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  1. Haha.  I forgot about Amsterdam's subway.  It's one line and only underground for about 5,000 feet but it's there.  The surface trams they have there are something I'd love to see in Norfolk.


    Seriously that is the same thing that I think as well. Portland, OR has re-implemented its trolley system and it is great. They even have these multi-colored Skoda cars and there is a lot of room on them. DC is doing a trolley line in Anacostia as well. They could do these in Norfolk on the same path as what they have planned for the light rail and mile for mile I know it is A LOT cheaper.

  2. Have anyone heard any more info on how ODU's MagLev Project is turning out since they got $2 million more to try and fix the glitches on the rails or train itself.


    I hope they don't tear down the track! That is the longest umbrella I have ever seen and would hate to lose it....

  3. Looking at the area from above, it seems that they could just connect Bonney to Edwin at a slight angle over the freeway without causing too much disruption.

    264 really does cut one side of VA Beach off from the other. It would be much better if they could just elevate 264 from Witchduck to Lynnhaven and open up some of the roads under the freeway. Of course that would take about 20 million years and look terrible. If we really lived in a pipe dream, they could put 264 below grade and have roadways going over the top.

  4. I once heard that Norfolk has the 2nd most number of old homes in Virginia only behind Alexandria - if I am not mistaken.


    I have that quote in refernce to Old Towne actually. Something along the lines of "the city with the second largest amount of 18th century homes" in VA. Or that Old Towne has the most 18th century buidings anywhere from Alex. to Charleston. Richmond has plenty of old buildings but remember that it was burned to the ground in the civil war so they would not be 18th century.

    It may be a matter of wording, sort of like how Hampton bills itself as the "oldest continually inhabited English speaking city" in the US. Everybody's got to be something I guess.

  5. Thank goodness that they are not building some $350+ million stadium (we all know that the price would rise in the end). They were idiots not to build a huge stadium with ODU and then figure out a way to have something going on there every night.

    It would be a real treat to spend all that money and not even get a team. Which would probably happen knowing Norfolk's luck.

  6. does Norfolk have a large quantity of historic neighborhoods downtown? What type of shape are they in? If not so good, are people renovating? I guess what I mean is like in Richmond, there is a lot of restoration of old neighborhoods and a lot of investment in older buildings (tobacco row). Is there a trend like this in Norfolk along with the reshaping of the skyline?


    There are a couple of areas that are FULL of old historic houses and apartments that I can think of right off the bat: Park Place (24th-38th Streets) and Huntersville (Tidewater Drive from Princess Anne to the railway bridge). Unfortunatley, these areas are very distressed with crime, drugs and a high ratio of renters to owners. 35th Street is looking nicer at the end close to Granby but they have only accomplished this by building new strcutures and not preserving the old ones.

    From what I have seen though, these areas will have a long climb from obscurity. Many houses look to be in wretched shape and would take tons of cash to fix. Not likely when the house next to you is abandoned, burnt or an empty lot.

  7. It seems that the Norfolk Development page is overwhelmed with so many topics and I wanted to say something about the airport specifically.

    The reason that a lot of people keep talking about this airport that supposedly is going to be built in Isle of Wight County or something is probably because of some article that was in the paper a few years back. In it, there was some report that said something to the effect that some commission had found that two airports in the area would not work and that they would be consolidated within the next 30 years or so. So NN would lose its airport and ORF would close as well.

    Maybe that study was done pre 9/11 and so after that, we may not have as much $$ to throw at new aiports that take another 30 years to reach potential (i.e. Dulles). Personally, I love ORF being very close to the Beach and Norfolk and hope it stays there for the long term. I am happy to hear that they can expand it but the thing that I like most is its size and how easy it is to navigate. Detroit is an example of how an airport can be huge and still be very manageable as well though.

    Are there any plans to expand the runways to handle bigger planes or would there even be a need? The biggest ones I have seen there are the 737 sized ones. I could be wrong but I have never seen a 747 type plane there (I have seen them on the Naval Station).

  8. Ugh no matter who is politically in power in VA the roads are going to be in bad shape that is a fact of life. I64 has been under construction through Reps and Dems. I think that the problems plauging VDOT are not Democratic or Republican one, rather they are because of complacent people who know how secure their jobs are no matter how bad they muck up the roads.

    Having said that, I still think the most viable solution that we'll have to face up to is that we need tolls to get the roads we need now. This, coupled with a mix of higher fuel taxes and a portion of the port's fund can make them realistic at $2-3 each way. I would pay that to get through the tunnels to Hampton or Portsmouth without the eternal "20-30 min delay" (READ: 1-2 hour delay). I pay the $12 toll whenever I got to NY etc because I would rather not risk 64, the mixing bowl, DC and point north of there. Tolls do not chase away that much business from the ports or NYC would not have the biggest terminals on the East Coast.

    By the way, so what if Richmond get the money and then builds themselves nicer roads than us? They are a main through route because of them being on I95. We are on a cul-de-sac here and the only people going through the area are doing so to get to/from the outer banks.

    If we are so upset about this issue, we need to elect people who will battle for the area and not shy away from reality. They wanted us to vote for an increase in sales tax to pay for a ton of roads that would help the ports and developers first???? C'mon no one voted for that one. If they asked us to vote on increasing the interest rate or if your landlord (if you rent) wanted to ask the tennants whether or not they want to increase their rent what do you think they will say? Duh. They need to get in there and get some funding for these projects even if it means tolls and taxes.

  9. True, but i don't know if people would really want the airport placed way out there. It's kinda out of the way.


    If Oceana does close.... instant HUGE airport in VA Beach.

    If not, I don't see why they could not expand the runway south over the freeway (put the freeway into a tunnel and tear down some of the business park stuff) and north into the lake on the north and onto part of the Amphibious base... Or couldn't they build another runway along the VA Beach/Norfolk city line near Northampton where there is nothing really going on?

    The long-term plan was putting the airport all the way out in Isle of Wight county... but I doubt that would "fly".

  10. Build the arena on the city line of Norfolk/Chesapeake in Berkely/South Norfolk, get that area renovated and split the costs between the two cities...

    Seriously this is a big yawn. All the cities are determined to outmanoevre each other and so in the end we'll get nothing. If Norfolk would have been smarter, the could have helped pay for a huge Constant Center that would have been a boost to ODU and the city.

  11. Tolls would cause more traffic problems that what we have now, especially on roads that are heavly traveled


    LOL not if you have EZ Pass and 70% of the other people don't... I actually see your point but I am saying that even a toll would be better than nothing at all. And a toll put into place AFTER there is some relief, not BEFORE they start work would be more advantageous of course.

  12. Well a huge amount of our traffic growth is due to port growth. Port money goes right to the general fund. They wanted us to raise our local tax to pay for a plan that basically 1) supported developers (who build houses that suck up revenue like crazy when the cost of new sewers/roads/schools are factored in) and 2) supported expansion of the ports over which we have no control.

    What they really need to consider is making a connector between the two tunnels and expanding the 64 tunnel being as it is the one that almost everyone uses. That would be better for residents and tourists but not as good for the ports and big business. No one wants to drive through Suffolk then through the midtown nightmare or the 264 tunnel to get to the Beach or Norfolk. Finally whether people like it or not, they need to have tolls if that is the only way it will get built. I do not like tolls myself but I would rather deal with a toll of $2-3 than a wait of 2-3 hours.

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