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  1. Holden and Broome are democrats but seem to have pretty different beliefs.
  2. And we still can't get a hotel at Perkins Rowe...
  3. Interesting. I guess I'll wait to see what she plans to do. Of course they do, that's a requirement for the job. Regarding 2016 as a whole, Baton Rouge weathered most of it very well. Between thousands of displaced people, racial tension, and the cowardly act of shooting those officers, I've never seen people in this city come together despite such a toxic climate. However, I was only talking about the protest I witnessed.
  4. What changes? BRPD had an exceptionally tough year, but I'd have to disagree about the protests. Particularly because I was at the one downtown.
  5. I think she mentioned police brutality in her campaign and some people understood it as "anti-police" sentiment.
  6. Oh of course. But 10 more years without improvements?
  7. We'll see how long that lasts without infrastructure improvements and proper planning.
  8. I love that idea. I wonder why this was never a option when officials were looking to build a new airport?
  9. I like the idea of a new airport in rural Livingston Parish. As cajun mentioned, it's market would be much larger than just metro Baton Rouge. I would like to see Hwy 190 widened from Denham Springs all the way out to Hammond. It is the only legitimate bypass of I-12 when there is an accident. And when there is an accident, traffic on Hwy 190 gets pretty congested. I don't see a Hammond/BR metro area. If anything Baton Rouge would absorb Hammond or as I see it, Hammond with still be considered as a northshore city as it and Covington grow closer together. And I still believe it's in our best interest to work with New Orleans as much as possible.
  10. But the plants on the river aren't.
  11. I like the idea of having a local chain there. Although it's not a special since they've bought out Leblanc's.
  12. I edited your posts and removed the quote box, I just backspaced it away, would it not allow you guys to do that?
  13. Can't see them either. What app did you use?
  14. Can they defund this if they so choose?
  15. If you zoom in and look at "P", it says "North Blvd - Florida Connector (Florida Blvd at Cloud Dr to North Blvd)." What does that mean? Also, widening Glen Oaks Dr, is that necessary? Overall, looks really good to me. I like the concentration of aesthetic improvements in north Baton Rouge and elsewhere like S Sherwood Forest. I wonder what those improvements include?