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  1. Antrell Williams

    Mid City

    Was that round about in the plans from the beginning? [emoji848] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  2. Antrell Williams

    New Entertainment District

    I cannot fathom living in a downtown and complaining about noise and traffic. Move to Zachary. I kind of like streets being open, how do y'all feel about closing 3rd St?
  3. Antrell Williams

    The Water Campus

    Is is necessary? There's already a ton of lights along Nicholson and roundabouts are harder for pedestrians to use. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  4. Antrell Williams

    Downtown Library Plans

    The trip back home will be an interesting one. Bunch of new developments to see. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  5. Antrell Williams

    Baton Rouge Transportation

    The comments on Business Report are refreshing. I have to side with the skeptics. Double down on the issue and don't change your approach with traffic. I-10 widening from the split to Highland Rd pt 2. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  6. Antrell Williams

    Comite Diversion Canal.....time to take it seriously

    I laughed out loud on that one. Lol Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  7. Antrell Williams

    Roundabouts/Traffic Circles?

    We should at least get a commission check. Hopefully they finish it off with a beautiful garden or fountain. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  8. Hey Antrell...

    Just a head's up..took a few construction pics of Lofts @6 C....Mariott ..Library & Belvedere at IBM a few weeks ago....

    1. Antrell Williams

      Antrell Williams

      I'm confused.  What's the head's up for?

  9. Antrell Williams

    Roundabouts/Traffic Circles?

    The ones here in Hammond cause accidents with the big rigs and still backs up during rush hour. Its better during non-pek hours though. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  10. Antrell Williams

    Comite Diversion Canal.....time to take it seriously

    Could this be a class action case against the state? Obviously not if we haven't seen "If you or anyone you know..." commercials.
  11. Antrell Williams

    Baton Rouge Coffee House

    I haven't kept up with the organization, did they officially turn into Together Louisiana? And if they are fighting against industrial development, what is the objective problem? I mean, I would not like to see further industrial development in the form of processing along the River. Isn't that more of a personal opinion type of issue? If you meant they are lying about their intent, then I understand the frustration. Do you not support the special taxing district because they are pushing it, or for other reasons? I wouldn't say you're conflicted from my perspective and I would disagree about tax breaks being the only viable solution to our economic problems. One of the main ones being a lack of diversity in the economy which more tax incentives for more industry doesn't help solve. Can we address the infrastructure and education as a state, for once? Because we don't, we won't, we never will. And I believe it's a direct result of these massive incentives given to these industries. And they are not quite as stable when they lay off thousands of employees and the whole region feels it. Lake Charles will feel that wrath in the coming years. Can we take that money we are giving them and use it to rebuild our schools, roads, coastline, LSU, SU, UNO, etc? I understand using tax incentives, without them downtown wouldn't be what it is today. However, I cannot understand the reason why we don't take the idea of "throwing money at a problem" and use it with our poor folks and broken infrastructure. If you disregard the rest of this post, I truly would like an answer as to why huge rich companies are prioritized higher with our tax dollars over our own poor and everyone in general and if you think that giving them tax money would have a larger net gain over the investment of our citizens? I don't understand what you mean about Tennessee's tax incentives. The tax incentives are paid by the income of the business and employees receiving the incentives? I can't believe that anyone who wants this state to prosper is anti-business. I would imagine that I fit that bill. Although I'm not anti-business. I'm anti corporate welfare at the expense of the citizens. I'm anti cancer alley along the river parishes. I'm anti dangerous jobs that can lay you off at any time. I would imagine that Broome and Landrieu share at least one of my ideas (not a fan of either, fyi). Having Amazon in your city and not paying taxed is blasphemous when everyone else does. This is why I'm glad some other city will land it. I prefer to build an environment in our state so that we can foster these types if companies rather than beg them with tax payer dollars. Think Golden State and how they drafted that team and won 72 games, don't think OKC and give away your assets then try to lure targets to finally compete with teams who know how to grow a team instead of through free agency. Amazon would skyrocket housing prices, offer no benefit to the poor and vast majority of the middle class, impact our infrastructure that we would promise to upgrade for them, impact our emergency services, etc all without paying a dime. Is that correct? This is pragmatic, I would agree. I am extremely pragmatic. Although I think this helps the well off more than anything. I get that we have no leverage. That's my whole point in supporting the idea of starting from scratch and rebuild from the bottom up. Golden State drafted an All Star in the freaking 2nd round. That does NOT happen in the NBA. For the love of whoever you pray to, I do now want to see schools falling apart while we dole out $50 million in incentives to some Chinese plant. People that are pro-business tend to neglect our infrastructure over corporate profits in my experience. I've never seen a pro-business politician slash taxes for small businesses, never see them investing in roads (unless they can lure a huge company), and never care about the people of the state. Their primary concern seems to be helping their rich friends and donors. They never include any type of diversification worth much (IBM, cough cough). I'm not moving to Denver because of those reasons, I'm moving because of the ones I stated and my friends who moved there did the same. I'm not sure you know what we want as millennials. I'm certainly not speaking for all, but we generally want a larger social program system than generation before us, along with a work environment where you're more than an employee number, and many other improvements in employer/employee relations. Out of the numerous people I know who have moved, most of them have jobs they could have here. The others are in California and work in film/arts. The one thing that seems to entice them is the stuff to do. The job is great, but the parks, the schools, the universities, the trails, the light rail, the roads, and all the shiny stuff is basically the same draw as the postwar suburbs. That's what makes them stay. That is a huge reason why I'm leaving. Seeing the type of city that Seattle is and how much money is put into the infrastructure from transit to decorations was bewildering. I don't know if I used that right but oh well. Coming back to Baton Rouge was depressing as even our nice areas are run down compared to theirs. Diversifying the economy is a HUGE one. We don't want to work in the plants. My best friend was working in the plants, making $1900 a week once. Lost his job. Now at almost 27 he's waiting on the ability to go back to school and leave Louisiana. I think we really should have gone in on the movie industry. That's a good start to keeping the bright kids at home. I would like to see how much we were losing compared to oil and gas and the impact on the economy. Corruption is the death sentence for this state, and most of pro-business politicians seem to revel in it. When I hear pro-business, I think campaign donors and their kickbacks. We've been doing the welfare thing for a while now, and it doesn't seem to work well. And for the record, I'd support incentives for some kind of transformative industry like renewables but never for the same oil, gas, and chemical processing that we have now and I think that tide is turning. Sorry it took so long and sorry if I went off topic any.
  12. Antrell Williams

    Baton Rouge Transportation

    This will become a problem once gentrification seeps into the neighborhood. Man, I wanted to rebuild the grid in that area and this is 100 steps backwards.
  13. Antrell Williams

    Baton Rouge Coffee House

    Well said man. I've said this many times but I really wanted to see Kip at the Lt Gov. position. What is he doing now? Also, I think the Atchafalaya Basin could be a much larger recreational asset than it is now. It's not mountains or white sand beaches but its the largest swamp in the country! And beautiful to boot. Nor could she hire one with legit credentials.
  14. Antrell Williams

    Movie Production in Baton Rouge

    Nice! They were filming a movie at the National Guard/Army base in Hammond last week. Cops, trailers, the whole shebang.
  15. Antrell Williams

    Baton Rouge Riverfront Plan

    I like it. Downtown needs greenspace and those comments are very telling. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk