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  1. Keep in touch Michael. Would love to see some renderings of what may transpire on your large lot on third.
  2. It's not a bold statement. It's based on fact. We had 15 years between the ATT Tower and The Pinnacle. Signature Tower never happened. West End Summit never happened. The Nashville City Center 2 never happened. The 47 story Ryman Center never happened. The 45 story office tower for 7th and Commerce never happened. The 48 story hotel and office tower for Union Street never happened, however, we got TPAC instead. The HCA Tower never happened. The 750 foot Nashville Tower and Observatory never happened. I could go on and on about the statement towers that never materialized. So yes, every few decades we get a statement piece. I stand by my comments, but feel free to disagree if you wish. MT
  3. Forum meet this coming Saturday the 1st. I will probably miss a fourth in a row due to errands and college football, but hope others try to make it.
  4. I agree with P2 and William. The interior is fine. People can have grit on Lower Broadway. Maybe they could have jazz in the Omni? I think the design of the building is fine. Hotels, condos, and apartments are utilitarian structures. They are not statement pieces. In the days of corporate swagger before the economic downturn, corporations would build statement piece skyscrapers to show civic and national pride because of economic power. The Suntrust Plaza showed us what bland 13 story corporate structures are now, and will continue to be for some time. In today's market, bean counting accountants design buildings, not architects. The Pinnacle was our last statement piece building for years to come.
  5. New site to check out: http://www.skyscrapernews.com/skynews.php?ktd=0&qws=nco&tyx=Skyscraper%20News
  6. Kissam is also up and we should see the Hyatt go up soon too.
  7. For the first time in 44 years there is a logo on top of the 21 story Suntrust Tower 201 4th Avenue North. Servicesource now has their logo on top facing east. Looking forward to seeing it lit up at night.
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