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  1. Are you involved with the two homes next to the complex you live in? Care to give your neighbor a tour of what you are working on? I am in the process of helping of helping my girlfriend move up to Philadelphia with me and will be gone for good next Thursday. I'd still like to see what the plans are for the area.
  2. XAdamX


    Some more of the renderings.
  3. XAdamX


    Here are some pictures I took today. I didn't feel like bringing my nice camera but a point and shoot gets the job done. Sorry about the size of the photos but I didn't have time to resize.
  4. He probably won't admit as much but "W.A.S.P." is his definition of "decent people."
  5. XAdamX


    I made the mistake of reading some of the comments to the article posted. I must have hit a wormhole somehow that sent me unwillingly back into the 1950's.
  6. XAdamX

    Amway Center

    I was there a few hours before the game against the Heat and was able to go inside without issue. It might depend how far in advance to the game's opening that determines whether your are allowed to enter or not.
  7. XAdamX

    Amway Center

    Assuming he [shaq] won't be hurt by that point in the season. The opener against Washington will be a tough ticket to nab. I hope to return to the City Beautiful for the match up against Miami (whenever that may be). I'll also be at the Hornets game when Miami comes to town (and Orlando of course).
  8. Thanks for the link. That was surprisingly informative. I didn't see this project on there (probably because it was so small) but it looks like it is nearing completion. This is the intersection of Highland and Lee. A large, random median was carved into another turn lane and it appears as though all that is left is the painting of lines. I'd still argue that the median is too big but maybe that's just me. Let's get this completed already!
  9. Anyone have any online links to the various trail projects in Seminole/Orange counties? The one I found for Seminole seems to be severely out of date. My understanding was the Cross-Seminole Trail would connect with pre-existing trails in Orange County and others in Seminole ( for example the Wekiva Trail). I also understand a few overpasses will be constructed (much like the one over 434 in Winter Springs and the one over 436 in Winter Park). Thanks.
  10. I recently moved here from Seattle and had some questions concerning traffic projects. What is the proposed Brightside/Nicholson intersection project and where could I obtain some online information regarding the specifics? Also, construction on Brightside itself has left me confused. The only information I could find was an article dated from September of last year in The Daily Reveille which has the project already past due. What are they doing exactly (it appears to be the addition of a middle turn lane but I am not sure)?
  11. XAdamX

    Amway Center

    A championship banner would look great in the new arena. Please match the offer sheet for J.J. Redick, Otis! I agree with the above comment. A retooled Miami squad is good for the entire state and hopefully the future of basketball in Florida.
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