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  1. I would imagine that PeachMac is instead opting to open in the new Columbus Park Crossing opening next year. They would fit better their because from what I hear a lot more upscale and national brands are landing there. And yes I saw the sign up too.
  2. Agreed that was a very well produced video. If I were a future tenant eyeing this area I would certainly consider Riverchase after viewing the promo video. Looking forward to seeing what comes of this. Thanks for sharing!
  3. A new store by Aeropostale called P.S. Aeropostale is coming to Peachtree Mall and will be completed by the beginning of May. Any other news circulating?
  4. Found this map drawn up by the Jordan Company. Appears that it was recently done because I notice a proposed hotel near the intersection of Whittelsey and Moon Road that is not there now. The map also shows the 70 acres the Adams family is planning to develop. http://www.loopnet.com/Attachments/0/6/6/066A10F2-9E67-4D8E-8798-C3255DDA71C2.pdf
  5. Knew it was only a matter of time before they developed this and after reading the article I can make a few educated guesses at what will be coming. Of course Gander Mountain will open and will be the first in Georgia. I know this development was originally meant to include many higher end stores that Montgomery now has at The Shoppes at Eastchase. Montgomery's size is very similar to Columbus so Columbus has a good shot at landing these. 1. Gander Mountain 2. Costco 3. Chipotle Mexican Grill 4. DSW 5. Banana Republic 6. Williams Sonoma or Pottery Barn 7. Ann Taylor 8. Ted's Montana
  6. I do not know why Saks gets such a bad rap. I have been to Saks and everyone was very friendly and nice. I had to use the restroom once and they personally escorted me to their restroom in the mens suit department.
  7. Just apartments as of now at Beaver Run. And yes, Goo-Goo has started construction. Alot going on in Columbus area now.
  8. The old Verizon store on Veterans is now a Mattress Firm. Looks to open by end of week.
  9. Drove past the land being cleared for aparments on Beaver Run Road and Kitten Lake Drive and it is coming along nicely. I am anxious to see what other retail will locate here. I hope they are picky.
  10. It is highly unlikely that we will get a Super Target in the forseeable future simply because there is not enough land in North Columbus near Veterans and other major arteries to build one. And of course South Columbus would never land one. The Cheesecake Factory will not be coming anytime soon either simply because this chain almost always opens in a higher end lifestyle center such as The Summit in Birmingham. The only hint at one has been from the manager at Peachtree Mall saying he is trying to land one during his tenior there. We shall see.
  11. Read today where Von Maur is opening their second location in Atlanta and one in Birmingham. Both opening later this year. I really believe Columbus has a good shot at landing Von Maur as it is similar to the former Parisians. The president has said they are in expanding mode and if General Growth Properties is wise they will court this potential tenant for Peachtree Mall. What do you all think?
  12. I've always thought a Burlington Coat Factory would go great there
  13. Any word on what's going to locate at Lakeside Village in Midland?
  14. O yea do share as soon as you can!
  15. Not sure of specific stores but an opening from bidclerk.com states a site in Midland Ga is expected to begin construction Sept 2011. The only mixed use developement like this I know of is near Beaver Creek where the new Chik Fil A is going. Exciting News.
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