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  1. The trees were diseased and had to be cut down...I will find out when the new trees will be planted and post on Pawtucket Urban Planet site.
  2. There will be a final public meeting tomorrow night (June 7th) at the Visitor's Center Theater, from 7-9pm for the Feasibility Study which is being conducted by the cities of Central Falls and Pawtucket, with funding from RIDOT, FTA and FHWA. The presentation will include a summary of the Study's findings and an explanation of the next steps. Hope to see you there.
  3. Probably -- Herb Weiss. Call me if you have anyother concerns 724-5200.
  4. Call Mike Burns, in Traffic, at 728-0500, ext. 215. Tell him your concerns...Herb Weiss
  5. Pawtucket has a public pool. Call the Recreation department to get info pertaining to location and times opened. Call 728-0500.
  6. Thanks for your questions -- I do not really know how to answer these questions so I copied your message and emailed it to the Director of my agency and asked him to respond. When he ccs me an answer I will post it for all to see. Keep asking questions. Herb Weiss
  7. This thread is to answer any question you might have about Pawtucket from the City perspectivie (about initiatives in anydepartment). If I don't know the answer I will find out. Please take advantage of this -- Herb Weiss, Economic and Cultural Affairs Officer
  8. We have finalized the programming for September's Pawtucket Arts Festival. Check out our web site at www.pawtucketartsfestival.org. That can be a story.
  9. There is a store front church on the small strip of stores abutting the China Inn. Those buildings are owned by the Pawtucket YMCA. -- Herb Weiss
  10. Chef Walter is working on his financing to purchase the building. He will relocate his Federal Hill restaurant to that site -- once he closes on the builidng it will probably take a year to build out the property. It will house a restaurant, an international cooking school, condos, and a gormet food store. Chef Walter has also brought a friend of his to our office -- she is interested in opening up a cafe that will serve cold italian sandwiches and coffee. Italian dishes will be made off site and microwaved at her cafe.
  11. Chef Walter's restaurant will be at the old Colonial Bank building next to the old registry and across the parking lot from Baily Lofts.
  12. Sorry for the delay in responding. We may have a deli and dessert restaurant and an Italian restaurant moving to the area. We are in discussions with a person who wants to open up a small coffee cafe with outside tables, too. Anything else that you might want to know, call me at 724-5200. Herb Weiss, Economic and Cultural Affairs Office, City of Pawtucket.
  13. We are required to seek bids and yes, its the lowest bid that will usually get chosen. We have purchasing policies that must be followed. Sorry, that's what we have to do in the public sector. In the private sector you can choose any vendor even those that get you the highest price. Herb Weiss Wehave a 50/50 tree program. The City picks up half the tab, you pay half the tab. I believe we are budgeted for 50 trees a year. Call me at 724-5200 and I will get you to the right department overseeing the program. Herb Weiss Contact Mike Wilcox in the planning department at 724
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