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  1. Heard that Bowman Hospitality is looking at a spot on Wedington Road to open Westside Grill with the same menu as Eastside.
  2. We used to have trolleys and vans that made that loop only they went down West street to the Library and then to the square. They were empty most of the time and were nick named Hannah's folleys!
  3. Heard a rumour from a reliable source this morning that Bowman Hospitality is going to close the Union restaurant in the Chancellor Hotel at the end of October! They never got enough local traffic and the menu is to upscale for the type of traveller that stays at the hotel.
  4. Any news on when Deluxe Burger is going to open on Dickson? They were trying to open by football but still not open!
  5. The Business Journal states that "a well-known, independent restaurant group in Fayetteville is close to moving into" Eddie Haskell"s. Looks like Bowman Hospitality is expanding again. I just hope they don't grow too fast!
  6. Does anyone know what's going on at the old sale barn location? It's been fenced, the barn is gone and they're moving alot of dirt.
  7. They also own Eastside Grill on Crossover road, I didn't know they owned Primo. Nice atmosphere and great food at all of the above.
  8. I saw where Bowman Hospitality has applied for an LLC under the name Bowman Hotel Restaurant. I've heard Theo's will be running the restaurant and bar in the Chancelor. Anyone else heard anything?
  9. Vetro 1925 Dinner on center street in Fayetteville is now open. We had reservations Saturday night. It is absolutely the best Italian I've had in a very long time! Had the polenta stuffed quail, can't wait to go back and try the Ossobuco!
  10. Thanks for the link. That's one fantastic menu. I hope they don't change it too much for Vetro!
  11. This is great news! I hope it's "real" Italian, the restaurants in NWA seem to think Italian means pasta and pizza. I don't know about Tulsa but there's a Vetro restaurant out by JFK in Howard Beach, NY that serves wonderful food. Lots of seafood and some of the best veal I've ever had.
  12. I worked on the square 10 or 12 years ago when the city bought bus type trolleys like the ones up in Eureka. There were two of them that ran from the courthouse down Dickson across West street and back around the square. The longest you ever had to wait on one to come by was 10-15 minutes. They were almost always empty! I wonder what the ridership is on the new weekend shuttle from the square to Dickson Street. I've also noticed this trend for the trolleys in Little Rock. They go round and round and with the exception of a few tourist they're empty. Maybe once the population grows to the point
  13. There is a new BBQ place on the west side of Farmington called JJ's. I haven't stopped and tried it yet but they claim to serve KC style BBQ. I hope that just doesn't mean they use KC Masterpiece!
  14. It's in the building where Elenita's was. For you old timers it's the old Hoot's drive in.
  15. Stopped in at Sala Thai on south School last night (by EMS, was previously Asian Fusian) had the Pad Thai and some red curry. Some of the best i've had in NWA.
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