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  1. There are some very nice photos in this thread. I'm sure Orlando being a very nice city had much to do with that! lol
  2. Office buildings under construction. The building on the right was the old Yale & Towne manufacturing building and is one of the oldest buildings in Stamford. It has been converted to condos, also part of the project. More condos... This building used to be a branch of the Stamford Police Department, but its currently being renovated. I'm not too sure if it is part of the Harbor Point project, but it seems that way since they pretty much own the whole block its in.
  3. Some photos I have tooken of this area from far away. This image was taken during last winter, maybe January 2012. The building on the left and the one in the center with the construction crane are part of the Harbor Point project. The following photo is of earlier in the summer, around June. I have a few more and I will upload them shortly.
  4. This is how the building looks. It's the 4th tallest building in Connecticut and the tallest residential building in the state. From the upper floors, the New York City skyline is visible, as well as the foothills of the Apalachian Mountains, Long Island and Long Island Sound. There's a new park currently under construction right across the street, this is why in some photographs the foreground looks rather odd. The sunlight reflects rather nicely from this building and has a very appealing effect, definitely making the building an eyecandy. However, I have tried to capture the
  5. This is another project that has been finished. One of the most elegant buildings in Stamford.
  6. Why is this thread still open? This project was finished a long time ago.
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