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  1. While I agree with the spirit of your comments, I must take issue with the idea that there is a bountiful surplus of water in Falls Lake. The lake level is above normal, but that is not because of excess water supply, but rather because of conservation at the area reservoirs. The reservoirs have been releasing very little water since last fall, so what little water is flowing into them is largely staying there. Soon the typical spike in demand that occurs in the warm season and the increased loss due to evaporation will result in pretty dramatic drops in the lake levels proving the North American weather pattern holds Outside of the excessive rain that was received in June, September, and November '06, rainfall has been less than normal. A drought conference call this morning described the situation as troubling since nearly all of the streams and rivers in central NC are at or below 25% of their normal flow. So many people on this board complain about the lack of leadership or planning when dealing with development issues (too rapid growth, traffic problems, insignificant public transportation) but when there is some discussion of conservation of something as important as water, it seems to get slighted. I have no problems with the proposed water restrictions, they tend to work. I would also support a graduated fee structure based on consumption. Here's a graph that shows the Falls Lake elevation for the past 7 years or so... Falls Lake elevation chart JB
  2. Because it's a commuter school and commuters have cars around here. It's cheaper to buy a bunch of land and put parking lots on it in the burbs then to build parking decks downtown. Sure it would be nice to have light rail or better bus service for commuters, but when you are taking classes after work and need to get home quickly afterwards, public transit will be a tough sell. JB
  3. I believe the Hechts store at Crabtree will be relabeled a Macy's in the near furture. JB
  4. How about service equipment ? JB
  5. Actually it is Virgin America, is the startup airline backed by Virgin Atlantic Airlines founder and billionaire Richard Branson. The airline's application to provide service in the United States lists RDU as one of nearly 40 markets the carrier "would potentially be interested in serving." We've been on these lists before, the article mentions JetBlue as a recent example, so don't join the Branson fan club yet. JB
  6. If Crabtree replaces the Lord and Taylor spot with a Dillards then they will be very disapointed. They need something to distinguish themsleves like a Blomingdales (long shot), H&M (more resaonable possibility) or some other uniquity. JB
  7. Those guys are late to the party. I'm sure they wouldn't let me change the terms of a lease with them midway through, why should Raleigh allow them to jump in this late. Allowing them to jump in would send a bad signal to others and might discourage others from submitting proposals to RFD's in the future. JB
  8. I am a big supporter of Centennial Campus but it must be taken for what it is. Residential would help but it is never going to be a large component of the campus. Who would like there ? Students do not have the cash to support many small business that you would want in a corporate park. There will be a dining hall and a gym eventually opened by the university but the amout of private retail/commercial will never get that large. Not many white collar professionals are not going to want to live in that enviroment and invest cash for a condo. Why live there ? It isn't very convienent to many places outside work. The housing option that is there would kill a normal person in a manner of months (4 level property - that's a lot of stairs to go up and down. JB
  9. Those statements are a little off. As an employee who works in Research III, the building in which the Centennial Campus development office resides, I know that the campus development/planning group is actively recruiting restaurants and retail to the campus. The Venture Place was expected to be one location with restaurants, a dry cleaners, office supply retail, etc but there has been lots of trouble trying to get those folks to sign on. Think about it, there is a developing campus with a wide variety of people on it which is a bit isolated from nearby neighborhoods. If I wanted to open a dry cleaners or Quiznos I wouldn't invest my money there yet. The campus hasn't reached a critical mass to support these types of investments. Just because we wish that there was a mixed use center developed and fully leased (I do so I could walk over for lunch) doesn't mean that it should be built now or that it would be successful. JB
  10. Today's N&O says that Highwaoods is going to begin building the second office building at Glen Lake this October. This is a really nice looking office park. I kinda wish they had held out and not sold some of the property for residential. The Crabtree submarket appears to be rather hot right now. GlenLake Master Plan Glen Lake News & Observer Link
  11. ...redevelop all the way to the Exxon at the corner of Blue Ridge and Crabtree. I drive by there every day and I ntoiced that the Exxon is now a shell station. Anybody else notice this ? JB
  12. go to www.wraltv.com click on the "traffic" button at the top of the page, next to "weather" and "sports" click on the "+" symbol over downtown raleigh on the map click on "3" for camer view #3 JB
  13. I came across the web cam view, it isn't very clear but it is a high flying birds eye view. Link
  14. An Atlanta partnership wants to build condos, apartments, shops and restaurants on Kidd's Hill overlooking Crabtree Valley Mall -- the latest project in the transformation of one of the Triangle's most popular retail corridors into a place also to call home. See the N&O article below... Link
  15. See the article at the Triangle Business Journal for more info about the continuing troubles at Seaboard Link
  16. There is a promo video that isn't linked to but it is on the web site Link
  17. Haven't seen many images of Fayetteville Street Construction. I came across some from May via the Downtown Raleigh Alliance. Link
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