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  1. According to Accela, Halls Chophouse is coming to 4300 Congress St. I believe that is Capitol Towers.
  2. I just noticed a "hotel project" popped up in Accella for 3042 South Blvd. The parcel is where the Citgo gas station sits across from Greystone restaurant. Anyone know anything?
  3. According to their website, Jeni's Ice Cream will be replaced Va Da Vie Gelato at Park Road Shopping center. https://jenis.com/parkroad/
  4. Only $100k? We could crowdsource that here and make Urban Planet brewery. We don't seem to have any shortage of ideas on how to run a brewery.
  5. There are plans to make it at least passable until those parcels are eventually redeveloped. http://www.charlotterailtrail.org/projects/grove-field
  6. New retail space coming to this area https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/3601-South-Blvd-Charlotte-NC/14506627/
  7. I also walked the rail trail on Saturday and was nearly run over by at least 5 different packs of scooter riding bros.
  8. After visiting the Indian Land Lidl, I won't be sad if this doesn't get built here.
  9. I went to Fidelli a few times for a bottle of wine and it was almost empty every time. Also, everytime I drove by....empty. The food was meh, but I figured it would get at least some traction with the wine store bottle prices.
  10. Does Greystone even do meat and three anymore? The last time I was there for lunch they didn’t have it on the menu. The menu on their website doesn’t list anything either. http://www.greystonepubclt.com/menu.html
  11. "I'm here painting the outside" - 3 stars
  12. Hyde Brewing taps spotted across from Northface. It may just be here for an event, but could they open a taproom in the mall if they wanted?
  13. How about where Maggianos is at Southpark?
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