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  1. The Collinswood school property (15ac) sold for over $26 millon.
  2. This land is under contact with Woodfield Investments. Does anyone have a contact there that could give some insight on what they have planned for this property?
  3. It looks like the South End Chick-fil-A is adding a second drive through lane. Hopefully, this will help with the traffic back ups. CFA # 2044 South End Existing one story Chick-fil-A to have parking and drive-thru area adjusted for additional drive-thru lane. dumpster to be demolished and replaced.
  4. I would love to see the burlington/home depot shopping center (South Blvd/Woodlawn) redeveloped with a grocery store and seamless connection to the woodlawn lightrail station.
  5. Does anyone have any insight into why this ped crossing has always been blocked off near the scaleybark station?
  6. Is the corner where the old gas station was included?
  7. From what I understand, the land is being sold and for rent townhomes will be built there instead.
  8. I heard from a realtor friend that the LoSo Walk townhomes at S. Tryon and Freeland are canceling contracts with buyers and what has already been built will be torn down.
  9. They put up some really nice looking brick and then painted it all white.
  10. I wish they would just sell this site, take their pile of profit and build further down south blvd.
  11. I guess it they decided against the retail/office component since the community meeting. How many units are going in? That is a huge piece of property.
  12. Don't forget about the office/retail/residential going in across from the woodlawn QT.
  13. In front of Ashton this morning
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