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  1. I drive by their almost every week day. My daughter likes looking at construction and the site is still active. It looks like all of the large, cyclindrical rebar cages have been placed in the ground. Concrete is now visible at ground level which leads me to believe that much of the foundation work is done. Whether anything gets added on top of it, I don't know. I had heard things like huge discounts and other not so good signs but the construction, up on til this point seems to be moving along. JB
  2. I drive by there nearly every work day. The drill and footing work continues. They have even had those bright portable work lights out there running at 600 or 630 in the evening as they finish up for the day. So the site is definateively active. I sure hope they bury the power lines there on Edwards Mill. It would be sad to have this nice looking building with all of that mess in the foreground. Same deal at North Hills on Six Forks. JB
  3. While I agree with the spirit of your comments, I must take issue with the idea that there is a bountiful surplus of water in Falls Lake. The lake level is above normal, but that is not because of excess water supply, but rather because of conservation at the area reservoirs. The reservoirs have been releasing very little water since last fall, so what little water is flowing into them is largely staying there. Soon the typical spike in demand that occurs in the warm season and the increased loss due to evaporation will result in pretty dramatic drops in the lake levels proving the North American weather pattern holds Outside of the excessive rain that was received in June, September, and November '06, rainfall has been less than normal. A drought conference call this morning described the situation as troubling since nearly all of the streams and rivers in central NC are at or below 25% of their normal flow. So many people on this board complain about the lack of leadership or planning when dealing with development issues (too rapid growth, traffic problems, insignificant public transportation) but when there is some discussion of conservation of something as important as water, it seems to get slighted. I have no problems with the proposed water restrictions, they tend to work. I would also support a graduated fee structure based on consumption. Here's a graph that shows the Falls Lake elevation for the past 7 years or so... Falls Lake elevation chart JB
  4. Because it's a commuter school and commuters have cars around here. It's cheaper to buy a bunch of land and put parking lots on it in the burbs then to build parking decks downtown. Sure it would be nice to have light rail or better bus service for commuters, but when you are taking classes after work and need to get home quickly afterwards, public transit will be a tough sell. JB
  5. HI, I drive by this location nearly every work day. I noticed the fence this past week or so. I find it interesting that the fence covers an area not much larger than the footprint of the old hotel. The fence has barbbed wire and looks pretty solid. I am pretty sure that the proposed tower will not be located directly over and in the exact angle/placement as the old hotel. With all of this in mind as well as the fact that not a single condo has been sold and only a few deposits are in, I am thinking that this fence is not because of some impending work but rather to keep the site secure. JB
  6. No sign of any DENR Office Building or DENR-Green Square project in the latest NC budget conference (compromise) report. Link There is inclusion of a $40M bond for the Art Museum though. JB
  7. On PDF page 202 there is $20M for a McDowell street parking deck. Link 1. Department of Administration - McDowell Street Parking Deck Funds are recommended to construct a 1,200 space parking deck across from the Administration Building in Raleigh. The parking deck is needed to relieve overcrowding in existing parking decks in the downtown government complex and to replace parking lost by the Blount Street redevelopment project. It is recommended that revenue bonds be used to Recommended Budget Adjustments, 2006-07 Capital Improvements General Fund 202 fund this project. Debt service will be paid from parking fees generated by the deck and other downtown parking. Requirements - Nonrecurring $20,000,000 Receipts - Nonrecurring $20,000,000
  8. I'm not sure how to interpret this, but it may not be as dire as first thought... On page 212 at Budget link in PDF 9. DENR - Nature Resource Center Funding is recommended for the construction of a 79,400 square foot annex of the Museum of Natural Sciences. An appropriation of $10,000,000 would be combined with $40,000,000 of non-appropriated funds raised by the Friends of the Museum. The Nature Resource Center will engage teachers, students, and the general public in scientific research in an interactive environment. Requirements - Nonrecurring $50,000,000 Receipts - Nonrecurring $40,000,000 Appropriation - Nonrecurring $10,000,000 10. DENR - Office Building Capital funding is recommended for the acquisition, planning, design, and construction of a 250,000 square foot office building for DENR employees on Blue Ridge Road in Raleigh. Currently, approximately 636 DENR employees are in leased space (including the Parker Lincoln Building). Leases will expire in three years, and this facility will provide space to relocate these employees and DENR employees now in the downtown complex. Appropriation - Nonrecurring $50,005,300 JB
  9. Because the market is there for this kind of project. Raleigh had to give Marriott $20 Million is concessions to get them to build a hotel, next to the convention center. JB
  10. What should they do with the 5 acres of land if they cannot build on it. What about the $50K in taxes that is paid on this proprty every year ? JB
  11. We live in N Raleigh near Creedmoor and Strickland - my wife works downtown in the Bank of America Building on Fayetteville Street and I work on Cent Campus at NC State. We'd love to take the train to work but we'd have to drive about 15 minutes to the nixed Spring Forest station and find a place to park or take a bus. I'd have to take a bus from the Reynolds Coliseum station to my office about 2 miles away. My 20 minute commute now easily exceeds an hour. Roundtrip would cost $6 a day I guess plus parking ? I'm actually a supporter of the TTA and I'm not gonna ride. JB
  12. I wouldn't call that part of town the "burbs". It is in a city focus area and dense development shoud be located there. When the TTA is built or close to construction, then you will see more development along its path. I wouldn't invest $180M in a location that may see a TTA sometime down the road. JB
  13. I wouldn't count on that. The RBC building is being adjusted slightly but it is still on its way. I would think that the "Reynolds Tower" which has been in the works for seemingly years is likely to get shelved or shaved down quite a bit. JB
  14. This pains me to sound like this since it is adverse to most of my political beliefs but the property owners want to invest a lot of cash in a property and their investment is consistent with the Raleigh comprehensive plan and the local neighborhood plan, the city shouldn't block it just because they would rather it be downtown. Sure I'd rather it go downtown and I rather Raleigh's skyline look like NY but these guys want to invest a lot in the city, lets work with them. JB
  15. One other thing to consider is that the complex geopgraphy (eater bodies & terrain) discourage the sprawling development we see here. JB
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