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  1. Midtown Atlanta District Developments

    Midtown Update... New proposals: SCAD student housing 740 West Peachtree street (Anthem IT center) The Mark Recent groundbreakings: Colony Square renovation 195 13th Street Still growing...
  2. Midtown Atlanta District Developments

    Yes the Biltmore has been office space for a while but was purchased by Georgia Tech last year. I'm not sure of their specific plans. The big hole in the ground in the CODA building. The building in the last photo across from CODA is of a dorm project known as "The Standard".
  3. Yep Webcam found here. I can't find the direct link.
  4. Midtown Atlanta District Developments

    A couple of skyline / construction photos
  5. Midtown Atlanta District Developments

    Also the AC hotel / Moxy hotel has broken ground. And Colony Square presented plans to the Midtown DRC this week. Phased construction of the project will begin this year. The open air plaza that will replace the mall The last phase will include a new yet to be determined tower. It could be office, hotel, or residential. Site plan
  6. Midtown Atlanta District Developments

    Midtown rundown Northisde Midtown MOB is now underway Amli + 1270 Spring Street NCR + topped out Modera construction of NCR's phase 2 tower has begun Ascent 880 West Peachtree demo Apogee Lilli Coda Post
  7. 98 14th Street - 74-Stories - 920' - Proposed

    It turns out that this will not be a Waldorf. The developer was apparently in talks with Waldorf but those ended in June when they decided against having the Waldorf branding for No2 Opus Place ( the first tower). According to the VP at Berkshire Hathway HomeServices Georgia Properties’ CITY HAUS Division, Kerman Haynes, “Waldorf Astoria will not be involved in Midtown Atlanta’s newest condominium tower, No2 Opus Place. While developers were at one point in discussions with Waldorf Astoria, these talks ended in June 2016. Ownership elected to build a very special residential tower without a hotel component due to the strength of the condominium market in Atlanta.”
  8. Midtown Atlanta District Developments

    1105 West Peachtree $400 million Midtown mixed-use project proposed 32-story, 645,000 square feet of office tower 17-story, 80 unit residential tower 12-story, 150-key boutique hotel If an anchor tenant is signed for the office space, construction could begin as soon as mid-2017. Selig Enterprises plans $400 million Midtown mixed-use project
  9. Atlanta gains TWO new F500 companies in 2009.

    Atlanta has had a couple of F500 losses since this list. Southern company cannibalized AGL resources in a merger/acquisition and Newell relocated their HQ to Connecticut IIRC. On the plus side, Veritiv will likely be added Atlanta's F500 list this year.
  10. Atlanta's Regional Rail and Transit Systems.

    Here is the map of the proposed expansion including the new stations.
  11. Midtown Atlanta District Developments

    Midtown has the among highest average rents in Atlanta but that's probably because it has the most new apartments. I don't know about the typical price range but the new buildings to me are crazy expensive. For condos, there is a wide range of prices but not a lot of inventory so its a seller's market and prices have been on the rise. A 2br in a newer building will be in $300-400's.
  12. Downtown Atlanta District Developments

    Yes. The parking deck wraps around a gas station that will be remodeled.
  13. 496,973

    To make things even more exciting, the city is planning for growth and density. Tim Keane, the city's planning commissioner by way of Charleston, is planning for the city's population to triple over the next 30 years and for the growth to occur in the core areas and corridors. That might sound ambitious but it is based on Census population projections for the region combined with the percentage of people that want to live in an urban area. The darker gold areas are highest density.
  14. Avatron Park

    I had forgotten about this. I found an article from June stating that financing for the project had not yet come through and the land was not yet purchased. This may be dead by now. Work has yet to start on Avatron theme park (paywall)
  15. Atlanta's Regional Rail and Transit Systems.

    Agreed. This will FINALLY create some transit expansion in Atlanta. It's too bad that transit funding has to come in such a piecemeal fashion but that's where we are. And honestly, if transit is only expanded within the city for a while, I'm perfectly fine with that.