSU to install dedicated bike lanes LSU to install dedicated bike lanes BATON ROUGE - LSU plans to improve safety for cyclist by installing bike lanes on Dalrymple Drive east of Highland. The plan is part of the "Easy Streets" project that aims to make campus easier to travel on foot and by bike. Students say traveling on two wheels is a difficult venture on campus. "It's really difficult because so many people walk and there are so many cars that sometimes
  9. While I am a supporter of the sculpture/stage, I would like to know the final cost of it. Was the $900,000 the sculpture piece only? Earlier this year, an additional $50,000 was allocated by our Metro Council for the lighting. And then there was also intense foundation work done to support the stage...
  10. Cajun, here are the images from the presentation of St Phillips Promenade: http://www.downtownb...FinalDesign.asp
  11. Let's forget about all of the benefits of a commuter train for attending sporting events, festivals or parades, or even shopping days or party nights in New Orleans. According to Census data, there are approximately 26,000 daily commuters from Baton Rouge to New Orleans and approximately 22,000 from NO to BR. That's almost 50,000 daily commuters who elect to drive!?! Imagine how many more would take a train if given the option. Think of what that would mean for our graduates who could be given the option to live in BR but be a part of a super economic region and have (potentially) greate
  12. It's nice that there are references sited...
  13. This is an example of what should be built adjacent to the Perkins overpass so people don't have to risk their life walking on the 2'-0" curb.
  14. pm_arch

    Mid City

    When I attended the "Re-envisioning of Government Street", there was talk of staging a mock-up (for a number of blocks) for how a new road design would work on Government street. This would include a roundabout. I think this is a great idea and costs nothing and let the public see how this would affect traffic, vehicle speeds, pedestrian traffic, etc.
  15. pm_arch

    Mid City

    Just bumping this post to remind everyone about the Government Street Re-envisioning presentation by Dan Burden and team tonight at LASM. You can find more information about Dan's organization: http://www.walklive.org/ You just have to look at their schedule to see that they really do travel the globe talking about walkable/bikeable communities. I also found this PDF that illustrates a lot of what we discuss here on the board, as well as what FutureBR advocates: http://walklive.org/...uide-Poster.pdf
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