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  1. While riding through downtown Greensboro yesterday, I noticed Ellenburg and Shaffer are moving. This is the stain glass place across from Natty's. It appears they are relocating to other states. Also RIM is closed and it looked as if the Elm Street Center is for sale.
  2. City Council votes unanimously to move forward with the ballpark.
  3. If you never ate at this restaurant, then you missed the best restaurant in all of downtown Greensboro. The dinner menu was killer and they had the best pork chops and spaghetti and meat balls i have ever eaten. In fact there is no other restaurants in all of downtown that has food this good at these price points. It is truly a sad day. I know alot of people will miss this restaurant.
  4. Basically this is small town thinking for you at it's best. And your right peopel are too damn lazy to park in a deck and walk. Until people's attitute changes about parking decks it will be hard to compete with the Friendly Center and strip Malls. People around here are spoiled. I do hope they get this worked out though.
  5. So far downtown has lost 2 art gallerys, minj grill, and according to 99 blocks a popular night spot will be closing soon. I wonder if it is ChurchHills. I heard they were not doing good. The Metro is also closing soon. Hopefully downtown want turn into another ghost town before this recession is over. But so far it don't look good.
  6. I lived in Southside on MLK for 3 years and sold just before the real estate crisis. I now live behind Natty Greene's in an apartment. They have said that this building has been 50% sold for about 2 years. I guess they haven't had any new sales in 2 years. I have checked on this building several times and I have recently found out the banks are not loaning money on condo buidings unless they are 51% sold out. With that said, lets hope they are 51% sold out or they might have a problem getting a mortgage. Having lived downtown for 5 years now, I have made many friends and know a lot of restaurant owners personally. The ones you mentioned are doing ok, but Fincastles almost closed last fall due to issues with the building owner. Metro is getting ready to close soon and most restaurants owners will tell you there business is not that great. All of those places are nice, but don't bring in the volume of people that the bars and clubs bring. All of those are great additions. The amount of people visiting downtown has dropped off tremendously over the past 5 years. It is not as poplar as it was 5 years ago. One thing that I have observed is that news media seems to play up how poplar downtown is. It is almost like they are speaking it into being, calling things that are not as though they were. I am not saying this is a bad thing, but I think alot of it is hype and just done to get people to come downtown, or interested in downtown. I have said before and I will say it again. I think downtown Greensboro has a great future in the entertainment venue, but I seriously doubt it will grow much beyond that. It will be a place where club goers and empty nesters like to live because of a community feel, but as far as downtown attracting new towers and high paying jobs, I don't see it happening. The next area that will see job growth in Greensboro will be in and around the airport.
  7. I can afford it, but there is not enough in downtown Greensboro that would prompt me to consider paying those kind of dues. Now if downtown offered everything I needed including retail, a grocery store, a hardware store, pharmacy etc, I might consider it, but not for a bunch of bars and clubs. When downtown becomes more balanced with high paying Jobs being #1, then investing in this kind of building might be good, but I would not consider investing in this kind of property after living in downtown for the past 5 years, I don't see it moving very fast, infact it has dropped off tremendouly in the past 5 years. Most of the restaurants excluding Natty Green's and Mellow Mushroom, are struggling. And retail has never been good.
  8. I am not sure who is going to be able to afford these condos. Did you know that the Home Owners Association fees are .30 cents a square foot a month. So if you have a 1000 sf condo you will be paying $300.00 a month in HOA dues. I was told that this covered parking, water, insurance and window washing. If you have a 1200 sf unit you will be paying $360.00 a month. I don't that many people who can afford these kind of prices in Greensboro. I think these remaining units will be on the market a long time.
  9. Looks like a Comfort Inn Hotel to me. I am not impressed but I guess downtown Greensboro will take whatever they can get.
  10. Thats old new The owners of Sweat Potatoes closed The Cotton Mill Restaurant, but has opened again under new management with the same name. The Cotton Mill Restaurant located at the Brookstown Mill has reopened under new management. Steven Butcher, formerly the general manager at the Twin City Chop House, took over the restaurant in late September. The Cotton Mill was previously opened and operated by Stephanie Tyson and Vivian Joyner of Sweet Potatoes in the fall of 2007. They closed the in July 2008.
  11. Charlotte - Nascar -- Banking -- New South -- Families -- Boring Tampa - Retirement -- same -- the bay -- old -- water / bay Miami - Cuban -- Art Deco and non-stop party -- Caribbean, latin -- Flashy -- Gay Oklahoma City - Bombing -- nothing -- new basketball team -- Cow Town -- no where Indianapolis - Indianapolis 500 -- similar to Charlotte -- the 500 -- Racing -- Cold Providence - Boston's little brother -- P-town and gayness -- Boston Lite -- Coloquial -- Smells Raleigh - Capitol -- universities -- Cary -- Capital -- Traffic Nashville - Country Music -- same -- country music -- Country Music -- Porter Wagoner Louisville - Baseball Bat -- horses -- waterfront, Ali -- underlooked -- nothing Memphis - Blues -- BBQ and Beale Street -- Beale St., Elvis -- Fed Ex -- Elvis San Antonio - Military -- nothing -- canal/riverwalk -- Alamo -- Nothing Denver - Green -- scenery and mountains -- Mile High -- skiing -- Snow Portland - Smart -- green / somewhat hippy -- bicycles and transit -- Rainy -- Young Seattle - Rainy -- same -- Pike's fish market -- Rainy -- Armpit of the us Boston - Colonial -- history -- intellectualism, universities -- Traditional Minneapolis - Cold -- nothing -- overstreet walkways (maybe that's St. Paul?) -- Cold -- Cold Albuquerque - Desert -- arts -- pueblos? -- Desert Asheville -- Warm Austin - College -- growing -- bell tower, Longhorns -- Over-hyped- MTV Real World Dallas - JFK -- super sprawl -- Cowboys, Who shot JR? - 1980's -- Nothing Houston - Sprawling -- same -- oil money -- Sprawl - nothing Orlando - Families -- Disney -- Bloom -- Tourists - Swamp Atlanta - Traffic - rap, congestion -- ATL, Olympics -- "Can Do" - MARTA Milwaukee - Chicago's little brother -- beer -- decay -- Forgotten -- Laverne and Shirley Chicago - Skyscrapers -- lake, dense -- progressive, birthplace of skyscrapers -- Poor Man's NYC -- getto Des Moines - Heartland = farming -- skyscrapers on the plains -- Rollercoaster -- nothing Asheville - Hippies -- art (and actually the true underbelly of A-ville, rich out of staters) -- historic art deco -- Biltmore House -- Granola Greensboro - Colleges -- city nearby -- ACC -- Boring -- Party City Durham - Baseball park --dad lives there -- Tobacco Road -- Duke -- Duke Medical Center Winston Salem - Forgotten -- cigarettes -- Cesar Pelli's 2nd best building in NC -- Wake Forest -- Krespy Kreme -- Hanes -- Birmingham (AL) - Vulcan park, steel mills -- Declining -- Ruben Studdard Omaha - college baseball -- Warren Buffett -- Nothing Jacksonville - waterfront -- The Boring Big City in FL -- Cops Richmond - "under the radar" as you don't really hear it mentioned that much, Confederate capital -- Brick -- Tobacco Baltimore - Inner harbor, war of 1812, The Wire -- Sugar -- historic Salk Lake City - Mormons, Olympics, "SLC Punk" -- Mormon -- Cult Little Rock - Clinton -- MTV Special on Gangs -- Nothing Greenville (SC) - Pedestrian bridge -- Charming Downtown -- Kewl Pittsburgh - three rivers, steel mills -- mini-NYC that didn't quite adapt fast enough and wasn't on the coast -- Nothing Philadelphia - Liberty bell, Rocky -- Bad Attitudes -- Dirty
  12. Winston-Salem has moved closer toward reaching an ambitious national economic goal. the Winston-Salem metropolitan statistical area was ranked for the first time among the top 100 best-performing cities in the nation. It ranks 200 metropolitan areas based on economic growth, including both long-term and short-term measurements of employment and salary growth and indicators of high-tech output. The Winston-Salem MSA was ranked 99th overall, up from 128th in 2007. The area improved in seven of nine categories from the 2007 report. By comparison, the Greensboro-High Point MSA -- which consists of Guilford, Randolph and Rockingham counties -- slid to 141st from 136th in 2007. The bright spot for the Winston-Salem MSA in the Milken index was a No. 18 ranking for gross domestic product from its high-tech sector from 2002 to 2006, primarily related to jobs created at Dell Inc.'s plant in Forsyth County and at the research park. Metro 2008 2007 Job growth Wage growth Raleigh-Cary 2nd 10th 11th 57th Charlotte-Gastonia-Concord 26th 23rd 35th 49th Winston-Salem 99th 128th 104th 158th Greensboro-High Point 141st 136th 132nd 167th http://www2.journalnow.com/content/2008/se...-100-list/news/
  13. I was in dowtown Durham today and decided I would take a tour of the American Tobacco Historic District to see exactly what kind of work Struever Brothers does. I must say that I was impressed with that they have done in downtown Durham. I cannot wait for them to get started in downtown Winston. If they do anything in the PTRP like they have done in Durham, then it will definitely bring the cool factor to downtown. Check it out: http://www.sber.com/home.php
  14. JerseyBoy, I assume Phase I is the current One Park Vista, Phase II includes restoration of Pepper Building, twin to 1 Park Vista, and Park and Phase III is the 12+ Story tower? If so which pahse is the Courthouse in? Please clarify?
  15. I saw this on the Fox8 news Friday night that downtown could support 300,000 sf of retail shopping. That Ed Wolverton is a real go getter. I loved it when he said the days of downtown being able to recruit a Nordstroms or a Macy are long gone. Really shows what kind of big thinkers we have in charge. We need someone in charge like Citiboi. I would like to see a Target, Harris Teeter, Lowes or Home Depot and definitely some hip clothing shops like maybe a Gap or Banana Republic. The Kress building where the former Rum Runners was located is definitely upsale enough for a nice department store. Add at least 4 or 5 high rises that are taller than 19 or 20 stories so we can catch up with Winston.
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